How to teach the puppy commands and where to start puppy training?


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If you are a beginner and do not know where to start puppy training, this article will tell you how to train a puppy yourself and what commands to teach it.

Below we will talk about training puppies up to 3 months, that is, the article contains links to all the commands that every puppy should know before 3 months. If your pet is older than this age, then a little lower you will find a link to the material about the training of adult dogs. Whatever the age of the dog, at least one month, at least 5 or 10 years, you can always teach it to the teams. Be careful when reading the material, you will learn about all the commands that are needed in everyday life to control the puppy.

Training puppies from the 1st month to 3x.

Training puppy teams begin with the first month. At such a tender age, you will teach the puppy the simplest, but extremely necessary commands. Training takes relatively little time, most of it the kid will play and move a lot.

At the puppy age, it is useless to train the entire general course, because the whole thinking activity of the puppy is occupied with pranks and anything else but not obedience to the master. Therefore, let the puppy be a child, you will always manage it. Now is the time to prepare so that when the puppy grows up educate him immediately for more complex teams and be much more demanding.

So, now you will learn how to accustom the puppy to the commands, but not to write all the subtleties of training to each team in one article, for your convenience, there are links that contain all the details of the training. Just go to them to find out more.

  1. - крайне важная команда, которая способна уберечь не только ваши тапочки от щенячьих зубов и ковры от луж, но и даже спасти неопытному зверю жизнь. Team "Fu" - an extremely important team that can protect not only your slippers from puppy teeth and carpets from puddles, but even save an inexperienced beast life. The "fu" team will help solve most behavior problems and eventually raise an obedient dog. Be sure to learn how to properly punish the animal. The puppy will often hear this command, but the adult dog is much less likely, because it will already know what can and can not be done.
  2. является в высшей степени важной командой, после произнесения которой щенок должен радостно мчаться к хозяину со скоростью ракеты. The command "to me" is an extremely important team, after which the puppy should joyfully rush to the master at the speed of the rocket. Achieve the approach of the puppy only from one command, without repetitions, otherwise you will repeat the same command several times, but there will not be any sense (the dog will think that it is not necessary to obey one command and only after several repetitions).

    The command "to me" will save the beast from many troubles. For example, during a walk a puppy may not listen to a master's call and, feeling the spirit of freedom, be carried away to revel in the will somewhere away from the owner. Without control, the baby can get under the car, run after the street animal or, if the puppy grows up, throw himself at the person. In time uttering "to me" the owner will call the animal, thereby saving it from many troubles. It is better to teach a puppy from childhood - an adult dog is more difficult to teach and re-learn. To puppy enthusiastically ran to the urge, you need to interest him. Use delicacy, toys, ordinary food and any tricks if only the puppy ran up.

  3. используется для подзыва. The puppy's name is used for summoning. Name the nickname of the puppy and entice him to a treat, toy or bowl of food - soon he will happily escape hearing his name. Over time, the nickname will be used more to address the attention of the dog (which is not very much what you need) to the owner, since the nickname is replaced by the command "to me."
  4. будет использоваться всякий раз когда вы покидаете с собакой пределы дома. The command "next" will be used whenever you leave the dog with the limits of the house. Puppy up to three months does not make sense to teach strictly to execute this command, because he still can not. But with 3x it's time to get the right execution of the command "next". But what if the little puppy tightens the leash and you can not cope with it? Then start to train this team despite the age, but do not be too strict. Just make sure he does not pull on the leash.
  5. How to teach the puppy to the place ? The puppy should have a place and he must know where it is. But it's not critical if he sleeps wherever he likes. The main thing is that it does not interfere with the owners themselves.
  6. . Aport . In perfection this team a small puppy will not perform. But you need to train him as early as possible. Aport - the right team, which will help to walk better for an active puppy and adult dog. People who count on a dog as a defender should think about its physical development. By the way, aport is an obligatory step on the way to learning how to search the area.

First lessons. How to start training a puppy?

Useful articles.

Before you accustom the puppy to the tray learn to use the command "fu". After the tray, depending on the age and goals, it's time to accustom to the toilet on the street.

Despite tons of conflicting information, feeding puppies is not anything complicated. Soon you will learn how to properly make a diet of his food.

First of all, you need to know how to teach the puppy commands as quickly as possible. To feel the result already in the first lesson - clearly follow the step-by-step recommendations and tips. It would not be logical to post the entire flow of information in one article, so detailed explanations about the execution of a particular team are given in each article posted on the links.

How many times a day does the puppy need to be trained? Puppies up to 3 months more teach teams in everyday life or on the go-ahead. That is, until you need to arrange classes with him, just train at home when playing or strolling through the park. For example, the command "to me" will be worked out at a time when you want to call a puppy to him for a game or just give them a treat. "Fu" puppy will hear if he makes a puddle or will start to gnaw furniture. Aport he will perform by bringing you a toy, etc.

Always make sure that the puppy has performed the command the first time. Does not work? It's okay, everything has its time. Learn, correct your mistakes, and the puppy will EXACTLY obey you. How soon you will learn - so soon he will learn.

The command "to me" and the nickname of the dog are very similar. Some believe that it is necessary that the puppy simply react to the nickname, but did not seem to hear it. But since this does not make much sense - do not bother, but just get an approach after you say the nickname.

Puppy training is older than 3 months.

A puppy older than 3 months already needs to be trained as an adult dog. Of course, one does not need to be too strict, because the psyche of an animal at a young age is rather weak. If your puppy is more than 3 months old, start reading the article about where the training begins.

And, finally, do not miss the opportunity to watch the funny video below. You will need a good mood during the training of the puppy to the teams;)

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