How to teach a dog the command "give"?



How to teach a puppy a "give" command so that he gladly gave the thing as soon as you say this command? If you are the owner of an adult dog, then you will learn how to teach a dog the command "give" after a few lessons.

Do not think that the ability of a dog to give a thing on orders to the master is a useless skill. Very often you will use it to pick up the object from the dog, and the apportion, in turn, will help you to walk your dog better. Also, the "give" command is needed by those who later expect to give the dog a course to protect the owner.

How to teach a puppy or a dog a "give" command.

Puppy can teach the team "give" from any age, even from the 1st month. , перед подачей лакомства дав команду «дай». Just in the process of playing, exchange the toy for a piece of goodies , before giving the delicacy by giving the "give" command.

Surely the animal will let go of the toy and eat a treat. Be sure to praise the animal: "Give, give, well." Then, after 10 seconds, continue the game and, after 2-3 minutes, say "give" again. So do it from time to time, when you play. But do not overdo it, enough 5-7 teams per day or less. It is better to train other necessary commands, after learning how to train a dog .

In addition to exchanging for a delicacy, you can simply give the "give" command, then gently unclench the animal's mouth and take the object. Also, you can pinch the fold on the hind legs closer to the stomach. These are rude methods, and it is better to teach a dog with a delicacy. Only then, when she learns this command, you may need to open the mouth and take the object. Of course, you need to praise the animal for giving the subject.

As you understand, with the adult dog all the same. Just play it and in the process of the game take the thing on the team, exchanging for a treat. Then, after a short time, continue the game. . When you decide to finish the game, just give the toy to the dog, that is, do not take it . Otherwise, she can reluctantly give the object, because it will know that the game on this may end. But if there is a need, then you can safely take the item on command "give" (with delicacy and praise), after which to do other things.

After the dog will perform well this command from one time, you will not need to play with it to pick up the thing. Just when you need to say "give" and take the thing. The dog will be happy in exchange to receive at least the master's praise and affection. By the way, be sure to read how to teach a dog aport team .

Below, look at the excellent video in which they will tell not only about the "give" command. , чтобы она отдала вещь. But please do not step on the dog's paw to give it away. A more stupid advice is hard to come by. You can read about the main mistakes in the education of a puppy and a dog that a dog breeder does, so as not to repeat the failures of others.

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