What breeds of dogs are the most intelligent in the world? Top 10 most intelligent breeds of dogs.

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the cleverest breed of dogs

Do you know which is the cleverest breed of dog? If you want yourself such a "smartie" - I advise you to think carefully before choosing the breed you like, in a choice guided only by its intelligence.

The intelligence of a dog, like human intelligence, manifests itself in various forms. , который вкладывает в животное личное время и усилия. The best qualities of the breed can be developed only with the participation of the owner , who invests in the animal personal time and effort. That is, the most intelligent dog in the world will be the one who deals with the dog a lot and spends a lot of time with it. Of course, in order to help the dog successfully develop in the case for which it was bred, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the breed.

If the breed was bred, for example, for hunting or grazing herds, then it must be fast, active, have the desire to work, act, and strive to please the owner. It is believed that the average beginner dog breeder will be easier to train these breeds. At the same time, the training and training of dogs intended for the protection of livestock, territory, and the protection of the host may seem to the newcomer a more complex process.

, многие люди называют этих собак самыми умными. While some breeds are deservedly considered more flexible in training , many people call these dogs the smartest. However, each trainer agrees that any breed can be taught basic commands, even if representatives of certain breeds require more time to master the master's orders.

Keep in mind that even the most intelligent breeds of dogs will not be obedient "on their own". Also, a high or low level of learning does not mean at all that you will have a good or bad home pet, obedient, or naughty.

Your task as a master is to educate and train the dog on the basis of what it was brought to. If you do not already have a dog, then think about why you are taking the animal.

Rating TOP - the 10 most intelligent breeds of dogs!

A little lower you will see what the most intelligent dogs were on the list of intellectually gifted creatures. Surely you met such a rating on other sites, but on your own I found it necessary to add some useful information for future dog breeders, well, or just interested in people.

собаки. In one famous foreign bestseller, entitled "The Intelligence of Dogs", the neuropsychologist Stanley Koren judges the level of intelligence in the degree of dog training .

As a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, Stanley sent questionnaires to more than 200 professional dog trainers in which he asked for estimates of 110 breeds. Assessments were awarded for tests based on the level of work / obedience of the animal.

The first dogs on the list learn commands faster than for 5 repetitions, and obey the trainer in 95% of the cases out of 100%.

1. Border collie .

beautiful border collie

Which breed of dogs is the most intelligent? Border collie is the most intelligent breed of dogs in the world. These real workaholics are known to everyone as unsurpassed shepherds. Very intelligent and workable dogs. Their shepherd instinct is so powerful that a border collie can begin to graze family members and even domestic animals.

2. Poodle .

two multi-colored poodle

Exceptionally intelligent and active breed. Many will be surprised by the fact that they were previously used for hunting. Since the poodle is an excellent swimmer, his ability to swim more than once helped the hunters get out of the water the game they shot. Now the breed performs purely decorative role, and does not participate in the hunt. At least, not all poodle varieties are suitable for it.

But that-poodles are very good in hunting ... truffles. Do you know how much a kilogram of this rare delicacy is worth? About 4000 thousand euros! Alas, this delicacy does not grow everywhere, otherwise a person with a dog looking for truffles could be seen no less often than those enthusiasts who are tortured by shurudas along the beaches in search of valuable metals.

3. German Shepherd .

beautiful german shepherd dog

I met people who do not like dogs, but I did not meet those who did not like the German shepherd. In the mind of the average person it is the personification of canine intelligence and cunning.

Do you think it will be easier to train a newcomer? In part, this is true, but do not forget that the dog will use his brain activity not only to try to remember the commands of the host. Not getting enough stimulus, or losing interest, she will try to do everything possible to not fulfill the order of the owner, but to stay in the win or, at least, not to be punished! . In this regard, the German shepherd is a champion of cunning .

German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds. It is used more often by the police, the army, often as a shepherd, and more often it can be seen as a member of the family, a devoted and brave defender.

4. Golden retriever.

handsome golden retriever

These dogs are real intellectuals who will do their best to make you like. Initially, these friendly creatures were withdrawn to help the hunters, but they perfectly perform the role of guide, helping blind people. Also, their wonderful scent is used in search and rescue operations.

5. Doberman .

two beautiful dobermanns

Doberman was bred in order to protect his master, but he was often "invited" to work in the army and police. The breed is known for its endurance and speed, but also for its willfulness. Dobermann has his own point of view, and, for example, if you manage to get bored with his commands during the next training session, then he can just go ... home. There is such an interesting behavior in dogs of all breeds, but dobermanns like to be foolish.

This does not mean that this beautiful beast will turn your life into a nightmare and constant excitement. A little more control, attention, time for education, and the Doberman will become a great pet, not forgetting to do what he was brought to.

6. Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog).

Sheltie with a ball in the teeth

Sheltie is a miniature working Collie, bred for grazing herds. Actually, this is the only job she performs perfectly. Rather, it did, because it was no longer used for this purpose, but found another thing, in which it is simply unsurpassed.

Sheltie - incredibly beautiful, and one look at their fur will cause children's delight, even the most cruel haters of animals. It is not necessary for every person to save a herd, but a cheerful friend, companion and "irrepressible flatterer", who is so easy to teach not only necessary but also funny tricks, will be appropriate in any active family.

7. Labrador Retriever .

two beautiful labrador retrievers

Ideal breed for a family with children, active people who love sports, and just for everyone who loves beautiful dogs. Incredibly friendly, gentle and intelligent. In fact, they will be affectionate towards other people, but Labradors have never been required to be vicious about other people, rather, the presence of malice is a vice in the breed.

For the praise of the owner, any dog ​​will do much, and the Labrador Retriever perfectly knows the ways to the heart of man. Otherwise, how else to explain the incredible popularity of this animal?

8. The Papillon.


A cheerful breed, capable of informing the owner about important events from its point of view that take place in the yard, or outside the door of your apartment. Of course, all dogs warn the owner about something important, for example, about the guests who came to you, but the papillions are "real mini-bells." By the way, their growth does not exceed 30 cm.

9. Rottweiler .

Rottweiler with a comb on his head

Very powerful dog, with a strong physique. Well suited for the role of a police dog, a shepherd of a herd, a service dog, a devoted companion and, interestingly, a therapist.

Rottweilers simply train, but they need a demanding and strong owner who can achieve what he wants using not only his own persistence of character, but also a treat if it is appropriate.

10. Australian shepherd's dog.

Australian Shepherd Dog on the Chair

The breed is distinguished by very sensitive shepherds' instincts, and will be happy if you give it a job. Since you do not need to herd the herd, the dog of this breed will participate with pleasure in various competitions, or simply with pleasure will execute the master's teams.

Clever dogs are the best pets?

You may think that a clever dog will do what you want? This is not quite true. . Smart dog - does not mean simple in education . The same Doberman, German Shepherd or Rottweiler puppy will taste those things that he can get to if you leave him alone at home without thinking about what to do with curious teeth.

While an English bulldog (literally) only 8 hours after your departure will find out that he is alone at home, and store bones bought by a caring owner will remain without a single mark of teeth on them.

The border collie is bred to work day after day, so if she is deprived of the opportunity to act or does not take something, she will feel unhappy. , правда, понравится ли оно хозяину, это уже другой вопрос. She will certainly find herself another cause , though, if she likes the master, that's another question.

Being the master of an intelligent dog, it's like being the parent of a gifted child - he will always get somewhere, if he's bored. Stanley Koren says that his home beagle, who scored very few balls in the ranking, was happy with nine children, Koren's grandchildren, who never gave a resting dog for a second, constantly carrying it with them.

Before choosing a breed of dog, you should compare the amount of energy you have with the energy reserves of the breed you want to take. Do you consider those people who can give the dog several hours a day? How long are you willing to invest in training an animal? After all, the more energetic the dog, the more it is necessary to deal with it!

When people think they want a smart dog - they think that it will be easier in all respects. They are very mistaken. . No intelligent breeds are needed, they need to be more careful, and give enough time to the dog . It's better just to choose the breed in advance so that it matches your interests.

Can you teach the "stupid breed" to the teams?

Any dog, as you well know, can be taught to the teams. Silly dogs really do not exist, there are stupid hosts. But, nevertheless, some breeds require much more patience, they need to look for an approach in training, trying to find a suitable motivation for the team.

As mentioned above, simple teams can train any dog. "Sitting", "lying", "standing", "place", "endurance", "to me", "next" - these commands will be known to every dog ​​whose master seriously took up training. Let and the time for their fastening will need a little more, and in order for the dog to follow the orders of the master, she will have to conduct training sessions more often.

For example, when training a pug, English bulldog or Pekingese, one will not only have to be more persevering, patient and, in sum, to conduct more classes, but also to "remind" that there are such and such teams more often.

That is, a pug that the owner has faithfully trained up to a year and a half, most likely a month later will forget the commands that he hears from his owner only on the training platform. While a one-year-old German shepherd, equally conscientiously trained, even a year after the last training will remember the commands of the general course. Still, it's better not to make such a huge gap. From time to time, deal with the dog.

Below you will see a list of "the most stupid" dogs. That is, such animals, to which it is not easy to find an approach in training.

This does not mean that the owners of these breeds will have to constantly teach the dog to walk nearby, approach "to me", explain where their place is. Since with these commands the dog faces daily, he will listen to them amazingly, from the first time, of course, if you try.

1. Shih Tzu.

2. Basset Hound.

3. Mastiff / Beagle .

4. Pekingese .

5. Bloodhound.

6. Greyhound.

7. The Chow .

8. The Bulldog.

9. Basenji.

10. Afghan hound (the least trained).

Remember that with proper, consistent training, you can grow a docile dog of any breed. Over time, in the process of communication, you will better understand your dog, will know how to find an approach to it, make it so that she wants to execute the team. And the more experienced you become, the smarter your dog becomes.

Below, see a cool video, which is a vivid proof of the dog's mind and cunning.

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