18 of the most gross mistakes of dog breeders in the puppy's upbringing.


собака не виновата

. It is impossible for a beginner to raise a puppy or an adult dog correctly and without errors . Therefore, the best variant of education for a beginner is a gradual self-study and the same gradual training of the animal. All at once you do not know and do not remember.

As a puppy grows up or an adult dog is raised, you will encounter problems in the behavior of the animal. Therefore, as soon as the behavior of the pet has begun to give you trouble - correct it. In time correcting the behavior, you can gradually raise an obedient dog, which will soon no longer give you trouble. Try to work correctly, otherwise the process of education will not give the proper result, its expectation will be greatly delayed or, worse, your inept actions will harm the puppy. Do not be discouraged if you already have a grown-up puppy or an adult dog, and you have made the mistakes described below. Just do not admit them in the future, then everything will work out.

. If you seriously take up the upbringing already now and will bring the puppy properly, the adult dog, regardless of the size and "seriousness" of the breed, will not give you any problems . And now carefully read the most common mistakes made by dog ​​breeders regarding their puppies and dogs.

  1. . Punishment at subversion . It is enough just once to punish the dog at its approach to the owner (both at the command "to me" and simply for the approach without the order of the owner), how she can refuse to go to the punishment even for delicious treats for life.

    : никогда не наказывайте собаку, когда она подходит к вам! Remember : never punish a dog when it comes to you! If you have a reason to punish her for wrongdoing, then never punish after she approached you (even if you did not call her)! As soon as the dog has run up to you - immediately forget what you wanted to punish her for. To praise a dog there is no need, if she ran up to the owner after her prank, but to punish - is extremely fraught!

    . This is very important . Whatever the puppy or the dog has done (up to the bite of a person), you can not punish the master for calling and without summoning, better teach the "fu" command to at any distance prohibit the dog from anything.

    It does not matter, by command or simply by his own will the dog approached you: forget about what you wanted to punish. The situation for which you wanted to punish can repeat itself, then you must punish the prankster to the extent possible. That is, there is nothing terrible in the missed punishment, this is not critical.

  2. . Poor or defective food . Unfortunately, most feed dogs from the table, but it is the full development of the dog that largely depends on nutrition. Some experienced cynologists take not the most seemingly promising puppies from litters, but as a result of a competent approach to nutrition they grow out of not the most attractive and weak puppies of dogs, in all respects superior to their litter dogs. Of course, it's not just about proper nutrition, but 70% of the secret is in a well-designed diet. Below are links to the most useful and just interesting articles about nutrition.

    . I. First, make the right diet by looking in the article on how to feed the puppy with natural products. At once you are unlikely to be able to make an ideal diet, this is a matter of time. Learn little by little and everything will turn out.

    . II . There are many opinions of dog breeders regarding what to feed the dog . Much of the diet should be meat products, but one meat is also not very useful.

    . III . Not all foods are suitable for feeding to a dog. Why can not dogs have chocolate , pork and some other products? Familiarize yourself with products that you'd better eat yourself.

    . IV . Sometimes the puppy refuses to eat , which causes the owners to be nervous for the health of the pet. The problem of appetite can easily be solved if you know some simple tricks.

    . V. Vitamins for a dog are important, although more important are not so much purchased vitamins, as a properly composed diet.

  3. . Errors in teaching to the toilet . The most common mistake of dog breeders is connected with the toilet training. Most people believe that you can teach a puppy to recover in the proper place only by poking an animal with a muzzle into a puddle made by him or a pile. Please, never do so. Read how to accustom the puppy to the toilet and will know how to solve this problem as quickly as possible.

    Poking a puppy into his own excrements, the host shows him in such an unpleasant way, where he should go to the toilet. Rather, the owner wanted to convey quite different, but the puppy understood in his own way. This "method of teaching" is absolutely ineffective. Puppy is not likely thanks, but contrary to the master's efforts to learn how to go to the toilet where necessary. , эффективнее и гуманнее приучить животное к туалету можно другими методами. Much faster (!) , More effective and humane accustom the animal to the toilet can be other methods. See the link above for details. Also, read how to disaccustom a dog to crap if you have an adult dog who is addicted to going to the toilet at home.

  4. . Absence of the rules of education and training . To puppy in a few classes began to perform simple commands and in the future grew obedient, flexible dog loyal to its owners, you need to seriously engage in education and training. Without these important things, the animal will be a bother. Training a puppy in a group is preferable, but you teach the pet the most used commands and themselves, learning on the pages of the site. If you have an adult dog, then first read the article about the most used commands for dogs .

    With the training of teams everything is clear, but the upbringing of a dog is a correction of her behavior. Since the appearance of the animal in your home you need to establish the rules of upbringing. Do not neglect training, as retraining will take three times longer.

  5. . Ignorance how to act in a situation . A puppy or a dog jumps at you or guests, chews furniture, picks up food on the street or "shows teeth", but you are inactive? These small troubles need to be able to decide, or learn to solve them, so as not to run with upbringing. The dog will never become perfect and obedient in itself. Always resolve your problems in time, and you will gradually grow an obedient dog.
  6. . Extraction of anger on the puppy . Always control your emotions. If there is a reason to punish the puppy, then this must be done. But punishment should be taught, not detente, for your anger. That is, you need to know how to punish a dog . Not sure what to punish in this case is the puppy appropriate? Better pass the punishment and punish when you are sure. There's nothing to worry about, the main thing is that you know how to act.
  7. . Inappropriate punishment . Punish the puppy only when you caught him at the crime scene. It is useless to punish a puppy for a puddle in the house or pounded sneakers when you returned from work, and the puppy was sleeping peacefully on the spot. It's too late to punish even when the puppy just shattered the wallpaper and then went on other business, and you came in a few seconds after him and saw all the disgrace.

    In general, you can punish only when you directly see that the puppy is chewing or pampering. Otherwise, he simply "does not catch up", for which the owner was disbelieved. Such punishments "without reason" are extremely sad for the dog's confidence, and this news is even more deplorable for those who grow from the dog not only a friend but also a defender. Be corrected, and everything will be fine.

  8. . Too weak punishment or lack of it . It's necessary to punish, so do not feel sorry for the puppy. Applying punishment for the purpose of teaching, showing and teaching, and not with the goal of simply beating an animal, you are doing the right thing. Not every dog ​​will be trained without negative reinforcement. Also, if the punishment is too weak, then from it there will be no sense at all. That is, the animal will not have enough stimulus to perform the action required by you.
  9. . Wrong punishment . To punish a puppy you need to slap your hand over the rump, that is, according to the pope (in the common people). The muzzle and any other parts of the body can not be beaten by a dog, and there is simply no point in it. Do not use newspapers, slippers, etc. to punish. Otherwise, after growing up and becoming stronger puppy can begin to "revenge" these things, arranging for "offenders" a real hunt. The only exception is a gusset (long twig), which can be useful when weaning away from the floor on the street.

    не будет им мстить. Contrary to the widespread misconception, if the owner punishes with his own hands, the dog will NEVER avenge them. The owner with these hands feeds the dog, gives a treat, strokes for a reason and just like that, plays games, etc. Hands of its owner, she will love no less than himself, if these hands are connected in the dog's mind with something good, pleasant.
  10. . Punishment "through time" . If the owner, for example, persistently accustoms a small puppy to the toilet, but is lazy to come up and punish the puppy when he did a bunch in the room, then the process of training will be prolonged. The same with picking off the floor, etc. Whenever there is a need, apply punishment. But not always physical, because often quite strict, threatening team "fu", if the dog and without negative reinforcement it performs.
  11. . Excessive exactingness . Do not require the puppy all at once. He must be accustomed to the toilet, will not pick up from the floor and will go quietly alongside on a leash. It will be as the owner wants. You just have to wait and work hard. Everything has its time.
  12. . Different measures of education of family members . It's bad if some members of the family feed the puppy, for example, when they eat themselves, while others forbid the dog to beg. Or some teach the dog to clearly bring the subject on the command "aport", while others just throw a stick and that's it. All family members should act in the same way with regard to upbringing and training, if a fast, high-quality, stable result is important.
  13. . Insufficient paddock . Most dog breeders are sure that the dog has no reason to walk. After all, she has "such a spacious yard." Even if the dog does not live in an apartment, but in the yard, it's just as much a paddock is needed for it !!! The dog is literally created to walk. This applies to all breeds, but not everyone needs a lot of physical exertion.

    Especially useful is the activity for dogs, whose duty is to protect the host. The feeble dog will quickly die out, but a moderate physical load will have a beneficial effect on endurance, speed and response. About the control of the dog during the walk in the article about the walking of a dog .

  14. . Lack of space in the dog . How to teach a dog a team "place"? This is one of the simplest teams. It's better to equip the place where nobody will interfere with the beast. However, it is not a great misfortune if he decided to fall asleep under the bed or in the middle of the room. The main thing is that it does not give you any discomfort.
  15. . All-absorbing severity . Strictness is needed, and the owner must be able to manage his dog. But you can let the puppy do whatever you think is right, and that does not bother you. Let the animal at least sleep on the bed, playfully bites your hands and throws toys around the house. All of the above and more are not bad, if it does not interfere with the owner and does not harm the process of education. In addition, extra rigor will make your pet more likely than a self-assured dog.
  16. . Loneliness . Do not leave the puppy alone for long. A dog is a schooling animal, and separation from the owner for it is always a fear, a fear that it will not return. Try to take the puppy as much as possible, even if possible, spend as much time as possible with it. Temporary isolation is only relevant if necessary. Constantly in contact with the owner the dog will be much more willing to perform his commands.
  17. . An adult dog does not need games . It is active games that will help to develop physically. Even an adult dog with a huge passion will take up the game. With the help of games it is much easier to walk the animal. Again, the owners of guard dogs are very, very necessary for the full physical development of the dog. Every day you will see how the dog's physique changes and its power grows. Do not overdo it with loads, except that the dog herself with a hunter runs after an abandoned stick or other toy.
  18. . Lack of close contact . The dog will be perfectly obedient to the master who will make contact with her. Close contact is extremely important for the owners, whose pet is a serious breed - the defenders of such dogs are the most fearless and desperate.

    To establish this mysterious contact is simple: spend more time with the dog, bring up and train the teams, walk it, play for a long time. The dog will appreciate care, feel like a member of the pack and will especially zealously protect what he has.

There are a lot of mistakes that dog breeders allow. But to bring up a puppy correctly and immediately can only an experienced person. Do not worry, you will educate the puppy correctly and as needed, it is enough to work a little, not to be lazy and to solve the questions in time. Then you will be fine.

In the end, be sure to watch a cool video about how the dog taught an aggressive driver;) Adjust to positive, then it will be easier in everything!

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