The dog does not want to eat anything. What if the dog does not eat well?

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the puppy eats

Your puppy or dog does not eat well, although recently the appetite was enviable? What if the dog does not eat anything? Often, the anxieties of the owners are vain, and when the dog refuses to eat, then you need to act on a "rolled" scheme. All about what to do if you lose your pet's appetite later in the article.

A dog or a puppy refuses to eat: what to do and how to make the pet eat.

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Feeding puppies with high-quality products, whether dry or natural food is the main duty of the owner.

Worms in dogs are often planted because of eating contaminated food or some kind of muck from the floor. Not complex prevention will solve the problem.

If the dog stopped eating, then perhaps it's not the appetite, but that she was sick. So trust your eyes. The animal has a morbid, sullen look, several feedings have been missed, and, first of all, a playful creature, now the pet is somehow sluggish? The best way to check the general condition is to go for a walk and see how the dog behaves. Again languid? Then it's a reason to contact the veterinarian. Also, such a natural process as a dog's estrus can serve as a reason for ignoring her even the most tasty pieces.

So, below are the ways that tell you what to do if the puppy or dog does not want to eat.

  1. . Skip feeding . Often, the most effective way to achieve good appetite is to skip feeding. For the next feeding, give the same food, that is, do not go on an occasion, offering something more tasty, but give the same food.
  2. If the pet ate only half the portion, then for the next feeding put a little less food than usual. Perhaps the problem is not in the appetite, but in the excess of food. Careful owners, at times, are too worried about their pet. In any case, feed the same food even if 2 feedings were missed. On the third, usually, the dog can not stand and eats. If this did not happen, then you just need to apply trick # 2. It will complement this method and will overtake the appetite!

    Of course, you need to monitor the quality of food and, if necessary, replace it. Food should not only be fit for consumption, but also contain all the food the dog needs. I do not know what you feed your beast, so you need to check its diet for all the necessary ingredients.

  3. . Active walking . It is logical that after active exercise and exercise the dog will starve. So why not use it? Take your pet, your favorite toys and go for a walk. Walk a little longer, work out the command "aport" and just play a tug of war toys. After an hour after coming home, feed the animal. Most likely, physical activity will overtake the appetite and the dog will eat. After the time, do not forget to bring the toilet.
  4. . Fish . To literally make the dog eat, give her 10 minutes before eating a few salted fish of sprat. Solenenkoy certainly will awaken the appetite and the pet will want a snack. Also, for the future, you can simply include a fish in the dog's diet. Some of the representatives of the dog love it more meat.
  5. . Another cereal . Try replacing the groats in the porridge that the dog eats. For example, instead of rice, put the buckwheat, or mix several types of cereals.
  6. Change the diet. Make food more varied not only porridge, but alternating meat with fish, raw vegetables and fresh. In general, you just need to find the products that your pet loves. For example, it happens that the dog prefers fish to meat, therefore, in order not to spend money and not feed what does not like the dog, it is better to feed the fish only occasionally. Either some vegetables may not come to taste, because of what to spoil the appetite.

In time, you will find products to which the dog is loyal. However, the appetite is bad, just like that, not only in humans. Try to skip 1-2 feedings, if the dog refuses to eat, and also walk it well.

That's all. Now you know what to do if the puppy or dog does not eat the proposed food and refuses even the most delicious food. Often - just skip feeding. By the way, read why dogs can not eat chocolate , pork and some other foods that you often eat yourself. And see how dogs are fed on kennels in the video below. That's who have no problems with appetite;)

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