How to make a dog with people and animals? How to remove aggression to other dogs, cats and people?


a cat and a dog are friends

If the dog shows aggression, then it can be easily corrected. From the article you will learn how to make a cat and a dog, how to reconcile two dogs, and also to remove uncontrolled aggression towards people and living beings in general. Be sure that if you are ready to invest your personal efforts and time, then your dog will be able to reconcile with any living being.

How to make a cat with a dog or a kitten with a puppy.

You took a puppy to the house, and worry about how the kitten or adult cat reacts to it, or maybe you want to know how to make a kitten with a dog that has lived in your house for a long time already? It's very easy to make animals.

  1. . Usually the animals themselves are rubbed against each other . After a few days in one house, none of the animals will show aggression. However, if you have a small puppy, then with his playfulness, he can turn a cat's life into hell, so you will have to distract your puppy with games. Over time, he will stop climbing to the cat. If you really get stuck - use the command "fu". In general, the cat will soon learn to move around the house without touching the floor, on which runs a playful fluffy beast.
  2. , перед тем как знакомить с котом. By the way, always walk the dog, wear it physically , before acquaintance with the cat. She will be much calmer.

  3. . The aggression of a dog or a puppy in relation to a cat should be punished . Strict punishment of the dog at the time of casting on the animal is a necessary measure. That is, at the time of aggression, give the command "Fu" and make a slap with the palm of the croup. It means serious aggression.
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    If you think that your dog poses a serious threat to the cat, it is better not to start an animal and take seriously training and training. As an option - seek advice from a cynologist who will supervise the process of dating animals on site. As you understand, this option is the most convenient.

    In general, you need to do this: put the collar on the dog, fasten the leash to it and, for safety, put on the muzzle. So make your acquaintance for the first time pets. If the dog rushes on the cat - give the command "fu" and make a strict jerk leash. Then, put the dog beside you by commanding "to sit," and let the cat be near. Strive for the dog to sit next to the foot and not go anywhere. Throws again? Make an even stricter leap with the leash, after telling the command "fu", then again set the dog. If nothing comes out at all, then you need to better understand how to teach the dog commands to the team with the help of a physical stimulus - it will not work without it.

    The first moment of acquaintance is to be controlled. When the dog calms down, loosen the leash, let it go to the cat, sniff it. и работайте строго! Immediately suppress any aggression and work strictly! Make sure that the dog does not react aggression to the cat. While calm down, let it be like a muzzle, and then it can be removed.

    In this case, always monitor the communication of animals, until you make sure that they get along well with each other. Any, even the most evil dog can be accustomed to a cat. The owner, as a leader, must show the dog what behavior is right.

  5. . Chasing a cat or a dog . It happens that a puppy or a dog, for example on a walk, rushes headlong behind a cat passing by. A dog can run after a dog or even a hare, but it's bad that at that moment he can get under the car or get lost at all. To your pet did not rush into the pursuit of animals, you need to thoroughly learn the command "to me . " The master's call should be for the dog always a cause for joy, therefore, with the diligent working out of the team, the dog will run to the owner in 100% of cases and at least!
  6. Stop the dog at the time of her pursuit of livestock can be threatening team "Fu", and then command "to me." It turns out: "Fu (pause in 2-3 seconds), to me." In any case, the dog should know the "fu" command in the ideal. That is, it is necessary to stop the unwanted behavior of the dog by one voice command "fu".

How to make friends with two dogs?

How to make friends with two dogs in one house or a dog with your own kind? Sometimes it's really better to call a specialist dog handler, but it's not hard to fit another dog into the pack. The principle of operation is similar to that described above. But remember, the education of dogs is a very important process, and without it chaos will prevail in your family.

  1. It is better to make the first acquaintance after a good walk of both dogs. Meet on a neutral territory (a place for walking, for example), be sure to take a walk so that the dogs find out each other. Only then go home.
  2. If one of the dogs shows aggression, then the same punishment should be applied. Of course, first the dogs will understand themselves. Just let them go and see that there is no direct aggression (specifically a fight), and so dogs must deal with the hierarchy themselves. The main thing is that the leader for them is the master.
  3. One of the dogs is too aggressive? Again, you need to seriously engage in the education of dogs to control them. But when meeting the aggressor, it is better to wear a muzzle. For a specific aggression (attack) - punish, but do not punish if the dog grinds his teeth. Let the animals understand themselves, and you, as the owner, control them, stopping the attempt to unleash a fight.

    Dogs, running away, taking a walk and sniffing at each other, will be much calmer. Then you can remove the muzzle from the aggressor, and look at his reaction. It may be necessary to hold the dog for a while in a muzzle even at home, stopping attempts at an attack. But the more dogs are next, the sooner they will get used to each other. The main thing is to prevent a particular aggression, because you are the leader and you decide how the dogs live: peacefully or at war.

    Feed the dogs first away from each other and see that one does not eat the other from the bowl. . To strengthen contact is very useful joint paddock . Walking together, the dogs at least will not pay attention to each other. Remember well how to teach a dog to walk around so that there are no problems with pulling the leash during the walk.

It is important. In order to accustom the dog to react adequately to other dogs, you should allow your pet to communicate as much as possible with his own kind. Be sure to find friends among other dogs, but first you need to learn to control the pet.

To work out tolerance for animals, you can put a muzzle on a dog and go for a walk in the private sector, where there are plenty of animals. Order your beast to go strictly next to your foot on the command "next door". From time to time (every 2 minutes), stop and stand still for 7-10 seconds. Walk around the yards for 10-20 minutes in one day. In 3-4 days you will clearly control the dog, which will still be on other animals. As you understand, you need to teach your pet to walk clearly near your leg.

How to remove aggression from a dog to people?

How to disaccustom a dog to rush on passers-by, on friends or even the owner? If the dog rushes on passers-by with aggressive intentions, then you do not do your dog at all. Urgent for training and education! It is necessary to solve not the symptoms, but the root of the problem, otherwise you will be engaged in a dog all your life, and the result will be too insignificant.

  1. When the dog rushes on the passerby while driving on a leash, immediately say "fu" at the time of the throw and make a rigorous jerk leash. Be sure to wear the muzzle on the animal for the duration of training, and watch for the execution of the command "next" while driving.

Remember that the dog will rush on passers-by if you are not strict enough. Read above on the link about the use of stimuli in training. In a nutshell: you need to make a jerk leash all the stricter, until you achieve that the dog will not attack passers-by just like that.

When you learn to drive a dog on the command "next" and control the dog on a leash, then put a muzzle on it and go for a walk along the streets of the city. Walk where people walk. The dog will see people and will gradually get used to them. Remember that for any aggression you should be punished by a strict jerk of the leash to yourself. Also, all the time the dog should go near your leg, which can help a strict dog collar . In general, it should do what you want.

The dog will be among people during the paddock, so it will gradually get used to them. Muzzle at first will help a lot, but in time it can be removed.

By the way, be sure to look at the positive video below with the participation of pets;)

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