How to teach a puppy to go to the toilet on the street?


teach puppy toilet

Do you still poke a puppy with a muzzle in a heap or a puddle? Alas, this will never teach him to go to the toilet where you want! But then how to accustom the puppy to the toilet on the street as quickly as possible? For a puppy to learn how to walk to the toilet on the street as quickly as his age and time allows, you just need to know how to properly teach the animal to recover from the house. Exactly when the master learns how to properly tame the puppy to the toilet, exactly then the first results will be.

If you are an adult, you will learn how to accustom a dog to the toilet on the street as soon as possible. Everything is really simple. The main thing is to know how to properly teach a dog to go to the right place, and not at home. Moreover, an adult dog learns how to tolerate before going out and not making "surprises" at home.

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How to teach a puppy to go to the toilet on the street?

At the time of the appearance of the baby in the house you should know how to tame the puppy to the toilet, so that later you do not have to fool yourself and then think about how to wean the dog to write at home. In general, it's best to do everything on time and gain knowledge. If the puppy has appeared in your family all at once, do not be discouraged and take more time for self-study.

So, what will be required:

  1. Strong nerves. Be patient, the puppy is not a robot, and immediately program it to do what it will not work. Be persistent and patient, then there will be an excellent result. How much the host will teach the puppy to the toilet depends:

    . A) What is the age of the puppy . If the animal's age is 1-3 months, then it will study longer, since it is still too small and can not tolerate long. A more mature individual, say, 4-5 months is already faster to learn to walk on the street due to the fact that he can tolerate longer - in due course it will be easier for him to wait for the owners from work, and therefore the process of domestication will go smoothly.
    . B) Is the dog teacher correct? When the master incorrectly teaches the puppy, the result either will be greatly delayed, or it should not be expected at all. Always look for mistakes in yourself, the puppy is never to blame for anything. Find the cause in yourself - solve the problem.

  2. Interesting articles.

    How to teach a puppy to a place so that he sleeps there, and not anywhere in the house?

    . A separate room, covered with newspapers . Very good, if you can allocate a puppy a separate room, covered with newspapers (in the same room will be a bowl of food and the place of the puppy). A room with newspapers is needed so that you can leave it in the puppy when you leave the house, as well as at night, when it is not possible to take the puppy out into the toilet.

    If there is no possibility to allocate a room, then build a riding hall (not a cage). In it, spread out the newspapers, make a place and put a bowl of water. In the arena the puppy will be at night, and when you go to work. To quickly accustom the puppy to the toilet, it should be the first 1-2 weeks (the period depends on the puppy's age) to be with him and put on the street in time.

  3. . Remove all carpets and paths in the house . It is better to remove all the tracks and carpeting in the house, otherwise you can not keep track, and the puppy decides to try to impose on a soft carpet. Therefore, for the time of instruction you will have to walk on the bare floor in slippers. Sneakers, too, take care, because the puppy does not even put them on, but will definitely decide to thread the teeth, the more so, the sneakers smell like a master.

When and how many times does the puppy take 1-3 months?

Puppy should be taken out not on the newspaper, but immediately on the street. You will be accustomed to the street, so you should immediately show the puppy where his toilet is.

dog looking for a toilet

A small puppy (up to 3 months) will have to be taken out more often. After each feeding, every time, like a puppy wakes up and after active games take to the street. Also, you should lead the puppy to the street as soon as you see that he is already spinning and as if he is looking for a place for the toilet. Consistency is important, and if you work and can not be with the animal for the time being taught to the toilet, then the learning process will be significantly delayed. The broken regime will have a bad effect on understanding the puppy of what the host wants.

. When he goes to the toilet on the street - praise him: "Well, clever . " Praise yourself vigorously and generously, you can give goodies. ! When the puppy cracks at home - punish, but not physically, but with a strict voice and a stern look in the eye: "Fu ! " The voice must be strict, unhappy, but you do not need to shout. It will be seen from the animal that it heard the owner.

If a puppy does not want to go to the toilet on the street, then either take a walk longer, or play active games. Never puppies of this age can not stand long. Play and see how the baby sits down. It's time to praise him! Praise always for the direction in the street until the puppy understands what you want from him.

For the night leave the puppy in a separate room or in the arena. When you go to work or stay out of the house for a long time, leave a newspaper in the room, too. Newspapers are needed until the puppy learns to endure before being taken to the street. After teaching, you can clean all the newspapers and put the puppy in any rooms.

How to accustom the puppy to the toilet on the street at the age of more than 3 months?

Puppy older than 3x lead to the street after sleeping, eating and playing. If the puppy fouls more often than you take it out, temporarily increase the number of exits to the street. Out loud praise on the street for the puppy recovered.

For the fact that the animal goes to the toilet at home - it must be punished. The only punishment that is really effective is a physical punishment which will soon be replaced by a strict voice. Simply every time a puppy crap at home - give a strict "fu" command and slap your hand into the area of ​​the croup. After several fiz. . punishments will not have to be punished with a slap, because the puppy will understand the owner . Be sure to read how to punish the dog correctly - in the article everything you need about punishment.

A puppy older than 3x is easier to learn - understands the team he is already better, and as well tolerates. The owners who leave the puppy for the duration of their work at home alone will quickly achieve that they will not be expected after the heap arrives throughout the room.

How to accustom the dog to the toilet on the street?

Now let's figure out how to tame the dog to the toilet. Adult dog is easy to teach to the toilet on the street. Maximum of a week can achieve the result. No newspapers and a separate room is not necessary, remove the tracks as much as possible. Just punish the dog for recovering at home, and praise for recovering in the street. Everything is elementary.

If the dog makes you "surprises" around the house, then it is appropriate to give her a separate room with newspapers for the first time. Better yet, let one of the family members (or take turns) stay with her for a week and teach him how to go to the toilet, when it is necessary to punish and bring him out on time. - процесс приучения сократиться. This is the coolest option - the process of training is reduced.

If the dog on the street just walks and does not want to go to the toilet, then at first time it is necessary to increase the time of walking. Be sure to engage in active games, then the dog will not be able to endure for long and will manage the need on the street. It's time to praise the "feat" of the beast! With the help of punishment and praise, the dog will soon understand what the master wants from her. As an option, in the warm season, take water with you to the paddock - then the animal just will not last long.

If the owner is working correctly, the result will not be long in coming. Read more about how to disaccustom the dog at home to get more information on the topic. Also, do not miss a positive video below - the mood is necessary to educate the puppy without negative emotions.

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