How to use a strict collar for training dogs?


strict collar

Do you need a strict dog collar? . Be sure that it will save you time . In appearance, a strict collar for training is similar to a tool of medieval torture, but it will be a dangerous weapon only in the hands of cruel masters. Proper use of a strict collar is an excellent skill, which is very necessary for owners of serious breeds.

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Training is extremely necessary for everyone who wants to raise an obedient, complaisant friend from the dog.

Someone will say that parfors for dogs is not humane. Sometimes it is much more humane to use a jerk with the help of parfors than to drag the animal with an ordinary leash without end. Therefore, ardent opponents of frightening thorns let their dissatisfaction in another place, and not in the comments. The cynologists of the whole Soviet Union used this invention, and now almost every dressing site uses a planer. In general, learn to use a studded collar - it's easy.

In what cases do you need a strict collar for training dogs.

. Parfors in training can already be used on puppies that are 4.5-5 months old . I will give some examples in which you need a strict collar.

  1. . Teaching the team "close" . To teach a dog or a puppy to walk along with the help of delicacies and praise is necessary, but without rigor can not do.
  2. In training. Not only in the above-described team, but also in the entire training course, a planer is used. He will help you a lot if you decide to train yourself. Although for training to go alongside it is especially useful.
  3. ( команда "фу" ). Punishment ( command "fu" ). It happens that a strict collar is needed to punish something. Most often it is used to correct undesirable behavior (aggression towards animals or people), and also for weaning to take from the floor .

In a word, parfors is the right thing. Its cost is cheap, and no electric collars and other nonsense will replace it.

How to use a strict collar?

As a normal collar: just dress and start to train. From the very beginning, the jerk should be not strong, but if necessary, the jerk must be increased.

. For example . You lead the dog to the place of walking on a leash in a strict collar. At the very beginning, it will be very pulling, if earlier you did not teach her to go near. You need to ensure that she walked near the foot. As soon as the dog pulls on the leash, you say (strictly but in a normal voice, not loudly): "Near" - and do not make a strong leap on yourself. The dog almost did not react? Repeat the command and then make a stronger breakthrough. Did not work again? Repeat the procedure, further increasing the strength of the jerk.

. For example (2) . The dog tries to pick up something from the floor during the time you walk with it to the place of walking on a leash. When she tries to pick up the muck - give a strict command "fu" and make a jerk to yourself. First, not strictly, but if you want to eat again - make a jerk stronger.

- такой рывок поводком, который бы не навредил собаке, но был достаточно ощутим. For the correct use of a strict collar, you must find a "golden mean" - such a jerk leash that would not hurt the dog, but was sensible enough. By the way, so that the dog was pleased with the strict collar, wear it before going for a walk. And for you to have a good mood, see the video below;)

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