How to teach a dog the command "fac"?

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the dog attacks the sleeve

Each owner who took the dog to the house not only to find a friend, but also a defender and a guard, worries about the anger and the need for further training in defense. If you want to know how to teach a dog a fache command and what it takes for her to become a first-class bodyguard, read the article to the end.

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How to train dogs for a beginner? To get the desired result, you must first learn how to properly teach the dog the simplest commands, with each lesson complicating the training.

So, how to teach your puppy or dog a command? Begin the development of malice, the cynologist will be at his discretion. Approximately, training begins in 5-9 months. You can at least 10 years - it's never too late to teach.

Without fulfilling the first point, dog training to the "fac" team (like the development of anger) is impossible.

  1. . General course of training . No sane trainer will take the dog's training to protect the owner without a general course. The dog should have endurance, she should know the commands, give, fu, sit, lie, next to me. If you did not teach the animal to these teams and generally did not do it well, forget about training for the defense. When a dog does not listen to its owner, should it be taught to protect it? This approach will only develop a dog uncontrolled anger, which will result in problems for others and the owner.
  2. . Paddock and food . The ability of a dog to protect is affected not so much by heredity, although it is important, how much exercise and proper nutrition. Active games, running or cycling with a dog next to the leash can significantly develop physical strength. Also, a huge role is played by food. Normal nutrition in combination with the activity will allow the dog to accumulate the necessary forces for equally active protection.
  3. . Close contact . The owner, to whom the dog has a strong sense of affection, will not only be able to achieve success in training and upbringing faster and easier, but will also experience her custody. Afraid to lose the loving owner who feeds her, regularly walks and plays, with which many positive and good things are connected, the dog will protect him with special zeal. Very often even without training for protection!

Is it possible to teach a dog the command "FAS" or anger itself?

No. , чем пришли бы на дрессировочную площадку к специалисту. Rather, it is possible, but you will spend 20 times more time and money than you would come to a training ground to a specialist for the necessary ammunition, training and searching for the necessary information (which is very versatile in the network). It is better to earn money and enroll in a course. Be sure that a few sessions will literally do wonders with your dog. Even the most cowardly individual in a moment will gain self-confidence and will walk all bursting with pride for himself after the first session.

The main thing - concentrate on obedience. Animal should obey you in an ideal. Of course, one should not forget about proper nutrition, exercise with physical exercise and, very importantly, the establishment of contact with the dog. In the end, by tradition, a funny video. Have you ever seen fight cats fighting? Then the video below is for you.

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