How to teach a puppy or a dog to "lie"?


sobaka lejit na sobake

How to teach the puppy to "lie" on the first lesson? If you are an adult, you will learn how to teach a dog to lie down immediately after several simple, consistent actions.

This is one of the simplest commands that is often used in life. On examination with a veterinarian, at the training area for the performance of other teams or in the upbringing, the ability of the animal to lie on orders will be useful to you.

How to teach a team to lie down a dog or a puppy?

You can start training at least at the age of 1 month, but up to 3 months, the punishment is prohibited! Work only on positive reinforcement.

отрабатывается во время обучения другим командам, поэтому почитайте как дрессировать собак правильно. The team "lie" is practiced during the training of other teams, so read how to train dogs correctly. After you take a collar, leash, delicacy and go to the place where you usually conduct classes. At home, you can train a dog, but then the team will perform it only within the house, turning into a disobedient beast in the street.

  1. When the dog is near your left leg and is sitting (leash in your hands), take a piece of treat, then bring it to the dog's nose, then say "lie down" command and smoothly dip the treat down. Most likely, the dog will lie down to get to the delicacies. It's good! произнеся: «Лежать, лежать, хорошо». It's time to praise him saying: "Lie, lie, well."
  2. If the dog changed position without your order, then no goodies! For example, the dog lay down on your command, and then, at will, sat down or stood up. Then immediately make a strict jerk leash down, while pressing your left hand on the back of the dog, as if helping her to lie down. . That is, for the arbitrary execution of another team should be punished .
  3. Better work for a treat, when you need to punish for changing the situation without an order. But the next method can come in handy 10-15% of visitors. To lay the dog, it is possible, when it is at the left foot, to sit down and take it by two front paws just below the elbows. Then give the command "lie" and immediately lay the animal. Be sure to give dainties and reward us with affection.
  4. If the dog rises more often without your order, then 100% must be stricter. поводком вниз, чтобы уложить её. Only the dog got up without a command - immediately make a strict jerk leash down to lay it. Got up again? Again make a jerk, but already stronger. And so on. It is necessary to find the perfect strength of the jerk so that it does not harm the dog, but it was enough to perform the command. Be sure to read how to train a dog teams using an irritant - this is the key point of success in training!
  5. It happens that the dog is not at all led to a delicacy, and sits like a dead man. Well, or just gets up and tilts one head for food. Then no goodies! Just give one command to "lie down" and make a good old jerk leash down. Be stricter if the dog does not lie down! Delicacy you give only when the dog lies without using a jerk leash from one of your team.
  6. It also happens that the dog does not want to lie down at all. She seems to be "frozen" front paws and she does simply impossible to sit or get up. Then you need to try to teach the team when the dog tries to lie by its own will. For example, you see how a dog is just going to lie down at home or on the street. , скажите команду «лежать». Then immediately, in advance , say the command "lie down." It turns out that as if you ordered the dog to lie down.

What is worth remembering?

  1. . Lay the dog on a treat giving it through the fold . That is, lay the dog for a treat, but do not give food. Give the following command.
  2. . Do not part with the teams . Give the command "lie", and after 8-15 seconds - another, and so on. The main thing is that the animal clearly obeys orders. Do not chase the number of commands executed for a minute of time - this is not necessary.
  3. . Let's just give one command . There is no point in repeating it twice, because then the dog will listen to it from the second and more times.

That's all. Now you know how to teach the dog to the team to lie down. The next stage of training is to get the team to perform at a distance and by gesture. But about this in the next article, at the moment there is no point in hammering this head. It is better to clearly perform the most necessary commands, achieving their performance with a single voice command.

When the dog will clearly perform the commands near the foot, you can teach her to work at a distance. . Please do not spray and work from simple to complex . So you gradually, but confidently will achieve the necessary results.

Be sure to check out the video below. As for me, this is the most sensible video about the team "lying".

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