How to teach a dog or a puppy a "place" team?

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how to train a dog to the place

How to teach a puppy to a place in the house so that he sleeps where he was told by the owners? How to accustom an adult dog to the place, so that on command, she immediately went there? To teach this simple command is very easy, if you are consistent in your actions.

Many owners are worried about the fact that their dog drifts anywhere in the house, but not in its place. In fact, this is not a big trouble. . Let him sleep where he wants . Though on the couch, if it does not interfere with the owners themselves. If you observe problems with aggression, then the reason may be that the dog considered itself to be the main one, and to sleep anywhere - the leader's privilege. But only because of the permission to sleep where she wants the dog will not become spiteful. Most likely, the owners simply missed the upbringing.

Immediately after reading the article, learn a bit about the education of the dog and how to teach the dog commands as quickly as possible.

How to teach a dog to sleep in its place.

First, arrange a place for the puppy or dog. The place should be where no one will interfere with the dog. You should not have a "dog nest" in a passage or in a draft. In place of the puppy should be her favorite toys and all sorts of sharpeners for teeth. An adult dog can also put some kind of sharpener for teeth, in the form of a pet store.

To accustom to the place it is enough to take a slice of delicacies for dogs and saying "to me" to call to yourself ( how to teach the dog to the team "to me" you, I hope, already know). Then put a piece of dainty in place, slap the palm of the new place and say: "Place". When the puppy comes up and dabs a treat - put him on giving the command "lie down" . Already when will lie down, again give dainties and say: "A place, a place, it is good". Praise and pet the puppy in a new place, it should be associated with positive emotions.

It is enough to work out the command several times (5-6), so that the animal goes to the place according to your order. If the result is weak, then run the team a little more.

And further. You can let the dog sleep where it wants - it's not scary, but still you need to know how to send it to the place. In educational measures this is very useful.

Be sure to check out the video below, dedicated to dog devotion. Then immediately take up the training;)

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