The secret of training. How to teach the dog commands as quickly as possible?


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How to teach a dog commands as quickly as possible, while doing it in moderation, without excesses? In fact, you just need to work properly, and there is no need to engage in excess of the norm. Now you will learn about such subtlety as the correct use of an irritant - negative reinforcement. Learn to use it - it will be much easier to achieve results in training and success in education.

Be sure that the correct application of the stimulus (in this case, negative reinforcement) will allow you to achieve the result as quickly as possible. каждого дрессировщика уходит на объяснение того, что нужно уметь применить раздражитель на собаке, не боясь сделать ей больно. Exactly 90% of the time of each trainer goes to the explanation that you need to be able to apply the stimulus on the dog, without fear of hurting her. Resisting to the last, people either learn to work correctly, or, offended, go away from the site of evil on the trainers. As a rule, the first ones leave a little later, as they get all the necessary knowledge for the control of the dog.

Without knowledge of the commands written below will seem new to the beginners intricate and incomprehensible. But this is only from an excess of information. For more information about a team, click on the links. There everything is written in much more detail.

How to teach a dog commands with the help of negative reinforcement?

Punishment is considered correct if applied to the place, has enough strength and is used not in a fit of emotion. . Training is not a beating . Much more owner should give the animal a positive attention.

So, below are a few teams in which the stimulus is applied in the form of punishment (jerk leash, slap palm, kick with a dash on the fifth point, etc.).

  1. The command "sit" . First you teach to sit with the help of a treat. But in the process of moving (and not only) it is easier to work as a leash. Give the command "sit", and then make an easy jerk leash in the direction upwards and on yourself together with pressure on the croup - this will give an incentive for the dog to sit down. As you can see, the stimulus (jerk leash) is weak, and if the dog did not execute the command after applying an easy jerk, then it is necessary to "pull" more strongly. Did not work? Then add some more power.
  2. The command is next . When the dog pulls the leash, and to teach to go next to the delicacy you are fatally tired, it will be useful jerk leash. When the dog pulls the leash and you along with it, give a strict command "next" (once, do not repeat any more) and make a strict leap leash to yourself. Again pulls? The fact is that you applied a weak stimulus. Pull stronger, and if not, it's even stronger. As soon as the dog is at least 3 seconds away - praise her in motion. With experience, you can teach any dog ​​to go near without pulling on the leash in 3-5 minutes (maximum).
  3. Exposure . Without negative reinforcement excerpt is unthinkable. For example, the dog lies on endurance and, suddenly, decided to run after the ruffled cat running about nearby. Immediately take the dog back to the place and, already in place, lay, making a rigorous leap leash down. If the dog runs off without end, then one of the reasons may be an insufficient stimulus. That is, the dog does not care what you "jiggle" there, it's better to run a lot.
  4. ? How to punish a dog for unwanted behavior ? For example, you disaccustom the puppy to take food from the floor. He only took another muck into his mouth, as you commanded a "fu" and slapped his hand over the rump ... but he still eats. Irritant (slap) is too weak. To the puppy perceived the punishment, it must be of sufficient strength. Do not overdo it with punishment, but remember that it must always be so strong that the animal stops unwanted behavior.

How to find the ideal stimulus?

To begin with, the stimulus should not be strong. Whether it's punishment for unwanted behavior or jerking leashes during training, you must first not punish severely, and if this effort is not enough, increase the force of punishment. Gradually increase the strength of the stimulus to find one that is not too weak to be ignored by the dog. But it should not be too strong, otherwise it will only hurt.

Learn to work correctly. Instead of spending a year on training, it is better to learn a dog in two months, only occasionally conducting classes to remind her how to properly obey the master. From how well you work, it depends how quickly the animal learns.

One negative reinforcement will not achieve anything. A dog owner should be associated with positive emotions. Paddock, a joint game, generous praise and giving dainties for obedience, as well as banal caress for "just so" contribute to establishing contact with the dog. , так как тесный контакт с хозяином не только способствует послушанию, но и стремлению собаки защитить хозяина – источник всего хорошего для неё. This is actual doubly for the owners of serious breeds , since close contact with the owner not only favors obedience, but also the dog's desire to protect the owner - the source of all the good for her.

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