Breeds of the most popular dogs in the world with photos.

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different breeds of dogs

What do you think, what breeds of dogs are the most popular in our region, whom are people willingly taking in their families and why? This article is about the most popular breeds of dogs in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the countries of the near abroad, which you will certainly learn, hardly hearing the first letters of the name of the breed or even the edge of your eye seeing part of the photo with their image. Let the rating and does not pretend to be 100% accurate, as for each country the list may vary a little, but it will demonstrate the most exact, from the author's point of view, demand for rocks.

Why are some breeds more popular than others, what is this popularity deserved and why, in the course of time, the previously claimed breeds go to the background? There can be many reasons for this, and for each particular breed the cause will be different. Sometimes, the popularity is influenced by a fickle fashion, as in the case of decorative dogs, sometimes - the emergence of a new breed, as a result of the replacement of the old one. The latter is relevant for official and hunting breeds, which are replaced by more capable brethren. The well-being of citizens of the country influences popularity. So, in Russia they buy more small breeds, while in America preference is given to large breeds, the content of which is much more expensive.

So, enough to rant. Let's look at the top of the popular breeds and try to figure out why they are so appreciated and loved by these dogs? If you have experience with at least one of the listed breeds, be sure to write your emotions in the comments of the article's post.

The most popular breeds of dogs with a photo.

. 15. Labrador Retriever .

two labrador retriever puppies

The most popular breed in America, Labrador Retriever is a vigorous, cheerful, affectionate and friendly dog, capable of falling in love with the heart of any person whom he meets. Initially, the breed was bred to serve a man: Labradors are still used as a dogfriendly dog ​​on the hunt, train to accompany blind people, call for rescue operations, where these brave men pull people out of the water, and also teach therapeutic activities, that is, they teach to provide moral support to people in need. Despite its versatile activities, most often the Labrador is taken as a member of the family, with its magnificent look of pleasing master's eye. Of course, the appearance will be happy only if the dog is courted.

Labrador has an obedient, complaisant character, in the essence of which lies a desperate desire to provoke his master's approval by his actions, to please him in every possible way. Complaisant nature, as well as the fact that the Labrador was in the rating of the most intelligent breeds of dogs, taking first place, speaks of the ease of training this intellectual. Being a very reliable creature, the shops will be a wonderful choice for families with children and will become another favorite animal in the family with other animals, and they will live with both dogs and cats. Also, the breed will have to by the way hunters and fishermen, it will be an excellent companion for people who like to travel, go jogging, cycling, and just for active people.

Since the dog is prone to obesity, the physical form of the breed should be maintained in order, regularly walking the dog, giving it much-needed physical activity. Be sure, the Labrador will never miss the opportunity to play and frolic, so it will not be superfluous, as with any other dog, to play with the puppy as much as possible in childhood. Of course, no one is going to take such pleasure from an adult dog! Even the 10 - year - old dog, with whom the host plays and plays a lot, will frolic like a 10 - month - old puppy.

. 14. English Bulldog .

English bulldog

The appearance of the bulldog can be somewhat intimidating, although in reality it is the kindest creatures: the breed is friendly not only with members of its pack, but even by strangers who first came to visit you. Despite this, the bulldog always warns loud barking about the approach of the enemy, who is unlikely to risk resisting a dog whose strength and courage is enough to engage in a fight with a bull. Bullfighting and hunting for large animals, in fact, were the main activity of the breed since its appearance in the 13th century. A bloody spectacle called "baiting" was banned in England from 1835, and therefore the breed was on the verge of extinction. However, like all other breeds, the English bulldog was rescued by enthusiasts who were able to "erase" the dog's past from the dog's genes and turn the dog into an excellent home companion.

The English Bulldog never gives up the opportunity to take on the role of the leader of the pack, he is also stubborn, persistent, resolute and will never give up just like that. Consequently, for the successful education of the dog will need to show similar character traits and remarkable patience. But the bulldog - a reliable dog, neat and discreet with children, and above all other canine joys of appreciating communication with their masters. It is constant contact with the owner that can make the breed happy. Young bulldogs would not be disturbed by physical activity, since young individuals are very active, but with age they will prefer an extra burden to a comfortable bed.

By the way, in America the breed is included in the top 10 most popular breeds, and ranks 5th in the ranking.

. 13. Rottweiler .

beautiful Rottweiler smiling

Interesting articles.

Dogs of small breeds are capable of loving no less than the largest dogs, although the body size of some individuals allows them to comfortably accommodate on the master's palm.

Soldiers in time immemorial have been a very popular bloody entertainment, which gives pleasure only to mentally underdeveloped people.

The most beautiful dogs in the world - which breeds enjoy greater love among people? Admire the real handsome and beautiful.

Probably, the breed originated from the Italian mastiff, who at one time defended the herds of cattle, which, for understandable reasons, were needed by the Romans during the invasion of Europe for food. In the Middle Ages, Italian mastiffs continued to be used as shepherds and, of course, as excellent guards. In addition, the dogs of this breed were engaged in delivering messages, dragging cargo and working for law enforcement agencies. Derived in the German town of Rottweiler in Württemberg, the breed practically died out in the 1800s, but it began to revive by the enthusiastic breed of breeders only at the beginning of the 20th century in the center of Stuttgart. Now the breed is one of the most popular among people, counting on the protection of their family and home.

Rottweiler is a powerful, calm, brave, well-trained dog devoted to its owner and his family. Balanced and very distrustful of outsiders, the Rottweiler will, without the slightest hesitation, defend the master. But without a self-confident, strong spirit of the owner, able to take control of this beast, without proper upbringing, the dog will become dangerous both for strangers and for family members. Interestingly, Rottweilers grow slowly enough at an early age, which causes the owners to suspect animal health, and a 7-month-old puppy can look like a 4-month old German Shepherd puppy. All in good time, every puppy will reach the sizes that his parents had.

Why did the Rottweiler become popular? Strength, it is in it lies the reason for the popularity of the dog. It is said that the owner of the strongest jaws among the canine is the Rottweiler. Of course, many dog ​​breeders like the serious appearance of the dog, which in their hands can become a nice, playful kitten ready to tear the enemy like a field mouse.

. 12. The Chow .

English bulldog

Perhaps theories of the origin of the universe exist far less than the versions as to where this breed originated. According to one version, the Chow Chow originated in Siberia more than 2000 years ago, from where it migrated to Mongolia and China. Some believe that the breed is a cross between a Tibetan mastiff and a samoyed, while others believe that it is the Samoyed that derives from the Chow Chow. Some believe that the Chow Chow has common roots with Sharpei, since traces of both breeds lead to China, and both dogs have a blue-violet tongue.

Whatever it was, the breed was a valuable working dog and companion. In Asia, for several millennia, the Chow Chow helped people transport carts, harnesses, guarded the owners' houses, helped in the hunt for sable, pheasant, was used in reindeer breeding and joined the wolves without fear. In the west the breed appeared in the 19th century thanks to the English merchants and, in the beginning, was called as "Chinese wild dog". After the members of the royal family of Queen Victoria took a great interest in this breed, it quickly gained popularity.

As people like to say in China: "Chow-chow is not only valuable fur, but several tens of kilograms of nutritious meat." They say it is true or not - it's not so important, but the fact that the dishes from this breed are considered for exquisite delicacy, and fur is used for making clothes - it's true. At us chow-chow are popular exclusively as pets. The breed will perfectly coexist in a small apartment, and since the chow are lazy enough, they are unlikely to be pleased to learn that you are going to take them for a morning run: the dog will have enough short-time walking with the ability to run a little. Also, these animals are tolerant of children, get along well with other animals, but always require a strong person above themselves.

Dogs seem somewhat larger than they really are, because of the abundant, thick coat, which requires constant care.

. 11. Sharpay .

a bunch of cute shar pei puppies

The true pedigree of the breed remains a mystery. The images found on clay ware and clay figurines on the repositories suggest that the breed existed as far back as 206 BC. According to one of the theories, shar pei is a descendant of smooth-haired chow-chow, and the main evidence of their relationship, this existence at the same time, similarities in addition and appearance, and only in these two dog breeds, the tongue has blue-violet pigmentation. According to another theory, the breed comes from ancient mastiffs.

Funny look and cute skladochki on the body sharpeya have gained popularity among modern dog breeders, although the breed itself in 1978 was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest at that time. By the way, the folds on the animal's body serve not to cause trembling feelings in people, but to protect the body in battle. About the fighting past says the spiny wool covering these very folds (which the opponent is uncomfortable and inconvenient to hold his mouth), as well as powerful jaws and fervent temperament. By the way, Shar pei used to be used in hunting before, for grazing cattle, guarding flocks and for protecting host families and houses.

Practically wiped off the face of the earth in 1940, shar pei is now one of the most popular breeds of dogs, whose main purpose today is to please the owners, and sometimes to get up from their seats or a master's couch to scuff the incoming guests. Since the dog was created to hunt and fight, its ancient instincts sometimes come out, and therefore for the education of shar pei it is required to show perseverance and strength of character.

. 10. The Boxer .

dog boxer - boy

The boxer was bred in Germany in the 19th century. The ancestors of the boxer were an English bulldog and a German mastiff, although it is difficult to imagine how breeders managed to tie dogs. Whatever it was, as a result of the labors of the breeders, it was possible to get a powerful dog that was used in dog fights, bullying bulls, dragging cargo, hunting wild boar and wild bison, and some individuals also participated in the circus. Decades later, American soldiers used boxers during the fighting, and then the breed gained popularity in the US, but the peak of its fame seems to be that they have been experiencing this country for at least the last 10 years, ranking 7th in the popularity ratings.

Do you know what the breed deserves its name for? It may seem that the dog was called a boxer due to his impressive strength, endurance and agility, but although the listed qualities correctly characterize the dog, the boxer is named for several other reasons. When a dog of this breed starts a fight with an opponent, it becomes on its hind legs and beats it with its front paws - from the side it is remotely similar to boxing. Some just joke that the muzzle of the breed is similar to the face of the boxer after the battle, and therefore was so named. Anyway, nowadays boxers are often used for protection, abroad they have found use as a police and war dog, they are used in search and rescue operations, and easy training allows the breed to compete with other breeds in various sports competitions.

However, most often the boxer can be seen not in the service, but in the families of ordinary residents as members of the family. Externally, the dogs look stern, but it's only appearance - inside lies a sweet, good-natured, very playful and mischievous dog. With the psyche of boxers, everything is in order: they get along well with children and do not have anything against pets. In general, it can be said that the boxer is the best breed of dogs for older children (from 8-10 years old) whose parents want in the future to count on guarding the child with a dog. You can get a breed and families with young children, but then you can not count on the child's participation in the upbringing process.

I can not help saying that:

Even if you take a dog for your child, the process of education and training can not be completely dropped on his shoulders. You have to extract the necessary information about education, training, solving emerging problems in behavior and so on, so as not to lose sight of anything.

. 9. Pekingese .

beautiful puppy of Pekingese

If before Pekingese ran around the spacious chambers of kings and queens, and only a few (only very rich people) could prowl it to themselves, nowadays the breed finds houses in millions of families. Pekingese has become a very popular breed, and, due to its prevalence, is also one of the most inexpensive in terms of cost. If you personally did not encounter this creature, you will hardly understand why he gained such fame and love. However, the charm of Pekingese is more than enough to cause warm feelings in the soul and melt the ice in the heart of even those who are indifferent to dogs.

Pekingese's high opinion of himself, but despite the level of self-esteem, these tender and sensitive creatures require a lot of attention, without which they become a little ... irritable. Also they are jealous enough and always used to compete for attention. Compete Pekingese will be with other dogs, allowed themselves to offend their vulnerable feelings, and the size of the opponent is of little interest to our brave lion. This means only that the dog's ambitions must be controlled by the master.

Let in the distant past the breed luxuriated in the luxurious royal palaces of unimaginable size, nowadays they are more than comfortable in small apartments. Not demanding for the duration of the walking, the Pekingese will be satisfied with small walks with the opportunity to run a little and play, and when you come home from work, you will most likely see the dog exactly at the place of the sofa where you saw it in the morning leaving home. In general, the breed is perfect for residents of apartments.

. 8. The Pomeranian Pomeranian .

puppies of beautiful Pomeranian Spitz

Earlier, the breed was much larger in size and used as a shepherd shepherd, but the fashion required new victims and the dog was "miniaturized." World popularity on the breed contributed to such famous personalities as Marie Antoinette, Emile Zola, Mozart and (especially) Queen Victoria. Due to its small size, excellent temperament and, of course, arranged PR, Pomeranian Spitz became one of the most popular breeds of dogs, exactly before the advent of Pekingese. Today, the famous puppy named "Bu" created a special popularity for the breed with its pretty appearance.

Being a very popular breed, the Pomeranian Spitz is also an expensive breed of dogs: they are ready to pay $ 700 to $ 5000 for a puppy. What do dog owners get in return? According to the owners of the breed, the pomeranian is a friendly, playful, easily trained dog that has a deep sense of affection for the owner and his family, but is incredulous to outsiders who will be informed about his approaching barking barking. At the same time, the Pomeranian Pomeran is a rather stubborn and self-willed beast, inclined to dominate the weakly characteristic master. In the upbringing of the animal you need to be strict, especially when it comes to barking - the oranges are great lovers of barking, and this "hobby" will have to be controlled.

The Pomeranian Spitz is also one of the smallest breeds: the dog grows to 22 cm with weight up to 3.5 kg, and the bitch grows up to 20 cm, with a weight of up to 2.5 kg. The dog compensates for its small size with a fearless character, and it is better for the owner to look at both, since the beast will not be afraid to learn to relate to a dog ten times its size.

. 7. Jack scattered the terrier .

puppies jack russell terrier running after the ball

Let small dog sizes do not mislead you. Russell Terrier was bred to hunt for a fox, which the dog tried to drive out of a cozy hole, and if possible and enter into battle with her. The fuse, fury and aggression of this animal is more than enough to defeat a superior opponent. In Britain, by the way, this terrier hunts not only the fox, but also the hare and even the badger, who is under protection in this country, and therefore the caught animal is necessarily released. Also, Russell is known as an unsurpassed rodent trapper. For example, a record dog in the field of destroying pests is considered to be a dog by the click of the Vampire, who tore in 1977 in just one year about a ton of rats! This despite the fact that the weight of the breed does not exceed 8 kg, and the height of 30 cm.

Generally, the breed is just a natural hunter. Russell knows how to bring a fired wild and wild game to the owner, without hesitation, rushes into the water to drag a duck, will track a roe deer or a rabbit, taking on the role of a hound, will help in hunting on the trail of an elk, and even with a wild boar. Due to its amazing and versatile development of hunting qualities, Jack Russell Terrier quickly gained popularity among hunters. However, the active, tireless and explosive nature of the rift, which is an inexhaustible source of energy, attracted people far from hunting, but managed to discern in it an excellent companion for the family.

Cheerful, faithful and obliging with the owner, Jack Russell is good at training, although sometimes he can show obstinacy. For successful training and education you need a self-confident, persistent person who knows how to insist on his own. Another important quality is attentiveness, which is very necessary, as the dog has a very well developed hunting instinct. In order to calm him down a little, it is necessary to walk the dog properly. Families with children in this regard will be easier, because the family has children, the dog will be only happy about this, because they are potential companions for games and fun, which he loves so much, but children need to be taught to treat the dog, not to beat or cause harm.

Popularity will continue to haunt the settlement for a long time, and breeders can be sure that there is always a family for the puppy.

. 6. French Bulldog .

funny puppy of a French bulldog

The origin of the breed is the subject of a dispute of several centuries. According to one version, the French bulldog was bred in the 19th century in England, the city of Nottingham, when the local lace makers decided that they were bored, and therefore it would be nice if the cheerleaders were playing around and amusing the chelas. They took a dwarf version of an English bulldog, then cross it with a pug and a terrier. As a result of the fruitful work of the hands, it turned out to be an ideal companion for workaholics, busy people, home-stayers and just lazy people who do not particularly like long walks.

Do you understand why the breed gained its current popularity? Not only due to the fact that it is not particularly demanding for the paddock and the number of square meters of living space, but the unique qualities of character that have passed to the dog by inheritance from their ancestors. Let outwardly they look a little gloomy and excessively serious, inside they are loving, affectionate and affectionate to the owner of the creation, filling the space around themselves with positive fluids. Calm, friendly and sociable animals, bulldogs more than anything in the world like to lie with the owner on the couch, sometimes squaring their bones with active play in the yard.

The French bulldog is a worthy companion, having only a few insignificant defects, which did not in the least prevent the popularity of the breed. The worst thing that can be said about the breed is that they snore, although you will quickly get used to it. Also, bulldogs can not be ignored for too long: since they are strongly attached to a person, they need attention and constant interaction with it. The owners of bulldogs know well what fads their pets will go to attract attention to and call their actions and behavior the approval of the owner. By the way, this breed is even easier to train the team "to me", since the puppy does not depart from the owner, always and willingly runs to his call.

. 5. Dachshund .

three beautiful dachshunds

Looking at the dachshund, an ignorant person in the rocks might think that it was bred exclusively for "decorative purposes." But in fact, these short-boiled sausages are unsurpassed hunters ... hare and badger! In principle, it's not much of a chance to get away from a badger's badger, but the hare does not have problems with running away, it's faster all the same. This is really so, exactly, until the oblique does not decide to hide in the hole. Due to the subtle scent, the dachshund can hunt down a hare or badger and visit them in a cozy mink, and no matter how complicated the moves, there are not many chances to leave the beast.

Since before large dachshunds were used in hunting for wild boar, the character got to them really desperate and fearless - the dog is not exactly afraid to rush to a stronger opponent. At the same time, they are active, energetic, surprisingly smart, intelligent and incredibly curious creatures that have gained popularity due to a successful set of positive qualities. Dogs of this breed adore long walks, active games, communication with members of their pack, and can get bored if they were left to themselves for too long. Bored dachshund - a real beast, which will switch its ubiquitous attention to the surrounding elements of the interior.

The dachshund is strongly attached to its owner, and that he gives them more attention, ready to go to different tricks, all sorts of funny things. Knowingly fans of the breed claim that she has a sense of humor. At the same time, because of its distrust of foreign dogs, it takes time to get used to the guests who came to you, although, on the other hand, this character trait makes them excellent watchdogs. Also, the owner should be vigilant during the dog walking, because she can chase after small animals and escape. Those who live in the private sector or take the dog to the dacha should remember that the dachshunds also like to dig pits.

. 4. Pug .

the pug smacked on the couch

Pug is one of the oldest breeds, which previously enjoyed the comfort and luxury of royal palaces, as well as the opportunity to luxuriate on the knees of members of the ancient Chinese royal family. Until now, the debate over the origin of the pug has not abated. Some argue that the breed originated as early as 1600 - 1046 BC, and is a short-haired version of Pekingese, others that the breed is shortened by the French mastiff or bulldog. Whatever it was, being exported from China and brought to Japan and Europe, the pug has gained extraordinary popularity.

The pug has no specialization, but there are several undeniable advantages that directly influenced his popularity. First, they are good watchmen, and secondly, they have the most beneficial effect on the morale of the owner, because the only goal with which people create these creatures is to maintain a favorable atmosphere in the house. Let the pug and sport are two incompatible things, and the dogs will rather prefer to lie with the owner on the bed, snoring peacefully than to go a few extra kilometers, yet the breed likes to play and definitely needs moderate physical exertion.

Pugs seem to be ready to make friends with anyone who is willing to give them enough attention, and therefore definitely get along with young children who can entertain the dog with fun games. A thirst for attention can make a dog somewhat jealous, and if the owner will devote time to someone else, the dog may find this unseemly. In any case, they value the company of a person much more than privacy. Apart from the proprietary feelings, the breed has no flaws. Unless pugs like to snore, they need to bathe more often and know how to properly care, and also gain a lot of patience to teach these silly snobs to elementary tricks.

. 3. German Shepherd .

beautiful German shepherd stick out his tongue

The Germans are famous not only for high-quality equipment, but also for the exceptional talent of breeding dogs or breeding new breeds, endowed with the best characteristics of their ancestors, retaining all the necessary qualities to better fulfill all the original duties of the breed. The German Shepherd is an example of the perfection of the creation of gifted, industrious German breeders, who allegedly invested these qualities in the breed itself.

Unobtrusive and workable, easily trained and obedient, German shepherds participated in all wars, beginning with Russian-Japanese, and are helping in military operations to this very day. Earlier German shepherds were also used as shepherd dogs, now they serve as blind guides, participate in search and rescue operations and are the most popular breed used in the police. The breed has gained its wide popularity after the release of the films "Quiet Call" and "Adventures of Rin Tin Tin".

Whether you are walking with a dog in the morning or in the evening, whether walking through the private sector or courtyards of high-rise buildings, out of 10 dogs that guard the master's yard or which the dog-owners lead to the paddock, about a third will be German shepherds. If you yourself are the owner of this breed, then like no other dog breeder you have heard flattering words about your pet from passers-by while walking. By the way, the breed appreciates the interaction with the owner, and a long walk, study of teams and active games with the ability to properly run and / or bite a toy (the same puller, for example) playing tug-of-war will be the best reward for a German.

German Shepherd is the best breed for protection and protection of the house and the whole family. And let the young dogs take time to grow up and become aggressive enough to protect their flock, and even take a course to guard the owner, but after that the dog will rush into the throat of the devil himself, if he dares to resist it, of course. A well-educated shepherd treats children well, and can even graze them like sheep, not allowing them to go too far and guarding from outsiders. In any case, it is better to look after the dog and children, that is, no dog can be left alone with children if they do not know how to deal with it. If you are going to entrust education and training to your grown-up children, hoping to grow a worthy defender from the dog and be calm for the physical health of the child during the dog's walk, watch not only the upbringing process, but also the necessary amount of physical activities that the young puppy never happens a lot of.

. 2. Chihuahua .

cute chihuahua puppy

Chihuahua - the smallest breed in the world, in its homeland in Mexico is also the oldest breed on the continent. Since 1850, local traders have realized that selling these little dogs to tourists can be a profitable business. And they did not lose. The breed quickly gained immense popularity among visitors to the country and was taken to the US, where it was officially registered in 1904. It's amazing how this little creature managed to conquer the entire world in such a short time? Unlike service breeds, in which the working qualities are valued, the whole secret of the Chihuahua is in unique qualities of character.

Chihuahua is very nice, affectionate and constant friends. When you are alone at home with the beast of this breed, you are definitely not alone - the sneezes will take a place on your lap if you sit (or just lie next to each other), follow every step during your travels through the expanses of your abode, and definitely will not refuse to escort you on the street. When there is no one at home, the chihuahua will take on the role of a watchman, loudly barking out from behind the door about the "danger" that is hidden inside the house. Although essentially these creatures are friendly and loving, sometimes they "show teeth", for example, when they compete for the attention of the host with other pets or even family members.

The breed perfectly adapts to the conditions of the owner's life, and feels great in small flats. Chihuahua is quite easy to care for, they do not need much food and require at least a minimum of physical activity. Still, it's better not to stint on attention: the breed just craves communication and interaction, and if they are left to themselves for long, they can resort to eye-catching tricks. Chihuahua may not be called the most beautiful breed, at least from popular ones, yet one should take care when picking up a puppy: the breed is so clever, clever and devilishly charming that they are often "dragged" by the hand, too much allows, unconsciously letting the dog understand , that she is here the main thing.

. 1. Yorkshire Terriers .

funny, cute puppy yorkshire terrier

York is one of the smallest breeds, the most expensive, mischievous and playful, and yet it does not shed, or rather, the york has hair falling out like a man, so the molting of an animal is not harmful to the health of allergies. Elegant cover to the dog was not to make beautiful hair on it and to cling on colorful bows - before the Yorkie's coat helped them in battles with rats and even foxes, badgers and other small animals that Yorkes overtook in their holes. But over the years, the breed has been trying to make less and less use in hunting, and the york has forgotten its hunting past, but it retains the amazing character traits that made the breed the most popular in Russia, Ukraine and some near-abroad countries. In America, York is ranked 5-6 in the list of the most popular breeds.

If, at the sight of a Yorkian, a person does not feel any feelings, then he has either never before had contact with this breed, or is simply an insensitive stump. There is little that can compare with the sensation arising on the surface of the palm when it comes into contact with the amazing fur of this dog, and little what kind of dog will be so pleased with such attention to its person, while expressing its satisfaction literally vibrating with every part of its body.

Attention breed requires a lot, and it should be expressed not only in affection, but also active games, sufficient physical, mental loads. With the latter, there are no problems at all: the new breeds seize the new teams almost "on the fly", of course, with their proper performance as a trainer, but it is very difficult to give the dog enough physical exercise because of the inexhaustible source of energy in this active beast. During the years of breeding dogs exclusively as a "decoration", the Yorkies lost their hunting skills and are very good at other pets living with them. However, it is not uncommon for a york to bring a dead rat, a sparrow, a crow or some other living creature to the owner, so you should be careful.

On this rating of the most popular breeds of dogs came to an end. Did you expect to see these dogs in the ranking? Do you agree with the author on the compiled list? Write your thoughts and thoughts, please, in the comments after the article!

Be sure to check out the incredibly positive video below! It seems I was wrong about the pug. These are real experts to lift the mood! If you do not want to start this breed, it's better not to watch the video, otherwise after watching you can have a persistent desire to contact the breeder for the puppy.

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