How to raise a puppy and grow it obedient? Raising a puppy for beginners.



The article will tell you how to properly bring a puppy to a newcomer. If the education of a puppy for you is an unexplored area of ​​knowledge - the tips below will give everything you need to know about the education of puppies. Relax, in fact, everything is ridiculously simple. You do not need to be an experienced cynologist to grow an obedient dog. By the way, if you have a serious breed dog, you will learn how to achieve that it aspires to protect the owner.

If you trust me, take a little time and follow the recommendations of the article, you can grow a dog that will understand you with a half-word. To quickly achieve a result, you just have to figure out how to bring up the puppy. After gaining knowledge, at once transgress the development of the acquired skills. After a couple of days you will see how tangible the results are.

How to start raising a puppy? What should a well-educated puppy know?

Articles in the topic.

How to teach a puppy to the toilet ? Teach your child to go to the right place in the right place on the street or at home - a trifling matter, just need to work properly.

Nutrition plays an important role in the development of the puppy, no less than its heredity. Pay attention to feeding the puppies with natural products of your own preparation, this is better than dry food.

How to disaccustom a dog to bite ? In the process of playing or showing his character, the puppy can apply the teeth. This problem is also very easy to solve.

It would be more correct to write: "What should the master know in order for the puppy to be brought up?".

The training and education of the puppy is very closely related. As soon as you have a puppy at home (the age does not matter), in addition to buying the necessary things and ammunition, you immediately proceed to training. That is, you will teach simple and the most necessary commands. Education, however, involves establishing a hierarchy, as well as understanding the master of how to behave with a dog. Both are not difficult.

So, in brief about the most necessary of what an educated puppy should know.

  • (основные правила). Education of the dog (basic rules). The rules of upbringing should be known to every owner who wants to solve as quickly as possible possible problems in behavior, which, often, are a consequence of non-observance of these very rules. Thanks to the observance of the rules, it will be possible to achieve good behavior from a four-legged friend. Study them now!

  • Restroom. Each puppy should be able to go to the toilet at the right place at home or on the street. Of course, no puppy will go to the toilet where necessary on his own, for this it is necessary to engage in his training. This will be done by the owners in the first weeks of his life in the house. At the same time, the more correctly the hosts work, the faster they will be able to achieve a sustainable result.

  • Training puppy begins with his appearance in the house. In the article on the link you will learn about what teams need to train a puppy in the first place.

  • Sometimes a puppy gets on with other people and the owners worry that he will not get a good defender or the baby grows badly, or maybe he bites his hands during the game or when he tries to feed, or he picks up the muck from the floor or refuses to obey you in spite of tons of nested effort. In this case, look in the section "Parenting the puppy", which details the answers to these problems.

Proper upbringing of the puppy through contact with the owner.

Proper education of a puppy depends on control, perseverance, amount of time and love of the owner to the pupil. But to love does not mean that you should not punish a puppy for his pranks or an attempt to eat something from the floor. The owner for the dog is strict, strong, and, at the same time, a kind daddy.

So, what is the most important thing? The most important "secrets" of upbringing.

  1. - наказывайте. If there is a need for physical punishment - punish. Physical punishment is necessary only at the first stages of education. In the future, the dog will disaccustom from what it was disaccustomed to and will execute the command "fu" according to your order without physical punishment. But remember that a puppy up to 3 months can not be physically punished at all. All the details about the punishment of a puppy so tender age by this link.
  2. Puppy should receive more positive attention from the owner than the negative. Punishment of a puppy will be taken for granted if it is appropriate and if the owner in his daily life finds something to praise him for. That is, encourage the puppy when he went to the toilet, performed the command, etc. Many owners just pat the dog from time to time, which is not forbidden, and even vice versa - such attention will help to establish a closer contact between the owner and the dog.

You took the dog not only as a friend, but also as a defender? Devotion seems to be inherent only in dogs, and if your dog thinks of you as a member of his pack, then he is ready to sacrifice his life in the truest sense of the word for your salvation. Cruel or too strict and exacting owners will never raise a good defender. Of course, you should not let the puppy "sit on your neck", but you should always pay attention to it and find reasons for praise. First, praise for the performed actions often, and in due course praise and delicacy will be needed to carry out commands ten times less often.

Useful articles.

Despite all caution in feeding the dog, without the prevention of worms in dogs, sooner or later, get started. But simple procedures for prevention will prevent this infection and forget about the problem.

With diligent prophylaxis, fleas in dogs are not planted for a long time after treatment, but each owner still has to find a good remedy for fleas.

When you can walk a puppy , what things to take for a walk and which teams should you teach him while walking? The article will tell the hosts everything you need to know about walking puppies.

Why do you need to be moderately strict? Will not the puppy take offense at me?

Few will manage to raise a dog (and if it succeeds, it's far from every) only with positive reinforcement (dainty, praise, etc.). I am sure that banal punishment is extremely necessary. Be aware that if you praise your puppy when appropriate, give him enough attention in the form of games and just hanging out together, he will never remember your strict educational measures. The dog understands everything perfectly, but it takes time to establish understanding.

Clarification of the situation in the pack. What should the host prepare for?

Puppy and adult dog see your family as a flock in which there should be a leader. From the dog's point of view, without a strong leader, the pack can not survive, so it tries to become the main one for the survival of all and a better life. Nature itself pushes it to throw you new challenges and to check whether you are strong enough to lead a flock. It's not scary. The first challenges the puppy will throw at the age of about 4-6 months. Growling at the master for approaching his bowl or trying to wipe his paws after walking, or even "designating" a bite-all this is an attempt to find out who is strong enough to be first, to guarantee the safety and survival of the pack.

This is the nature of dogs. This does not mean that all your coexistence will turn into a constant struggle. Simply, you should always try to get your dog to behave with her confidently. . Not only dogs do not like weak and weak-willed .

Who should participate in the training and education process?

All members of the family must take part in it. Everyone should be able to manage the dog, and also to know how to behave in this or that situation. All comes with experience. The main thing - to systematically train, starting with the most necessary commands such as "fu", nickname, "to me", etc.

. Conclusions . To properly raise an ideally obedient puppy, you must:

  1. Teach him commands.
  2. Set the rules.
  3. Solve problems as they arrive.
  4. Always get your dog off.
  5. Do not be afraid to apply punishment
  6. Remember that there is not much positive attention and games.
  7. Be strong and confident next to the dog.
  8. Be confident that everything will work if you work and wait.

The most important and important thing is to stop worrying about certain problems or failures. Believe me, it will be a very short time and you yourself will not believe how much everything has changed. You just need to work. And be sure to check out the positive video below. A good mood is very useful in the process of education.

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