Euthanasia of animals: the cost of euthanizing dogs and cats at home, advice to the owner.


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In what situations will the veterinarians agree to come and spend the sleep of the animals at home, how is sleep put out and how to prepare for this event, and also how much does it cost to put a dog, cat or other animal to sleep? The article is written as impartially as possible. It will help the host decide how best to act: turn to a specialist and lull the animal, or better to deal with his treatment. After reading it to the end, you will definitely make the right decision.

We will not spend a lot of time on the theme of the humanity of sleep. In particularly difficult situations (a serious illness accompanied by severe pains, the animal does not take food, trauma, etc.), it is much more humane to alleviate the pain of the creation than to make it suffer for both itself and itself.

How does the process of sleep go off and what do the owners need to know?

To lull a dog, cat or other animal at home or a vet clinic is possible only on the basis of the decision of the veterinarian. First you need to call a veterinarian at home or take the animal to a veterinary clinic. No adequate doctor will fulfill your request "on the go", for starters he must conduct an examination. Very often it happens that after the examination the veterinarian is prescribed treatment, after which the beast recovers. . Therefore, do not look for how to put the dog to sleep at home, because any home remedies will lead to its painful death . That is, the decision on euthanasia is taken exclusively by the expert after a thorough examination.

If the doctor after the examination agreed to put the dog to sleep, then even here you need to think hard. The choice is serious, so it's better to take the pet to a few more specialists, in order to hear their opinion. It also happens that one doctor recommends lulling, and another insists on treatment, which can be very effective. Fight for the life of someone who has dedicated this life to you, you need to the last. Euthanasia is only carried out if there is no other way out.

When the lulling of an animal is the only humane solution, then one should not hesitate. : Humane euthanasia suggests :

  1. 1. The introduction of the animal into anesthesia, after which it falls asleep.
  2. 2. Only after a deep immersion in sleep is introduced an euthanizing agent. With the necessary remedy will understand the veterinarian.

The entire procedure of sleep takes about 15-20 minutes. Euthanasia performed in this way is considered humane.

The cost of the services of putting dogs and cats in a home.

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The price of euthanasia depends on the weight of the animal. на эвтаназию собаки или кошки на дому в зависимости от размеров питомца. Below is the approximate cost for euthanizing a dog or cat at home, depending on the size of the pet. Prices are valid for large cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.). In quotes, the price for euthanizing animals for residents of Ukraine is indicated. The cost of putting the dog to sleep will be 20-30% less if you live in a small town.

Without the vet's departure to the house, the cost of euthanasia will be less. The very arrival of a veterinarian costs around 1000-1500 rubles. In addition, you will be offered additional services, such as the removal of the body of an animal for subsequent cremation. They can even return the ashes in a special vessel, but such a service will be much more expensive than general cremation.

By the way, many vet clinics include the export of the body to the crematorium and cremation of animals (of course, if the customer agrees). The price is lower because if you order the cremation separately, it will be more expensive, as it will be necessary to come for the body and take it away. After the same sleep, the body is taken away when traveling back and taken to the crematorium for cremation. However, some veterinary hospitals may require additional payment for any other services except for sleep, so it's better to learn everything beforehand.

Dog Weight: Cost of sleep:
Up to 10 kg 1000-2000 rub. (200-300 UAH)
From 10 to 20 kg 2000-3000 rub. (up to 300-350 UAH)
From 20 to 30 kg 3000-4000 rub. (up to UAH 350).
From 30 to 50 kg 4000-5000 rub. (about 350-400 UAH).
From 50 to 70 kg 5000-7000 rub. (up to 400-500 UAH)
Sleeping cat: 1000-2000 rub. (100-250 UAH)

Note. Prices for euthanasia of dogs and cats in rubles are very approximate and more relevant for large cities of Russia. However, even in the same St. Petersburg, there are proposals from veterinarians to put to sleep with a trip to the house at a cost of 1,300 and up to 3,000 rubles a maximum. Sometimes, all services (doctor's visit, anesthesia, euthanasia, removal of the body and cremation), even for the lulling of a dog weighing 60-70 kg will cost 5,000-7,000 rubles. The main thing to pursue is not for the price, but for the professionalism of doctors. Ask your friends about the choice of a good veterinarian in your city.

. Additional services . If not included in the basic price, the additional services mentioned above may be offered:

  1. . Removal of the body for cremation . The cost of the service depends on the body weight of the animal and the distance to the destination. The price fluctuates between 1000 and 3000 rubles (from 100 to 250 UAH). To transport the body of a larger beast will have to pay more.
  2. . Cremation . The cost of cremation also depends on the body weight of the animal. Approximately this will cost 1000-4000 rubles (from 100 to 300 UAH.).

Can I put an aggressive dog to sleep?

Often, the veterinarian is treated by the owners, desperate to re-educate an overly aggressive dog. If the veterinarian agrees to lull the aggressive dog, then often such doctors pursue only one goal - earnings. Any, even the most spiteful, aggressive and uncontrolled dog can be re-educated and made as you wish. That's why dogs are beautiful, that they completely and completely give themselves to the will of the owner.

Your dog is ripping cats, rushing to other dogs, or on the street throwing on passers-by? у кинолога или настойчивыми самостоятельными тренировками. Even in the most neglected and exceptional cases, all this problem behavior is corrected by studies with a cynologist or by persevering independent training. If you do not have the opportunity or the desire to attend training sessions, it is better to give the dog to people who take care of it. You and 100% will cope with education, unless you are lazy and do not give up on the first attempts. To all people who do not succeed in raising a dog (in fact, as in any other case), banal laziness hinders.

. Conclusion . If your animal is in serious condition - call a veterinarian at home and in any case do not look for ways of self-euthanasia. Also remember that in case of aggressive behavior of the pet, euthanasia is not appropriate.

Traditionally I place a video. Since it was not possible to find a normal video about euthanasia, and so you already know everything, then get distracted from everything and take a look at the interesting video below about putting the cat to sleep with your own hands at home using improvised tools :)

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