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Feeding the puppy: how to feed the puppy and what to feed better? How to properly feed the puppy, so that he grows healthy and receives all the necessary substances? There is nothing complicated and mysterious in feeding a puppy, you just need to make a diet and feed according to it. Details in the article. Than you can not feed the dog? Prohibited products for dogs. Our pets can not eat everything that a person can eat. Even tasty, in our opinion, food, can lead, let not to death, but to additional troubles in the form of a campaign to the vet. It is better to feed the dog properly.
The dog does not eat: what if the dog refuses to eat? Sometimes a dog or a puppy generally refuses to eat. In 99% of cases, the experiences of the owners are vain, and it is enough just to skip feeding, so that the appetite will return to the beast. But you can resort to some tricks. How and what is better to feed the dog? It is not difficult to make a diet of a dog. It is enough to carefully read the material of this article, as well as gain experience in practice. In a month you will have a full idea of ​​the normal nutrition of the dog and grow a healthy pet.
Worms in dogs: prevention, symptoms, signs and treatment. Worms are literally everywhere. Given that the dog everywhere tries to stick his curious nose and try to find the muck to taste, parasites have every chance to be in the animal's body. How to remove fleas from a dog and permanently get rid of them? Fleas are ubiquitous parasites capable of jumping to astounding distances. Because of this once and for all, getting rid of them is impossible. But with proper prevention, your dog will not suffer from them.
Ticks in dogs: treatment, symptoms, prevention. Ticks can be carriers of dangerous diseases, but more often they infect the psyche of the host with fears for the life of their dogs, without causing harm. Nevertheless, it is better to just do prevention. How to give the dog a pill or liquid medicine? Sometimes you have to give the dog a medicine in the form of a pill or a liquid substance. In fact, both are not difficult. Some tricks will help you gently force the dog to take the right medication.
Vitamins for dogs and puppies: what vitamins are needed for a pet? Vitamins are needed both as a puppy and as an adult dog. It is very difficult to completely balance the food, but supplementing the animal with vitamin supplements is extremely useful. Be sure to buy a pet a jar of vitamins. Methods of physical development of the dog. Dogs of any breed and age are physically loaded. Especially they are important for the growing up organism, and three times are necessary for dogs taken for the purpose of protecting the owner and his family. Read how to wear the dog physically further in the article.
How correctly, often and how many times does it take to walk a dog? Do you have an adult dog or a puppy that is more than 3 months old? Then you need to know how the paddock process should go and what commands will help you better control the dog on the street. When can I walk with a puppy? The first walk with a puppy on the street. A very small puppy, in spite of common misconceptions, should be walked even from a month old. But you need to do this carefully, carefully watching the puppy and not letting something slop from the floor.
When does the dog begin and how many days does it last? Symptoms and signs. To the estrus of the dog you need to prepare well in advance and decide whether you want puppies, or want to prevent pregnancy bitch. It is equally important to learn to control the pet during heat, which is quite realistic. The rules of mating dogs: on what day does the estrus knit a dog and what should the owner do? The process of estrus passes, often, without the participation of the owners. But sometimes you have to interfere with the natural process in order to direct it in the right direction. The article will help you prepare for your dog's estrus.
Body language of dogs. How to understand the sign language of the pet? Dogs communicate with their own body with their own bodies and with their masters. If you learn to understand the language of the pet's body, then it will be much easier for you to control the dog and treat the essence of her actions. Aggression of the dog to cats, dogs and people. How to make friends with animals and humans? Aggression can develop in any dog. Fortunately, this problem is always easily eliminated by the purposeful, active actions of the host. Be sure that you too will cope with the excess malice of the pet.
How to choose and accustom the dog to the muzzle. Muzzle is needed for almost any breed, if only because a veterinarian may refuse to examine your pet because of sharp teeth. To accustom the dog to this ammunition is not difficult, if you know how. An electric collar for training dogs. Is it necessary? The most useful thing for training is an electric collar. It can easily be replaced with grandfather's methods, which after many years remain much more effective and cheaper than an electric collar.
Can I give a bone to a dog? Dogs sincerely believe that bones are useful for dogs. However, nothing is further from the truth than this statement. Bones do not represent any nutritional value for the animal's body, and even dangerous. Sleeping dogs, cats and other animals: advice to the owner and prices for euthanasia. In the material you will find everything you need to know the owner of an animal about euthanasia and where it is best to conduct it: at home or in a clinic. Also, the approximate prices for this service for residents of Russia and Ukraine.

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