How correctly to feed a dog with a natural forage?


What to feed the dog, so that it develops fully and that food costs as cheaply as possible? How to properly feed a dog with natural products if you are a beginner or have previously fed a pet only with dry food? и поможет им понять какие продукты необходимы животному, сколько их должно присутствовать в рационе, какие нужны витамины, сколько раз надо кормить собаку в день, в какое время, что делать если собака не хочет есть или рычит. The article is created specifically for beginners and helps them understand what foods are needed for the animal, how many they should be in the diet, what vitamins are needed, how many times to feed the dog every day, what time, what to do if the dog does not want to eat or growl.

We will not consider feeding the dog with dry food in the article, but rather leave this topic for subsequent articles. Mixing natural and dry food is not recommended, so immediately decide on what exactly you will feed the dog. If desired, you can switch from a natural feed to dry or vice versa, but you need to do this gradually.

How correctly to feed a dog?

Normal development of a dog depends both on heredity and on the host, or rather on the physical exertion and proper nutrition that it gives. Till now disputes round of what products should be in a diet do not cease, and what not. Someone says that you can not feed the dog with groats, because she does not eat them in nature. However, a dog is a predator, which, when eating a prey, also eats the contents of its intestines, in which un-digested food could remain. There are dog breeders completely eliminating milk from the diet, although many consider this a serious omission.

Do not fall into fanaticism and be afraid to put in the porridge of the dog this or that ingredient. All is well in moderation, and to understand what is good and what is bad is possible only in their experience. So, first read the rules of nutrition.

Rules of feeding the dog.

Than to feed dogs?

So, it's time to explain specifically the better to feed the dogs. An acceptable diet of natural food for dogs should consist of 30-50% of meat, 25-35% of cereals, 20-30% of dairy products and about 15% of vegetables. Ideally, of course, the diet should consist of more of meat and dairy products. Cereals and vegetables only serve as a supplement to food. Thus, the dog should receive 50-70% of meat (or fish) per day, 30% -40% of dairy products, 10-20% of vegetables and up to 10-15% of cereals. It turns out that not everyone can afford to feed this dog to himself, however, when taking a dog, one must expect in advance that it is a predatory animal, and they eat vegetables and cereals in natural conditions very rarely.

. Note : Not necessarily every day to give milk products - there will be nothing to worry about if you miss a day or two. Instead, put more meat, offal, etc.

. This is important . Do not feed dairy products with meat or vegetables for one meal. Products from milk are fed separately, and the meat is given separately raw or mixed with vegetables, add a tablespoon of sunflower oil, season with greens and "serve to the table."

  1. . Meat .

    Can dogs eat raw meat? In the raw form, the dog needs to be fed only thawed, that is, it is necessary to put the meat into the freezer for 2-3 days after which it must be defrosted and fed. Or instead of freezing, you can beat the meat with boiling water or boil until half cooked in porridge or plain water. If you trust the seller and constantly buy up from him, then the meat can be given and without any treatment. In general, everything here is only on trust.

    One kilogram of dog weight needs 15-25 grams of meat. The amount of meat fed depends on the weight of the animal, activity, age, etc. For example, an adult Cocker Spaniel weighing 13 kg needs 250-300 grams of meat per day, an adult German shepherd at 600-800 grams per day. An approximate ratio is given, because only based on your own feeding experience can you determine the amount of meat for the pet.

    What kind of meat to feed the dog? Low-fat beef is the main meat product in the diet. Meat stuffing is not quite suitable for food, and pork can not be in any form, but rabbit meat, lamb and horse meat - can be in view of their high caloric value. A good idea will be to feed the dog and animal by-products (liver, heart, etc.), but then they should be almost half more than meat. Chicken, turkey, their offal and poultry meat are generally best given on the basis of a reaction to these products of the dog's body. Most of them will taste, but animals with a weak digestive system may have problems.

    Do not neglect the feeding of offal. Liver, heart, scar, chicken neck, stomach and so on. Meals using by-products are cheaper, however, and at all to replace the name of meat is of little use.

    When preparing a porridge for a dog, put a third of the meat in porridge near the end of the preparation, and feed the rest of the meat raw. It depends on what the dog prefers.

  2. . Fish .

    Is it possible to feed a dog with fish? Of course, once or twice a week in the diet should be put instead of animal meat fish, but give it half more than meat. It happens that the meat like the dog more. Then it's more logical to feed more meat and less often fish, or change the type of fish.

    Sea fish can be fed raw or for safety, to freeze it in the freezer for 2-3 days, but the river must be definitely blown or boiled. With fish, pull out all the bones so that they do not hurt the dog. Inexpensive comes out to feed the animal with bull-calves, so try to feed them to the dog for food, suddenly like it (from well-cooked bulls you can not drag out dice). Some individuals go crazy with this delicacy.

  3. . Dairy products .

    Is it possible to drink yogurt for dogs? And milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and other dairy products? Be sure to feed the animal dairy products (ideally they should be one-third or almost half of the daily norm of feeding). Some dogs do not tolerate fatty foods, so when loosening a chair, it is better to feed foods with a lower fat content. Again, do not go to the extreme - do not give low-fat products. The best sour-milk products for the dog are cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt and yogurt, but milk is not desirable. By the way, sometimes put a half or one teaspoon of honey in dairy products.

    It is also useful sometimes to make calcined cottage cheese. It is done simply: in a liter of milk, put two tablespoons of calcium chloride (sold in any pharmacy). From time to time, stir the mixture to bring it to a boil, then leave it on the stove and allow it to cool. Over time, our composition will be divided into transparent serum and a dense mass of cottage cheese. All this joy can be given to the dog without any treatment. Or strain it through a gauze covered with gauze. Cottage cheese, let's eat, the liquid should be left if the cottage cheese is dry for the dog.

  4. . Cereals .

    Cereals are cooked on meat or vegetable broth. Use for bone broth, since if you cook meat, it will lose most of the nutrients. It is better to cook a smaller part of the meat at the end of cooking porridge, while a large cut into pieces and feed the raw. The bones used in the broth are discarded after cooking. You can not give them to a dog, even if you know that she loves them very much. In adult dogs, teeth are not replaced with new ones and do not grow, so do not let it stitch them around the bone. If she so wants to chew something, then buy a special bone in the vetaptek, completely harmless for teeth.

    What kind of croup can you feed your dog?

    Dogs cook porridge mostly on rice or buckwheat. Sometimes it is useful to give barley, oatmeal, and sometimes it's good to boil peas, half less than usual cook cereals, and mixing it with meat to feed the dog. Also try sometimes to interfere with several types of cereals in the porridge.

    What kind of porridge can you feed your dog?

    If you use porridge in the dog's diet, then certainly use different types of cereals, add differently cooked vegetables in porridge before or after cooking, try putting meat or fish instead of meat also after or almost until cooked. Thus you will find the most attractive recipes for dogs.

    Making porridge for a dog.

    In a saucepan with broth (or plain water, in case of emergency), pour the rump. Liquids should be two fingers more from the level at which the croup is located. Five minutes before the ready porridge (the duration of cooking depends on the type of cereal) lay a third of the meat. As an option - do not cook meat at all, but put it raw in porridge before feeding, along with sliced ​​vegetables. Sometimes, two or three times a week, a raw chicken egg is placed in the porridge before feeding.

    It is preferable to feed the vegetables raw. Although carrots, buryaks or cabbage will not be superfluous a little boil in porridge, fry or let. Perhaps, only by own experience, you can decide what is best. If the dog prefers to eat raw vegetables cooked, then it makes sense to put in the mess only raw.

  5. . Vegetables .

    What vegetables to give to a dog? Most vegetables are suitable for feeding dogs. Carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, white cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin, beets. You can put in food as one kind of vegetables, and several at once.

    Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and other micronutrients. Alas, but not every dog ​​they like, so you have to be cunning. Accustom to vegetables from an early age, mixing raw, finely chopped vegetables in porridge. Raw eat badly? Then try to slightly allow, fry or boil the vegetables and mix them into meat / porridge. It is also useful to add fresh fennel, parsley, sorrel and other greens to the food. In the summer, be sure to use this and, if possible, mix greens in the winter in feeding.

  6. . Bones .

    Should I give a dog bones? Bones are good for use in broth - they are cheap, and the cook comes out good. Many owners deeply believe that bones are useful and are a favorite treat of any dog. Yes, their dogs are very fond of, but the bones, besides being completely useless, are also very harmful to the internal organs of the animal.

    The risk, definitely, is not worth it. It is best to buy inexpensive artificial bones, which are bulk in pet stores. Such bones are not harmful even for puppy teeth.

  7. . Water .

    Fresh water should always be in the dog. Put it in the same place where the process of feeding usually takes place. If the dog is kept in the courtyard of a private house, then during the cold season the water is heated. Although, when it's cold, four-fingered friends drink much less.

  8. . Fruits and berries .

    As a treat, the dog is not forbidden to feed fruit. You can only in moderation, but try not to give the fruits listed in the list of prohibited products for dogs.

How much food does a dog need?

How much should a dog eat a day for a full-fledged development? The amount of food per day depends on the weight of the dog, age, season, habitat and other individual characteristics.

By the way, the dog must certainly be physically loaded, especially if she is taken into the family as not only a friend, but also a strong defender. For active walking is the command "aport", games, etc. Read more in the short article about walking.

How many times to feed a dog a day? An adult dog needs two feedings per day. Some masters feed more often (3-4 times), explaining this by the fact that dogs prefer eating a daily portion of food throughout the day. However, the feed will often be obtained only from the owners of spare time in the reserve, both for feeding and for paddock.

Example of diet.

You yourself will cope with the diet of the dog, and the example below will simply direct you to the right side.

Useful articles.

How to teach the dog to the toilet ? You have an adult dog, but he does not want to go to the toilet in the right place? The article will help you with solving this problem.

Worms in dogs sooner or later start, because they do not care for purity. But banal prophylaxis will solve all your problems and will take away vain fears for the life of a pet.

скармливайте молочные продукты: кефир, простокваша, йогурт или творог годны для питания собаки. In the morning, feed dairy products: kefir, yogurt, yogurt or cottage cheese are suitable for feeding the dog. Or give porridge with meat (or fish) and vegetables. If you think that groats are not food for a dog, then give more meat with vegetables, and you can have quite a few boiled cereals (about 10-15%). That is not so critical not to feed the dog in the morning something dairy, it can be done, for example, the next day.

Croups also contain useful substances, and they should not be neglected at all. Stir different cereals and vegetables in the cereal, so that the diet is not monotonous. Try to give both raw vegetables, and slightly pripushchennye. It is advisable not to interfere with meat and fish in one feeding. Experiment within reason.

предпочтительнее скармливать собаке одно мясо с небольшим количеством овощей (сырых или припущенных). In the evening, it is preferable to feed the dog one meat with a small amount of vegetables (raw or pripushchennye). If you are used to cooking porridge, then try to at least put half the porridge and more meat at least in the evening. It is also useful to season the meat with sunflower oil in an amount of 0.5-2 tablespoons. If possible, sometimes replace sunflower oil with olive or linseed oil.

If you prefer to feed the dog three times a day, then divide the morning portion into two parts, and feed the evening portion in its entirety. If you feed four times, then feed the morning portion twice in the morning, and the evening portion - twice in the second half.

I hope you understand how to properly feed the dog. If after reading in your head chaos is created and you are completely confused - do not worry. Just start feeding your dog, and as you gain experience, you will learn everything and get to everything you need. It's impossible to learn everything right and do it right.

Perhaps, after reading the article and deciding not to waste your time on cooking, you prefer to buy dry food. Quality dry food is also a good solution for feeding a dog, but do not think that only dry food contains all the essentials for the animal's body and no natural food will replace it. This is not true. But the feeding of natural food in large cities can cost more than drying, but in small towns and villages situations are diametrically opposed. What kind of food is more suitable for your pet to understand only by own experience.

Take a minute of your time on a short video below. It's just about feeding dogs. The video is the chief doctor of the veterinary center "Bars".

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