How to develop an excerpt from a dog? The most important team in training.



Why endurance and how to teach the dog to restrain so that she obediently waits on the spot until she hears the owner's team? Many consider the endurance for the dog useless, but for yourself - a waste of time. But this is far from the case.

First of all, excerpt will allow the owner to better control his pet. By developing endurance, you learn to control animals, and this will have a positive effect on obedience in general. By and large, if the dog does not have exposure, then, consider, you did not practice training.

How to teach a dog an excerpt. What is the essence of training?

Endurance should be given already when the puppy is 3-4 months old. Training will take place during training to other teams, so take the collar, leash, delicacy and go to the place where you usually practice.

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Training of dogs begins with the simplest. Be sure to read the article on the link, so that the text below was more understandable to you.

. Exposure is practiced in three positions of the dog: sitting, lying and standing . First, work out the holding time, then move on to another position. Also, at first the dog will be on endurance near the owner's foot, and then you should increase the distance from the dog reaching up to 100+ meters!

During aging, the dog should be as long as you like (max 30 min.) Exactly in the position, in which the owner ordered it. She should not leave her seat until the owner orders, so the trainer needs to monitor this.

  1. . When the dog is strictly beside the left foot, just put it on the command "lie" and let it stay in this position for 10-15 seconds . Then immediately praise her, bending over and saying: "Lie, lie, well." Immediately after such a short exposure, continue training by teaching other teams.
  2. , а затем сразу похвалите собаку за послушание. After giving a few commands that the dog has performed, put it and again make an excerpt of seconds to 15 , and then immediately praise the dog for obedience. That is, repeat the first step, giving a little excerpt.
  3. . Again, give a few ordinary commands and then hold the position in the position for 30 seconds . Praise if the animal has been quiet for the allotted time.
  4. . Already on the first working out this team, get the dog to lie near your foot and not go anywhere for 1 minute . That will be enough for a start.
  5. In the following sessions, mixed with other teams, you will work out the excerpt in other positions. . Do this: give the usual commands (without exposure) slowly, pausing between each command in 10-15 seconds . в положении сидя. For example, give the usual 3-4 commands (sit, lie, stand), and then make an exposure of 30-45 seconds in the sitting position. That is, the dog should sit near the left leg, while not changing the position and not breaking down from the place. Be sure to praise for the correct execution of the team.
  6. The principle of execution is simple: say "sit" and make sure that the dog sits the allotted time. . Hold in the sitting position for 1 minute . . Do not get hung up on one team, be sure to hold the position in a lying position, too, having achieved obedience in 1-2 minutes . Do not rush, the main thing is to get the dog to execute the team correctly, and then increase the holding time and distance to the dog.
  7. Exercise in sitting and lying position 2-3 sessions, interfering with other teams. It does not matter in what order you work, the main thing is that the dog clearly obeys your orders.
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    How to teach a dog to sit in just one session? If you try, it's faster.

    How to teach a dog to the team to lie as quickly as to sit? To lay down dogs much more willingly than to stand or sit down :)

    How to teach a dog to stand to get up from any position? This command is given more difficultly, but it is useful for general obedience.

    After several classes, and can, and earlier, teach the dog to stand in standing position. When the dog is near the left leg, give the command "stand". Did not do it? Then immediately put in a standing position without additional commands. и тут же похвалите, обязательно поглаживая под живот: «Стоять, стоять, хорошо». Get the pet standing for 8-10 seconds and then praise, always stroking the belly: "Stand, stand, well." But do not praise too much and stormy. It is better to encourage a calm, slightly stern voice, otherwise feeling the positive attitude of the owner, the dog can change the position or break from the spot.
  9. . Obtain endurance in standing position for 20-30 seconds . Also, 1-2 times during this time you can pet the dog under your stomach, thus, as if hinting to her about the need to stand. At the same time, when stroking the belly, say several times "stand".
  10. When you practice exposure in standing position, as in any other position, stand flat, that is, do not bend over the dog. Straighten, and keep your back straight. Accustom yourself to work correctly.
  11. за последующие несколько занятий. Standing time up to 30 seconds - 1 minute for the next few sessions. Let the dog costs less, but it is very important that she stood without unnecessary movements. When you start working, you simply can not believe yourself how easy everything is! The owner is working correctly - his dog is working correctly. A little knowledge and practice - that's what a beginner dog needs.

Goals. At the moment, your goal in subsequent classes is to achieve:

  1. Exposure in the lying position and sitting near the left leg for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Exposure standing near the left foot for 1-2 minutes.

Very cool, if the dog can stand without unnecessary actions near the owner's foot so much time. It seems that this is not so much, but this is a very significant result for further training and an active increase in the exposure time and distance. By the way, for training exposure you may need a strict collar . With it, you can make a more sensitive jerk leash. Be sure to use it if the dog is not sensitive to the usual collar.

What should I do if the dog breaks down?

Without this, nothing at all.

  1. . Sitting . If the dog breaks from a place in a sitting position, then immediately, without additional commands, by a severe jerk of the leash, seat it in place. Again after a while or immediately broke? Then seat an even more severe jerk of the leash. Again broke? Then the jerk of the leash is not strong enough, and you need to pull harder. The dog must feel that he will be punished for disobedience. If the punishment is too weak, is it worth expecting that she will choose to obey you? . Do not be shy, be stricter and more insistent .

    If the dog in the sitting position is down, then you must immediately make a leap leash upward, bringing the dog into a sitting position. Be stricter and find a leap with a leash of such force that would be strict enough for the dog to perform the command.

  2. . Lying down . If the dog stood up when he was on the maturation of the lying, then you need to rig down the leash to the place from which she stood up. Again decided to get up or sit down? Then make a leap with a leash down even harder. Remember that it is the weak jerk leash that causes disobedience.
  3. . Standing . If the dog decided to leave you when standing next to the restraint, then you need to pull it to your leash and, holding it under your stomach, put it near your left leg. Do not make unnecessary movements, just control the dog with your hands and leash and do not go off at all. Dog again decided to leave? Then, as an exception, you need to repeatedly say "stand" and with a sharp movement of the hand push the dog to the left leg.

животному такими действиями, просто следует показать, что вы настоите на своём, чего бы то ни стоило. There's no point in doing anything a little sick to the animal with such actions, you just have to show that you are infectious on your own, whatever it costs. Punish here is difficult, so the strict voice intonation and persevering, demanding movements will show the dog what the owner wants. If the dog is lying down or sitting down while standing, then say in a rude, stern voice: "Stand" and then immediately lift it under the belly with a sharp, persistent movement.

Increase the exposure time in the future, you will be working out the team at a distance. At the moment you have something to do, so about how to practice endurance not near the foot, and at a distance - we'll talk in the next article. Here it did not write, because the article threatened to turn into a canvas of text that no one will read.

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