How to quickly teach a puppy a nickname for one day?


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How to accustom the puppy to the nickname already on the first day of training? Or how to accustom to the nickname of a dog taken from a shelter or with hands? The most elementary in training is to teach the dog to respond to a new name. Whatever your puppy, you can start teaching him the nickname in the first days of his appearance in the house.

So, what is the purpose of learning the nickname? Some believe that after pronouncing the nickname the dog should simply pay attention to the owner. в повседневной жизни, поэтому после произнесения клички собака или щенок должны подходить к хозяину. However, there is no need for daily life, therefore, after the nickname is pronounced, the dog or puppy must approach the owner.

What is needed for an animal to approach its owner? By the way, it should be suitable for all members of the family, that is, all members of the family should be engaged in bringing up and training the most necessary teams. Otherwise, how will they manage to control the dog? , можно и больше) называет зверя по имени и подманивает кусочком лакомства. So let everyone take a piece of goodies, and from time to time throughout the day ( times 5-7 , you can more) calls the beast by name and beckons a piece of treats. As soon as it is suitable, give a treat, stroke the dog and say a nickname several times with a kind voice.

Also, call the animal named when it's time to eat. Put a bowl of food in the right place and call the dog named. When she is eating, repeat her nickname several times and leave her alone, let her eat. If the pet has problems with appetite, read what to do if the dog refuses to eat .

As you can see, everything is very simple. By the way, as a supporting tool in training will help your favorite toy puppy. Just beckon the puppy on the toy, and as soon as he runs up to you - name him by the nickname several times and play a little.

How to teach a dog to the team "to me" ? Beginning with three months, start training the team "to me." Also, besides learning the nickname you need to know about the puppy's upbringing , and also how to train the puppy . Begin slowly to train the puppy, that the adult dog brought only pleasure and did not cause inconveniences.

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