How to teach a dog to "stand"?


the dog is standing

The command "stand" is not a waste of time. It can be useful at least on examination with a veterinarian or in the treatment of parasites. Therefore, be sure to read carefully how to teach the dog the command to "stand" in order to better control the dog and make life easier.

So, take a collar, leash, delicacy, and go to a place you already know. In the process of teaching other teams, you will teach the dog to stand.

About the order of training, the number of classes and the commands from which you should start reading in the article about training (link below in the text).

How to teach a puppy or a dog to "stand"?

In the process of training the teams "sit" and "lie" you will teach the animal to stand. For this:

  1. First, plant the dog strictly near the left foot, as if on the command "next". Do not let her spin and do anything except what you ordered her. ! That is, she must sit and not a step to the side !
  2. To the point.

    How to teach the dog to the team to lie down and what tricks will make it possible to achieve the command much faster?

    How to teach a dog to the team to sit so that it obeys the owner from one team and without repetition? The team learns quickly, but for a sustainable result you need to work.

    Then say "stand", take the dog under your stomach and put it in a standing position. The dog, at the same time, is between your left hand and your left foot. Remember that she should stand strictly near the left foot. ! Do not let her spin ! Simply take and place it strictly beside yourself in case of departure from the original position. In your actions there must be strictness and strict exactingness - this is the key to success! But to beat the animal does not make sense.
  3. When the dog stands nearby and does not move at least 3-4 seconds - praise it, while stroking the belly: "Stand, stand, well." You can give goodies, but just do not let the dog move! She should stand close and do not spin. , а лакомство дайте в следующий раз. If she moved to reach for the delicacy - immediately put it in place , and give a treat the next time.
  4. To the point.

    Training dogs implies a set of training for different teams. About the most necessary commands and the order of training in the material on the link.

    Give another command. For example, order to sit down, then lie down, sit down again, then get up, then lie down, and then get up again. . That is, hinder the team as a mess . The dog does not need to know which team will be next. From the position of lying, lift it just the same - under the belly. Say "stand" and immediately pick up the animal with your left hand under your stomach as written above. Here are the articles in the topic: the team lie and sit.
  5. , делайте паузы между каждой в 10-20 секунд. Do not part with the teams , pause between each in 10-20 seconds. Always always say the command only once! Do not get used to working with the 5th - 10th team.
  6. Be demanding and work with one team! . If the dog does not do this command, then you need to be stricter . Lifting it under the belly, do it as if stricter: give one distinct, strict command and then immediately raise to a standing position. Be careful, there is no point in inflicting a little pain on the dog! She just needs to feel your inflexibility.
  7. . When you work out the command "stand", be sure to do the restraint . But a little later, not at the first lesson. For endurance, put the dog in a standing position, and let it stand for a start so seconds 15-20. At this time, you can just pat her under the tummy and say: "Stand, stand, well", otherwise it can prematurely sit down. Then give another command and continue training as usual. For the strict execution of the team - praise, for the bad - put it in the standing position exactly near the left foot.
  8. Bring an excerpt (so that the dog does not move in standing position), at least up to 1 minute. . Better to 3-5 minutes . As soon as you see that the animal is going to sit down or move aside - immediately stroke under your stomach and say: "Stand, stand, well." But if the dog sits too often or immediately after the promotion, it is necessary to take it sharper, demanding to lift it under the stomach and put it strictly next to the left leg. , но иногда полезно подловить собаку, когда она хочет сесть, погладив ладонью под живот. Work harder , but sometimes it's useful to catch a dog when she wants to sit down, stroking the palm of her belly. That is, as if reminding the dog that you need to stand up and be encouraged for it.

. Conclusion . In fact, this team is very simple to perform. To understand everything in the text is much more difficult. Be sure that when you start working on this command, and then read the text on a new one - you will have a much clearer picture in your head. Work in the future will be much easier. Learn how to train, and feel your dog, to anticipate its actions. These animals are very cunning, but we humans are trickier.

Below you will find a more or less sensible video on the topic of training the "stand" team.

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