How to feed a puppy: how to feed, how much and when? Feeding puppies is easy.


How to feed the puppy, so that the baby gets everything you need, but at the same time his feeding was cheap? What to feed the puppy, what products and whether it makes sense to constantly change them in the diet? The article will tell the beginning dog breeder everything about feeding the puppies with natural food, as well as what products are required for the young organism to fully develop.

Next, we will only talk about feeding with natural products. The topic of feeding with dry fodders will be considered in other articles. To stir dry food with natural it is impossible, therefore let's understand with a food of the pet naturalka.

How to feed a puppy? Nutrition rules.

The heredity of the puppy plays a role in its development, but you can not change it. : умеренные физические нагрузки и правильное кормление щенка играют не менее важную роль, а потому полноценное развитие щенка зависит от хозяина. There is good news : moderate exercise and proper feeding of the puppy play an equally important role, and therefore the full development of the puppy depends on the owner. Specifically, what products to feed the puppy you will learn below, make up the same diet you will need individually, depending on the preferences of the animal. Immediately, all the rules and subtleties can not be memorized, but with each passing day you will gain experience, learn new things and eventually you will be well versed in the nutrition of the puppy with natural products. In short, to make a diet of feeding a puppy is not difficult, just a master needs time to improve their knowledge in this area.

Dog owners endlessly argue about the best way to feed a puppy. As everyone knows, a dog is a predator who eats meat. It's really possible to get the groats in nature except from the stomach of the victim, and even then there is not a lot of it. Clearly, the main ingredient in the diet for any dog ​​is meat and meat products. But to feed only with meat is also bad. First, read the basic rules for feeding the puppy, after which it will be a question of the types of foods suitable for its nutrition.

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