Do I need an electric collar for training dogs?

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pug dog in an electric dog collar

Do I need an electric collar for dog training, and can I do without it? I will not torture you and I will say at once that any problems in behavior can be solved without using an electric collar. . Moreover, the use of electricity in training is not only harmful to the health of the dog, but absolutely inefficient .

Thanks to the electric collar, the dog will get other problems that will have to be solved for a long time. Involuntary urination, unwanted aggression and a state of constant stress is the beginning of the list. We will not talk about the harm of electricity for education and training, just take it as a fact. Thus, we save money and bring the result closer, which we will achieve in old, grandfather ways.

So, how to solve the problems of behavior without an electric collar? Since writing about solving all the problems in one article is too much, use the links located in the body of the article.

  1. . Picking food from the floor . How to disaccustom a dog to pick up food on the street without an electrosheet? In fact, the current is not needed for this.
  2. ? How to disaccustom a dog to bark ? To the dog stopped barking and distracting its owners, you need to work very well and put a lot of effort. Do not think that the electric collar will save you time. On the contrary, the created problems will have to be solved by investing incredible efforts.
  3. . The dog does not fit after the call . Some manage to teach the dog to approach the command "to me" with the help of electricity. We will not discuss this method of teaching, it is better to read how to teach the dog the command "to me" . Thanks to the delicacy and praise the dog will run up in 100% of cases.
  4. ? How to remove aggression to humans and animals ? Solve any aggression of the dog you can. To animals or people, the dog will be treated well if its owner insists on it. Electroshock for this is completely unnecessary!
  5. . How to teach a dog not to take food from strangers . To do this, too, do not need electricity. But the assistant is useful. Be sure to work on the ablation of taking out strangers.
  6. . How to wean the dog whine . Skull is also solved by popular methods. The current will soon drive the dog into a state of stress, intimidating.

I repeat that without a current, you can raise and educate a dog without problems. About the solution of other problems of behavior, read the article about the correction of behavior . With the help of hand tools, you can achieve much more, because the training of a dog was invented not yesterday, but much earlier before the appearance of electricity in general.

That's all. Look at the video below and you will understand what dogs feel when they use electricity.

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