How to teach a dog a command "voice"?


command voice

As you already understood, the command "voice" is not at all obligatory. I would even say that it is harmful. The fact is that if you teach to bark a dog on command, which has a very questionable benefit, then the dog may think that the owner encourages barking in general and will bark at trifles even more furiously. Is it possible.

In general, decide for yourself, I would not teach this nonsense. It is better to read about the most used commands for dogs - on the page you will find many necessary commands that are used throughout the life of the dog. Also, this animal needs rules, so learn how to raise a dog . Education - the ideal prevention of behavior problems.

How to teach a dog a voice command?

  1. When the dog bark at something say: "Voice, voice, good" and give goodies. Catch the dog several more times on the bark and repeat the procedure. After several repetitions, the dog will start to voice. Encourage him to be sure. You can read about the delicacy for dogs , to know what kind of delicacy the pet will respond better.
  2. Put a collar on the dog and fasten the leash to it. Step with your foot on the tip of the leash and hold a treat over the dog's head so that she can not reach it. Trying to get to the delicacy of the animal bark - be sure to praise at this moment and give goodies. Teach the dog every other day for a maximum of a week to get results.

. And it's better to forget about this nonsense - the command "voice" is never used in life . By the way, see the video below associated with this team.

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