Worms in dogs: signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment.



It is better to deal with the prevention of worms, since the worms in the dog are more difficult to remove. To quickly solve the problem, you need to know the signs of infection with worms. From the article you will learn everything about prevention, the first symptoms of infection and the prompt treatment of the dog from infection.

It is impossible to completely isolate the animal from worms, because they are kept almost everywhere, and the eggs of parasites are unusually viable. According to the research, at least 20-30% of dogs are infected with worms. To ensure that our pets are not among the infected and have never suffered from this infection, we should seriously take preventive measures.

Symptoms and signs of worms in dogs and puppies.

Hardly having noticed deterioration of a condition of an animal, or any signs of infection - immediately operate. Of course, you need to act before the problem arises, but it will be discussed below about prevention.

The main signs of worms:

  1. Appetite greatly increases, but the dog sheds weight.
  2. Alternating vomiting, diarrhea and constipation.
  3. There comes anemia (pallor of the mucous membranes).
  4. There is blood, mucus or even parasites in the bowel movement.
  5. The wool is dull and "tousled".
  6. Propensity to dermatitis and other skin diseases.
  7. The dog begins to "ride on the ass."

Prophylaxis and treatment of worms in dogs and puppies.

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Prophylaxis of worms in a dog, like any other infection, is very important and, in any case, will be cheaper than treatment. You do not need to send the dog to quarantine at all, leaving to sit for days at home or in the yard. Moreover, she can find worms even in the house. давать средство от глистов. The best option, it's just to monitor the diet and every three months to give a remedy for worms.

The most likely sources of infection with worms are raw meat, river fish, grass, unwashed fruits, berries and vegetables. Also, a dog can pick up an infection from the ground by eating some kind of muck, getting infected from insects or "picking up" when contacting other animals, and also trivially drinking water from a puddle.

Before feeding, raw meat should be processed. When cooking, many useful substances are lost, and therefore it is better to pass the meat over with boiling water, or put it into the freezer for 2-3 days, after which it should be given raw in defrosted form. Do not grill meat. It is better to digest river fish, as, actually, and sea. Vegetables, berries and fruits always wash before giving to food, and some vegetables can cook with porridge (if the ingredient is appropriate in the porridge).

With food everything is clear - it is better to process it before feeding. Now about the necessary drugs for the prevention and treatment of dogs. The first anthelmintic preparation is given to a puppy up to 6 weeks of age, often for 3-4 weeks of life. In order to prevent puppies and adult dogs, the drug is given every 3 months, as well as 10 days before each vaccination. The bitch is degelmented 15 days before the onset of estrus (if mating is planned), and also two weeks after the birth.

It is better not to give the dog from worms anthelmintic preparations intended for people. Buy a special medicine in the pet store, after consulting with the seller. The rules of application and the required amount of the drug depends on the prescription that is enclosed in the packaging of any medicinal product.

The preparation from worms is given to the dog by putting it in food, for example, in a piece of meat or sausage. The suspension is given through a syringe without a needle or through a spoon (a syringe is more convenient). In case of too much infection, the procedure is repeated after 10 days.

That's all. Now you know how to check if the dog has worms, and how to deal with them. Do not forget sometimes to visit the veterinarian and check the health of the pet, because it is better to prevent the problem. And be sure to check out the very funny video below! The charge of an unprecedented positive will provide amusing animals;)

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