What vitamins are needed for a puppy and an adult dog?


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To fully develop and maintain the health of the body, dogs need vitamins. Regardless of age, vitamins for dogs are very important. Below you will find out what kind of useful substances a pet needs and where to get it.

  1. . Vitamin A. Especially in him needs a growing body. Vitamin A supports the work of the kidneys, lacrimal and salivary glands, due to which the eyesight is greatly exacerbated at different intensity of illumination. Vitamin A improves the immunity of dogs, increases resistance to infections and various diseases.
  2. : молоко, кровь, печёнка, печень трески, кукуруза, яичный желток, разная зелень, морковь, облепиховое масло. Sources : milk, blood, liver, liver cod, corn, egg yolk, different greens, carrots, sea buckthorn oil.

  3. эффективно лечит невроз, анемию и другие заболевания. Vitamin B effectively treats neurosis, anemia and other diseases. Beneficial effect on the health of the skin and wool cover, it is important for the work of muscles, nervous system, mucous membranes of the eyes and oral cavity. Vitamin B promotes the growth of the animal and even prevents the emergence and development of avitominosis.
  4. : мясо (особенно баранина), печень, рыба, сыр, сыворотка и другие молочные продукты, пивные дрожжи, овощи и некоторые зерновые культуры. Sources : meat (especially lamb), liver, fish, cheese, whey and other dairy products, brewer's yeast, vegetables and some grains.

  5. способствует укреплению противоинфекционной защиты. Vitamin C helps to strengthen anti-infection protection.
  6. : овощи и зелень, экстракт солода, морские водоросли и даже трава. Sources : vegetables and greens, malt extract, algae and even grass.

  7. очень важен для правильного роста животного, развития скелета. Vitamin D is very important for the proper growth of the animal, the development of the skeleton. It protects the body from such a deplorable disease as rickets, and protects adult dogs from atrophy of bone tissue.
  8. : Sources : liver cod, cod liver oil.

  9. нужен для здоровья кожи, отвечает за функцию размножения, повышает плодовитость. Vitamin E is needed for skin health, is responsible for the function of reproduction, increases fertility. Its deficiency leads to infertility.
  10. : зародыши пшеницы, различные масла, яичный желток. Sources : wheat germ, various oils, egg yolk. Also found in plant and meat products.

  11. хорошо влияет на кожу. Vitamin F has a good effect on the skin.
  12. : льняное масло. Sources : linseed oil.

  13. важен для правильного функционирования многих ферментов, отвечающих за свёртывание крови. Vitamin K is important for the proper functioning of many enzymes responsible for blood clotting. Participates in the metabolism of proteins, favors the assimilation of calcium bones.
  14. : печень, мясо и растительные продукты: капуста, шпинат, петрушка и т.д. Sources : liver, meat and plant products: cabbage, spinach, parsley, etc.

  15. . Vitamin PP . Lack of vitamin leads to pellagra.
  16. : рыба, мясо, печень, гречневая крупа и бобовые. Sources : fish, meat, liver, buckwheat and beans.

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How to feed a puppy ? Dry food or natural - the owner chooses, but the quality of food should be approached with special attention.

Why does not the dog eat ? Maybe she just does not have any appetite and it's not a serious illness at all. More details about the problem in the article by reference.

Such parasites as mites in dogs drink not so much blood, as host's nerves. Of course, this is a rather dangerous insect, but elementary prevention and attentive eyes will provide the dog with 100% safety against diseases carried by the tick.

. In addition to vitamins, the animal needs micronutrients . Calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, iodine, manganese. These substances are more or less contained in conventional products, but it is better to provide them with a dog also through vitamin supplements.

If you feed your dog a high-grade, high-quality food, then do not give any vitamins, since all the necessary ones are already contained in the finished feed. In the case of feeding with natural food, it is better, nevertheless, to consult a veterinarian. The specialist will ask you what you feed the dog, ask the age of the beast, check health and pick up the necessary vitamin complex.

How to understand what vitamins are not enough for a dog?

    Если собака грызёт землю, кирпичи или штукатурку, то ей не хватает кальция. I. If the dog gnaws the ground, bricks or plaster, then it lacks calcium.

    II. Loss of appetite, lethargy, increased fatigue - little vitamin C.

    III. Gnaws shoe insoles, slippers or dirty socks - lack of vitamin B.

    IV. Eats cigarette butts - lack of vitamin P.

    Дерматит, понос, воспаление слизистой рта – не хватает PP. V. Dermatitis, diarrhea, inflammation of the oral mucosa - not enough PP.

    VI. The development of anemia, eating feces is a deficiency of vitamin B.

    VII. Ruffled, dry hair, corneal opacity or lacrimation is a lack of vitamin A.

    VIII. Curvature of the bones of the forearm or in case the hind limbs resemble the letter X - lack of vitamin D.

For eating from the floor, gnawing of master's things and other puppy objects must be punished. Read how to disaccustom a dog from the floor , and also how to wean a puppy to gnaw things . Having received the necessary substances, the animal will stop looking for them.

. It is only the veterinarian who can tell what vitamins a dog of your age and content needs. It is he who will determine the necessary doses of vitamins and the duration of the course. Especially it is worth to visit a doctor if you observe a dog some alarming symptom, indicating a hypovitaminosis.

That's all. With a quality, varied, properly balanced diet and daily walks, with physical loads in the form of games, you will protect the pet from any hypovitaminosis. Just watch the food of the beast, and everything will be all right.

By the way, look at the video below, in which you will see a properly-socialized dog. About vitamins did not find anything good, so just raise your spirits;)

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