Can I give the dog bones?


the girl runs away with a bone from the dogs

What kind of bones can be given to a dog, and are bones useful for dogs? Many owners pet their pets with bones, sincerely believing that they are useful. However, no kind of bones is absolutely useless to the dog! . Moreover, any bone in any quantity is dangerous .

At first glance, safe tubular chicken bones, in fact, when bitten by a dog form a lot of sharp fragments that can damage the stomach. Below are convincing arguments in favor of removing any bones from the ration of the animal.

  1. . Broken teeth . Bone can cause a tooth fracture. If the teeth are strong enough, they will still be slightly worn out.
  2. Damage to the mouth and tongue. A small piece of bone can injure the mouth or the tongue of the animal. As a result, heavy bleeding is possible.
  3. The bone is stuck between the teeth. A bone stuck between the teeth can spoil the appetite of your pet, as the process of eating will turn into flour. The bone itself is unlikely to be extracted, and therefore it will be necessary to stamp on the veterinarian.
  4. Bones are stuck in the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube through which food enters the stomach. If the bone is stuck in it, the dog will try to cough it out, which will further exacerbate the situation. A hike to the veterinarian is provided.
  5. . Stuck in the trachea bone . A very small piece of bone can become stuck in the dog's trachea when inhaled. The case is quite rare, but this trouble will bring a lot of trouble.
  6. . Bones are stuck in the stomach . If during the meal everything went smoothly, and the dog with pleasure ate a few bones, then its fragments can get stuck on the way to the intestine.
  7. . Bone remains in the intestine . This can lead to an intestinal obstruction.
  8. . Constipation . Small pieces of bones will make themselves felt during the dog's handling of natural needs. Sharp edges will scratch the rectum as it moves along it, causing severe pain.
  9. . Bleeding from the rectum . If bleeding occurs - contact your veterinarian immediately.
  10. . Peritonitis . This bacterial infection is difficult to treat. It arises because of puncturing fragments of the bones of the walls of the stomach or intestine. Disease is deadly dangerous.

Interesting articles.

If the dog refuses to eat , then it is often enough to skip one feeding. Also, perhaps, it is necessary to revise the diet.

Feeding puppies should be regular, and the diet - full. Following the nutrition of the puppy from an early age, one can grow a healthy dog ​​and not think about veterinarians.

Worms in dogs are some of the most disgusting parasites, but simple prevention will allow you to forget about this scourge.

In addition to these troubles, bones do not have any nutritional benefits. , а не скормлены. That is, they are completely useless and should be discarded , and not fed. But what kind of bones can be given to a puppy and a dog? It is best to go to a pet store and buy a few artificial pits. Such bones are harmless, they will help the beast to calm the erupting teeth or simply spend free time.

If a pet pet ignores, you can choose another or cheat and wipe the bone with smoked sausage, for a smell. In any case, you need to manage without animal bones. That's all. As always, below - video, this time with the participation of a very "interesting" dog;)

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