What kind of a treat for training dogs to choose?

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dog treat

What kind of goodies are given to the dog during training? What kind of treat for training dogs or a puppy will be the most effective? If the owner is attentive to the preferences of his pet, then he will definitely be able to pick up such a goodness, for which the dog will be ready to fulfill any of his whims.

Do not use delicacy in training - stupid, although there are such trainers who do not use it at all, replacing food with praise, and otherwise work strictly. , при этом затрачивая кучу личных усилий. However, the delicacy, at times, is capable of solving problems that would have to be solved without a tasteful method ten times as long , while expending a lot of personal efforts.

If possible, always try to get the dog to perform the command with the help of positive reinforcement, that is, treats, praise, games, etc. A team that associates with something positive is remembered to be executed with greater willingness. In the meantime, do not forget about the punishment of the dog , which, although it should be less than the positive reinforcement and attention of the owner in general, but without which it will be possible to raise not every dog ​​well.

How to find the most effective delicacy?

To begin with, let's define what a treat should be.

  1. . Conveniently transportable . If possible, the treat should be well tolerated and it should not spoil the hands.
  2. . Delicious . The delicacy must be very tasty, to please the dog.

The most convenient delicacy is considered to be dry food: it is convenient to carry, it is stored for a long time and ... not always like a dog. Since you will train a dog when she is slightly hungry, she will be happy and dry food. However, if the food is its main food, then such a meal the dog will not be surprised. . In any case, when the animal reacts poorly or weakly to the proposed delicacy, you should immediately look for another .

It is always better to use the food that the dog prefers more. It is quite convenient to buy a sausage in the store and cut it into small pieces, the size of a thumbnail. Also, dogs are very respectful of smoked sausage and raving on liver, and some individuals generally prefer cheese. Interestingly, there are individuals who happily work for fresh biscuits. Pieces of any entertainment large do not.

Alternatively, buy a treat at the pet store. There is a bunch of special treats that are sold in packs. They are very comfortable and the dogs love them. True, the price of them is somewhat overstated, so it will be cheaper and even more efficient to use the above mentioned delicacies. If the dog reacts poorly to some delicacy, then it is better to replace it with another.

Find such a treat for training a puppy or dog, for which an animal with a hunt would fulfill your command, is very simple. It is enough to experiment a little and find the most desired treat and, ideally, alternate it from time to time.

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