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Training of dogs. How to train a dog and where to start classes? Where should you start to train the dog? Which teams in priority and in what order should they be taught by the pet. The article will help the novice dog-dog understand how to get obedience from his dog in any conditions. How to teach the dog commands as quickly as possible? Beginners spend not one month to achieve from the dog at least some results. Do you want to shorten the training period as much as possible? Follow the link to find out what trick will help you in the process of training and education?
Which commands for dogs are the most necessary? All the commands of the general course are very important in the process of training. If you do not want to teach all the teams, then you need, at least, to train the most-necessary teams. Which ones, how to teach them and how much further in the article. How to train a dog or a puppy? Endurance is the basis of training. If there was no endurance, consider that there was no training. In addition to teaching ordinary teams, be sure to introduce an excerpt, which will positively affect the obedience of the pet as a whole.
How to choose a treat for dog training? Delicacy is of great importance for the successful dog training. On how much the proposed treat will please the dog, depends on how well it will perform the team. About the choice of a suitable treat in the article. How to use a strict collar for training dogs? Do not think that a strict collar is dangerous and harmful to the dog. In skillful hands, he can significantly facilitate the process of training and education, while saving a lot of time. An ancient invention will never lose its relevance.
How to teach a dog to the team "to me." One of the most necessary commands in training is the command "to me". Her dog will hear more often than others, and obey her in all circumstances. This will have to work a lot, but the result is worth it. How to teach a dog to "sit"? The "sit" command is one of the easiest teams to learn a dog. Her animal is trained very quickly, but it takes time to fasten the skill. A little dainty and strict, and you will teach the beast to sit by order.
How to teach a dog to the team "lie"? The command to "lie down" is not used often, but it is necessary to teach her a pet, moreover, the dog is taught it simply enough. Having fulfilled this command, the beast will execute it even after long time after the termination of trainings. How to teach a dog to "stand"? The command "stand" is used, oddly enough, more often than "lying." Teach her a dog is not so easy, and you will have to spend time on persistent training. As a result, the dog learns the command and improves his general obedience.
How to teach a dog the team "next"? It is difficult to imagine a dog walking without knowing the team "next". Of course, the dog should not walk on a leash, but with the ability to run in the fresh air, but to go on a leash it should be strictly near the left foot. Movement on the command "next" without a lead. After training, go alongside on a leash, you can teach the dog to go near without a leash. In addition, learning to walk near a leg without a leash will have a positive effect on obedience in general. Remember that traffic without a leash can be prohibited by law.
How to teach a dog the command "give"? You may think that it is a waste of time to teach a dog to give things or objects on a master's order. This team is easy to learn, and especially useful to those people who are going to prepare a dog for the protection of the owner. How to train a dog team "aport"? Teach a dog team "aport" is very useful, first of all, for active walking. Any dog ​​will not trade the game with the owner even for the most delicious treat. Especially important is the physical activity of the owners, whose dogs are created to protect.
How to accustom a dog or a puppy to a place? A puppy or a dog should have a place in the house where they will not interfere with it. How and where to arrange a dog's den, and also how to teach it to its place? From the material you will learn everything about accustoming to the place in the shortest possible time. An excerpt before eating is a step towards establishing leadership. In itself, self-control is not capable of making you a leader in the eyes of a dog. But, with the help of other methods, it is able to contribute to the upbringing process. It takes a little time to work on this team.
How to make a dog angry? How to develop anger? It is not difficult to develop anger. Even the most cowardly dog ​​will protect his master and family. The owner will require persistent training and, most importantly, a good, warm attitude to the dog. Close contact is very necessary. How to teach a dog the command "fac"? Any dog ​​that is designed to protect the owner and his family can be trained to attack an intruder at the command of "fas". To teach yourself to attack someone else's will not work, but with the help of a cynologist - for a couple of classes.
How to train a dog to catch the team? The "catch" team is not mandatory, moreover, training it can be a somewhat dangerous undertaking. If an attacker throws meat with a poison inside - the dog catches and eats it. Therefore, it is necessary to teach cautiously. How to teach a dog a command "voice"? It is not at all difficult to teach an animal to bark after the command "voice". True, if you do not control the barking of a dog, it will bark for a reason and without. It is better to learn more important commands, although you can teach this.
From what age and when to start to train the puppy? At what age should the puppy be trained? There are a thousand reasons for this, but it's never too late to start classes. In the article you will learn the correct age of the training and get links to the necessary material.

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