When does the dog begin and how many days does it last? What are the signs of estrus?


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By the time of the onset of estrus, the owner must decide whether he will knit a dog. Depending on the decision taken, whether to knit or not, it is necessary to plan further actions. In the article you will learn how often, in how many months and when the estrus begins in dogs, how long it lasts and how to be a master who wants to either prevent pregnancy, or vice versa, to prepare for mating.

Also, you will learn how the bitches behave when they are in heat and how the dogs respond to them. The main thing is that you will learn to control your dogs regardless of their gender! Indeed, the dog can somehow be reluctant to listen, but I know for sure that the owner will be able to control his dog in any situation. As in any business, the main thing is to work.

When does the estrus begin in dogs?

Usually, the first estrus occurs at the age of 6-9 months, somewhat less often in 10-12 months. It even happens that the first heat in a dog happens in 1.5 years! It's not scary, everything has its time.

Random knitting, especially at a young age, is a most unpleasant phenomenon. Therefore, you just need to be careful, and also learn to control the animal.

How many days does the estrus last for dogs?

The duration of estrus is 20-23 days, and this natural process occurs 2 times a year, a little less often - once. From the 1st to the 8th day the bitch is not ready to mate, and the mare will only tease. But from the 9th to the 18th day she is ready for mating. If you are planning mating, then count on these days.

Signs and symptoms of estrus in dogs.

During the estrus, the behavior of a bitch can change a lot. She becomes playful, active, agile and listens to the team worse. During this period, training a dog is problematic enough, therefore, it makes sense to send it on a well-deserved vacation, after which, usually, it works even better.

Sometimes, the bitch "performs such numbers", which will put into the stupor of any sane owner. Her behavior is difficult to explain, and no less easy to describe in words. In general, nothing terrible in the strange behavior is not, most importantly, be able to control the dog. About this a little lower, but now let's look at the heat cycle.

  1. . Proestrus (from 1 to 8 days) . These days there are the first spotting (bright and abundant). The animal can not control the heat, so prepare for stains on the floor, you can remove the paths and carpets in advance. The males are already actively interested in the bitch, but she behaves quite cold, allowing only to sniff herself.

    Over time, the bitch behaves more playfully and willingly takes the attention of the opposite sex, but does not allow mating. Functions of the mucous membranes of the female are intensified, markedly swelling of the loop, thickening of the vagina and the walls of the uterus.

  2. . Estrus (from 9 to 16 days) . On which day is the heat to knit a dog? Just these days you need to plan knitting. The bitch is fully ready for fertilization, but it is better to plan binding for 2-3 days from the beginning of estrus (hunting). If you do not plan puppies, then you need to be especially attentive these days.
  3. In this period, the discharge is slightly colored, almost colorless. Even if the bitch has the first heat, she can let the dog make a cage. So you need to be careful.

  4. Metaestrus (from the 17th to the 22nd day). During this period of excretions in the bitch is getting smaller, the loop in size is decreasing. Before the burning passion subsides, and the female drives away all the boyfriends from herself. If the mating did not occur, then the bitch's sexual functions will gradually subside and the body will go into a state of rest.
  5. (до следующей течки). Anestras (until the next heat). Even the body of a non-pregnant female is exhausted, and therefore time is needed to recover. After a certain period (on average, twice a year) everything repeats itself.

By the way, during the estrus, do not allow the dog to swim in the reservoirs, since the genital organs of the dog are open and become a kind of bait for bacteria.

If blood spots are a problem for you, then in addition to removing all the carpets from the floor, you can use special panties. On the street there is no need, although the panties will not allow the dog to make a cage on the bitch. , иначе гормональные нарушения и онкологические болячки обеспечены. Different pills that will help to avoid pregnancy, it is better not to use and not consider as an option at all , otherwise hormonal disorders and oncological sores are provided.

How to learn to control a bitch and a dog?

Be careful walking an empty bitch. She will try to spread her scent on as much as possible to attract males. This is fraught with the fact that she can go too far from you and get lost. Just hold it in the control zone, calling in time for yourself. The command "to me" should be learned in the ideal of whatever gender the dog is. By the way, do not forget to stock up some very delicious treat, then the dog will be under even greater control.

And anyway, you may notice that the bitch became worse to listen. Let the heat and affect obedience to some extent, but the properly trained bitch also performs commands during the heat. But it's better to postpone training for the heat, and to use the most necessary commands, like "to me", "fu", "next".

. That is, to control the current bitch is more than real . You just need to work with her before the heat. The masters of the dog can also manage their pet even when they scent the current bitch. All this is a fairy tale, that the dog loses his head will barely catch the smell of an empty bitch. Most - yes, but with a responsible approach to training, the male, at least, always runs to the call of the owner, ignoring the smell of the female.

Read how to train dogs to teams to start training and monitor the pet in any situation. And be sure that your dog, whether it be a male or a bitch, will always resort to a master's call, and barely hear a native voice.

That's all. Now you know when and how many days the doggies last and how to act, depending on your goals. By the way, watch the funny video below! Cats are completely insolent :)

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