How to raise an obedient dog? Rules of education of a dog.

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Raising a dog or a puppy is not at all a difficult affair. The main thing - carefully read the article, and you will understand how to raise a dog obedient and complaisant. You will learn how to become a leader for your pet and that the most important thing in this business is not physical force.

The dog sees your family as a flock that desperately needs, from its point of view, a strong and confident leader. If there is no such strong personality in the family, the dog will think that there is nobody to lead the flock, and therefore the survival of all its members is under threat. Then she will take the reins of government into her own hands and rule from the standpoint of the dictator.

Disobedience, bad behavior and aggression are a possible reason for the absence of a leader in the eyes of the dog in the person of the host. Also, the owner could simply not engage in a dog, hence disobedience. But if there is such a problem, then it simply needs to be solved.

What place should the dog occupy in the hierarchy and do you need training?

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How to disaccustom a dog to shit in an apartment anywhere? It's not difficult, if you are consistent and considerate.

Participation in the education of a dog and a puppy must be accepted by all members of the family. The dog should always occupy the last place in the hierarchy.

It's worth saying that by one rule you will not make a dog obedient. It is necessary to engage in training at least the simplest teams, to achieve their fulfillment. Read how to train a dog to learn about the right commands for your beast. Also, do not think that the process of finding out who's in charge of the family will last forever. You just need to know how to talk to a dog in her language.

How to raise a dog: what rules should be observed?

As stated above, the dog sees the family as a flock. If you behave like the leader of a wolf pack, then your dog will think that you are in charge. How to achieve this?

  1. . Always eat first . In the flock, the leader always eats first, and then the animals, which are lower in rank in order of priority. This means that you must always eat first. That is, only after a family dinner, be engaged in feeding the dog. Of course, it is desirable that the dog saw how you eat, or you can, by doing your own business, something to eat with it.

    There is no need to show the dog how you eat every time, but there is nothing wrong with being constantly witnessing your meal. It is also not critical if in the morning you feed the dog first since you need to go to work or for other things, but try to follow this rule.

  2. . Always pass into narrow aisles and doors first . In the wolf pack the leader always comes first: he always comes in and out first, and other wolves politely let him go forward. Avoid the privilege of passing the dog first, do not let it push you, break between your legs, or break out in every way. Simply command strictly "impossible", holding the dog by the chest, and go through the door first. The team must be submitted in a strict voice, but not screaming.
  3. . The boss must always win in the game . Playing with a dog or puppy in a tug of war or another game related to wrestling and rivalry - always win. For example, do not let a dog take your object away from you, even if you do not have any strength left for the game. Better give the "give" command and take the toy that she kept in the mouth.

    Finish and start the game, too, should the owner. But, again, there is nothing wrong with the fact that the dog, by its playful mood, "provoked" you to the game. You just need to know how to calm the dog if it is too "played out". For this it is enough to say strictly: "You can not." Physically, the animal can not be punished in this case. If the dog is too playful and does not calm down, then put him in command of "sitting" and hold in a sitting position for half a minute.

  4. . Always try to execute the command from one time . When the owner gives the command, the dog must fulfill it. It is impossible to achieve unquestioning execution of commands quickly, because training takes time. But as you train your pet, you will notice how much easier it becomes for you to manage it.

    It makes no sense to repeat the command 2 times, it is better to have the dog perform it from the first. More details on how to achieve this in articles about a particular team.

  5. . Team place . The dog should have a place. You can let her sleep anywhere: on the couch and even where she stops you from going. But if you see that a dog, for example, growls when you try to drive it from its place, you should temporarily forbid the dog to sleep on the sofas and where there is nothing other than its place. The measure is temporary, and is used to lower the rank.

    Also, in order to lower the rank, you can drive the dog from its place. For example, if she is lying on the floor and prevents walking - just run her away. It sounds rude, but it is necessary to lower the rank. You can even simply, for no reason at all, drive it from its rightful place. As you understand, such measures are necessary only for the purposes of education.

  6. . Restriction of movement around the house . You have the right to prohibit a dog from entering certain rooms. This is not necessary in everyday life, but to lower the rank of the dog is temporarily forbidden to go into some rooms - it is useful. Simply if the dog or the puppy will try to enter the room, strictly do not tell and push the animal to the exit.
  7. . Appropriate punishment of a puppy or a dog . There is no point in hitting a dog to lower its rank. So you just awaken in it a lack of confidence in you. But to punish her for growling while you try to wash her paws, or just drive him off the couch when you want to make his bed, or for trying to get closer to a bowl of food and in other situations of aggression - you need to. Also, the punishment will be appropriate to disaccustom the dog to pick up food on the street or take food from other people's hands.

Do not think that for punishment, which was applied on time and in order to teach, and not remove your own malice, the dog will become angry with the master or family members. The owner should give the dog more positive attention in the form of praise (goodies) for the right behavior or the team performed. Also, the hosts spend a lot of time with the dog: play with it, feed it and even trite it and caress it from time to time just like that. Dog understands that he is a full member of the pack, and the owners are punished for some particular reason, not just.

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Each owner should know what to feed the dog , how much to give food and how many times to feed the animal a day. Make a diet is very simple.

The most important rules for all owners!

All at once you will not recognize and remember. Do not teach a dog or a puppy all at once. But be sure that you can grow a really smart, obedient dog. This requires a little:

  1. . Self-learning . Set yourself a rule to gain knowledge about education or any team for about 30 minutes - 1 hour per day. As you gain experience, you will better manage the dog.
  2. . Solve problems without postponing "for later" . As soon as something does not suit you in the behavior of your dog - immediately look for the solution of the question. You are faced with the same problems as millions of other dog breeders before you, who still managed to raise a dog quite obedient for a comfortable stay with it. They did not know in advance about everything they have to face. But it's impossible to learn everything. Simply by encountering undesirable behavior or the dog's refusal to perform the command - learn and apply the knowledge gained. Then you gradually, systematically raise a dog obedient, complaisant and in general cohabitation with it will not cause any inconvenience.
  3. . Calm down . You, like any newcomer, are probably worried that you can not grow a dog obedient. Proper education of a dog or a puppy is almost impossible, because you will make mistakes! Fortunately it's not scary! It will take a very short time: mistakes will be smoothed out, your work and angelic patience will be generously rewarded by the complete understanding of you by your dog.

. Conclusion . Now you know how to raise an adult dog and you will soon be able to feel the results of your work. I repeat: do not rush anywhere, just train yourself and learn how to do it. Soon you will learn to feel your dog, to know when to give the command, how and in what intonation it is better to pronounce the command, so that she immediately executes it. All comes with experience.

In the tradition, at the end of the article is a positive video. A good mood is an excellent assistant in education. Immediately after the video, proceed to the study of other articles.

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