How to teach a dog to "sit"?


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Now we are talking about a simple team, the execution of which, however, requires certain knowledge. Therefore, read carefully how to teach a dog the command to "sit" , so that in the first lesson you can achieve the result.

The command "sit" is useful both in life and when working out other teams (for example, "next", excerpts, etc.). She will teach you the dog in training with other teams. At the next lesson, take what always: a treat, a collar and a leash. A strict collar will help in the development of this team, but if you cope with the usual, then there is no strict necessity.

Do not limit yourself to teaching one "sit" team, because training to other teams will allow you to better control the dog. Be sure to read the article on the link for a better understanding of the content of the article and how to properly teach the team to "sit" together with other teams in self-study.

How to teach a dog to sit on a team?

  1. Training for a treat . So, you are on a training ground or at home. To teach the team to "sit", practice it with other teams. That is, train the whole class only to sit, and the next lesson to the other team is a waste of time. In one lesson, you need to learn a number of commands at once.
  2. The dog should always be only at the left foot of the owner. Always correct it if it sits wrong. But do not make a big accent on this at first. It is better to "polish" the execution of the team a little later.
  3. Here is the dog lying at the left foot, the leash is in your hands and the result too. To plant an animal, take a treat in your hand, then bring it to the nose of the dog and slowly lift it up. Having seen a treat in the hands, which slowly rises, the dog will follow it. When the dog sits completely - feed her a treat, immediately pronouncing praise: "Sit, sit, well."
  4. If, while you were getting a treat, the dog got up or changed its position without a command - immediately put it in the position in which it had just been. , иначе пёс будет вставать с места всякий раз, как вы полезете за лакомством. That is, the delicacy should be given for the correctly executed command , otherwise the dog will get up from the place whenever you climb for a delicacy.
  5. After feeding the treats for the executed command, pause for 6-10 seconds and give another command, for example, "stand" . After a pause, give another command, etc. Interfere with the commands as you like, the main thing is that they go randomly, not in order.

    From the standing position to sit, it's also simple: say "sit" and bring a treat to the nose of the dog, then bring it over your head - this will cause the animal to look up at the delicacy and, eventually, sit down. Then immediately praise and give a little delicious.

  6. Delicacy let's not for every command executed, but in time. Otherwise, without entertainment, the beast will not work.
  7. After 4-5 repetitions of the team using a treat for shrinkage, it's time to stop offering a treat in exchange for the team to sit. Simply tell the team to "sit", and if the dog does it - then just give a treat. That is, do not entice her more food so that she sat down. If the pet is poorly performing this command without a treat, one should resort to more stringent methods. About them below.
  8. Light physical strength . It happens that it is easier to plant a dog by force, than to climb into a pocket for a delicacy. For example, to sit from the standing position, give the command "sit", then simultaneously press the left hand on the croup, and the right, make a jerk leash up and behind the back of the dog. It turns out that by pressing on the croup, you invite the dog to sit down, and the jerk of the leash, in turn, will serve as a hint of the need to take a sitting position. Be sure to give goodies and praise the pet.
  9. To sit the animal from the lying position, say the command "sit" and make an easy jerk leash up. Feeling the pressure of the dog sits down - it's time to praise and give dainties.

  10. Moderate physical strength . Does the dog constantly get up or change position? Or maybe he does not want to sit on the team, persisting and continuing to lie or stand? Then it's time to apply a strict jerk leash. Learn how to teach a dog to teams using a mechanical stimulus - it will come in handy when the dog refuses to work without a treat, or when he allows himself to get up from his place or change his position without the host's command.
  11. For example, the dog lay, after which you said "to sit" (once, no more), but she did not even think to fulfill your order even after the delicacy and easy pulling the leash up. Then, without repeating the command, make a strict jerk leash upwards. Is he lying all the same? . Then make a jerk even stricter . The cause of disobedience is a weak irritant - a jerk leash. Be stricter.
  12. If the dog refuses to sit down from the standing position despite all the tricks, without repeating the command, make a strict jerk leash up together with simultaneous pressure on the croup. This time your actions in general should be sharper, and the punishment is that the dog would rather sit than disobey.
  13. When the dog leaves the host without sitting in the sitting position, immediately return it to the sitting position near the foot with the help of the left hand and a jerk leash. If the animal departs increasingly without a command - be stricter more and more until you find a sufficiently strong leap for the team.

Never give a delicacy, but the dog sat down, if a moderate punishment was applied. You punished her with that intent, that next time, when you say the command "sit", she remembered that in case of non-fulfillment, she will be punished with a leash by a leash. But if he is weak, then the dog will most likely prefer not to execute the command.

Punish the leash every time the dog does not execute the command, and praise every time it performed the command without slowing down and with one team. Delicacy let's go through the times. Through classes 6, let's have a delicacy even less, replacing it with generous praise. . In general, if you see that the teams are performing sluggishly, to back up the performance of the team with delicacy is a wise decision .

Now you know how to train a dog to sit. Be sure to practice, in addition to the usual commands, an excerpt during training . Exposure plays a huge role for general obedience. By the way, see the short video below about this team.

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