How to develop an excerpt from a dog before feeding?

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endurance before meals

For better obedience, and as a measure of establishing leadership in the pack, there is an excerpt before eating. The essence of the command is simple. The dog just has to sit in front of a bowl of food until the owner gives the command "eat" or the like.

One excerpt before eating does not help you establish yourself as a leader in the dog's eyes. But with other measures, she will help the master in the process of education.

After reading the article, learn more about raising a dog . Exposure to feeding is just an element of establishing a hierarchy. Also, read how to accustom the dog to the commands with the help of an irritant - with it the training will go much faster.

How do I make an excerpt before serving?

Exit before eating when the puppy turns 4 months old. Also, dogs of any age older than four months can be trained.

  1. First, learn how to teach a dog to sit . Put a bowl of food in the place of feeding. Sit the dog on command to "sit" 1 meter from the bowl. . If she tries to get up - immediately seat him . But do not repeat the command, just by a strict movement, press on the area of ​​the croup, so that the dog will sit down. Rises again? Then be stricter. You can put the collar on so that you can make a leap with the lead upwards with pressure on the croup. That is, it will help to rigorously plant the dog.
  2. , после чего произнесите мягко: «Ешь», и подтолкните животное к миске. Get the dog to sit for 15-20 seconds, after which say softly: "Eat", and push the animal to the bowl. Say a few times the word "eat" when the dog will eat.
  3. Do an excerpt for every feeding. команды и выдержки перед миской с едой в одну минуту. It is enough 10 teamworkings and endurance in front of a bowl of food in one minute. Gradually increase the time, up to one minute. It takes more than a minute to do the restraint.
  4. It is not necessary after the training to do an excerpt every time before feeding. в неделю сделать выдержку перед едой, так сказать, для общего развития. It will be enough 1-2 times a week to make an excerpt before eating, so to speak, for general development.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple. A little effort, and you will make an important step towards the education of the ideal pet. By the way, if the dog does not eat well , you can read what to do in this situation. Most often, the problem is solved by skipping one or two feedings. Of course, the animal can refuse to eat as it does not suit him, so the best friend of the master in solving this issue is observance and sound mind.

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