What breeds of dogs are the smallest in the world? Photo and description of small rocks.

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small dogs and one big

? What breeds of dogs are the smallest in the world and the dog of what breed distinguished itself from all the canine representatives in the smallest body size, whose weight is only 170 grams ? This article is about the smallest breeds of dogs (with a photo), to many of which most of us experience feelings incommensurable with the size of their bulls. If you are going to buy a small dog that will warm the master's soul and body, performing the role of a warmer, this material will help you navigate the choice. A bit below your attention the breed of small dogs with photos and names, designed in the form of a list. I hope you will enjoy.

Why do people like the little dogs of the breed you see below? Size plays an important role in choosing and, for some people, the smaller the dog, the better. Owners of the same serious breeds do not quite understand the fascination of the world with miniature size dogs, and many of them do not even consider that small dogs belong to the canine family. Of course, this is all a joke, since the one who will ever happen to meet the crumbs from our list, will definitely fall a victim of their charm, succumbing to the supernatural charm of these animals.

Small breeds of dogs: the dignity of small animals.

  1. . Light weight . Most of the creatures listed in the list weigh no more than 5kg. Physically, with their training, education and walking will cope with any person, even the most listless. If desired, even an elderly person will be able to control a more serious breed, but with a trifle, it will still be easier in all respects. However, it should be remembered that small dogs, in the spirit of cheerful temperament and curious nature, require more attention to care on the part of the owner.
  2. . Modest height and weight . Size does not matter - this phrase is familiar to everyone. The size of small breeds is their advantage, because some of them are bred not only to please the eye, but, for example, thanks to their growth, to help hunters in their business. But not only to hunters. You knew that the same Yorkshire Terrier would easily attack the rat, protecting his master from the rodent? And why do you need a cat?
  3. . Lovely appearance . As a rule, dogs of small breeds look prettier. Lovely features, big eyes, ears ... what else do loving animals love? I am sure that every dog ​​breeder will be able to supplement the list to infinity.
  4. . Tolerance to excess attention . Not all dogs love tenderness. No, of course, any dog ​​needs to pay attention and I'm sure that you, as careful owners, allow yourself to cuddle your pet, however the same sheep dog is unlikely to appreciate long caresses, preferring to go away or openly express his discontent. Many breeds of small dogs are very tolerant of the tenderness of their owners and, it seems, they are increasingly attracted by attention.
  5. the dog jumps with a parachute and the owner . Lack of fear of heights . Treat the read with a sense of humor, but many small animals spend a lot of time in the hands of their masters, and there are individuals who spend most of their lives in carrying bags, seeing the world from the height of the human hip. However, I do not think they object. By the way, some "caring" owners even jump with a dog with a parachute, and they sincerely assert that pets fully share their passion. Just like a pug in the picture.

Why small breeds of dogs are very popular?

why I love my dog

Not only glamorous ladies love wherever they go, take their pets for a company, which has a place in the master's bag. Lovingly mobile dog breeders, far from the world of glamor, often accustom their animals to the bag, and those who see how the owner is going can get into it beforehand. Little did it, suddenly forget. For those who try to look fashionable, a small dog is an ornament, but there are not so many such people. For many, the dog of a miniature breed is a welcome companion in traveling, traveling, hiking, going out into the city, and, in general, a friend in life.

Unfortunately, people who decide to have a miniature breed for any reason are very surprised that small dogs can bring big troubles. Of course, all the problems are completely solved, but we must understand that even if it is "small", but it remains a dog with the most natural needs (like a toilet, walking, etc.), it may have a problem in behavior that follows immediately correct. Therefore, you must always remember about education.

Breeds of small dogs: the advantages of choosing a small dog as a pet.

  1. . Life expectancy . Among dogs of small dogs of centenarians more is an axiom. Many survive to 15 or more years, but much depends on the content.
  2. . Beautiful comrades . Breeds of small dogs are born companions who perfectly know the art of communicating with a person.
  3. . Space saving . Small dogs will not complain about the modest number of square meters of your monastery, and will be content with even a one-room apartment.
  4. . A loving character . Abroad, small dogs have long been attracted to therapeutic activities, but they often serve their own masters. The friendly, playful nature of these creatures and the desire to please have a truly curative effect on man.

So, let's look at the smallest breeds of dogs with a photo, going to the list below. Under each picture you will find the weight and growth of a particular breed (male and female).

Small breeds of dogs: photo and name of the most miniature dogs.

Chihuahua .

puppy sneeze

No one is surprised that the smallest breed of dogs in the world is a Chihuahua, and its growth completely compensates for a solid sense of self-worth, a sense of the immense proportions of one's personality. Being very sweet and faithful to the host of the Chihuahua is also very active, self-willed dogs, who do not hesitate to tamper with someone else's hand, who decided to pat them or touch the owner. The breed is more often than the rest can be seen sitting in beautiful designer bags worn by celebrities. I am sure that the dogs are securely guarding the owner's wallet.

! Chihuahua - tiny animals, but one individual from Puerto Rico has surpassed all existing breeds, since its weight is only 198 grams ! , а нормальный рост составляет от 15 до 23 см . Another individual named Milli, the smallest dog in the world, weighs 170 grams, and her height is 6.53 cm. Usually the weight of these animals does not exceed 3 kg , and the normal growth is from 15 to 23 cm . It should be remembered that it is not the goal of an adequate breeder to grow the smallest dog, but the master's goal is to raise an obedient dog, paying attention to training and socialization.

Brussels Griffin.

Bruxelles griffin puppy

Small dogs of breed brussels sprigs - incredibly energetic, active and friendly animals, ready to spend an unlimited amount of time playing games, but also able to comfort their master, as if the cat peacefully settled on his hands. The breed is not so common in our region, but it's only a matter of time. , а рост должен составлять от 22 до 28 см . The breed standards say that dogs should weigh between 2.5 and 4.5 kg , and the height should be between 22 and 28 cm . . But there are also smaller individuals, whose weight does not exceed 2.8 kg . A good breed, but I would recommend that those who want to start make up their upbringing and training, as griffins like to play pranks.

Pomeranian Pomeranian .

Pomeranian Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranian Spitz - small dogs of breed with a huge sense of self-worth. Friendly and funny, these dogs have a pronounced territorial instinct. Feeling a sense of attachment to their owner, Spitzes become suspicious of strangers, and this makes of him not only a trusted, reliable companion, but an excellent guard, such a "bell". Of course, the Spitz will not be able to stop the stranger who has entered the house, but will accurately notify you of the approach of the enemy.

Externally, the breed looks a little more than it really is. All this is due to fluffy wool, by the way, the Spitz's fur has about 12 colors. и доходит до 3,5 кг , а рост не превышает 22 см . The weight of these small animals starts from 1.5 kg and reaches 3.5 kg , and the growth does not exceed 22 cm . Spitz will be a good choice for the elderly, single people, as well as for couch potatoes.


the puppy of the affenpinscher stuck out his tongue

, а их рост колеблется от 20 до 28 см . This tiny animal with a "monkey's muzzle" weighs from 3 to 4.5 kg , and their growth ranges from 20 to 28 cm . Their nickname for the dog was not just for an interesting look mordashku, but also for the fact that they love to play pranks. Being in high spirits, their muzzle acquires a very amusing expression. As well as it is necessary to small dog, affenpinscher is very vigorous and cheerful, that is why practically all the time is in good spirit. In addition, they have a great sense of humor and a pathological desire to please, make their master happy.

It is difficult to advise an affenpincher family with small children, but the breed will perfectly coexist with single people and families with grown-up children.



A cheerful and fervent breed of small dogs that quickly becomes attached to its owner, becoming that faithful friend, ready without limits to absorb human love and give it back in doubled numbers. Papillons have a stable temperament, they are not difficult to accustom to cleanliness, they do not require much food and exercise, in general, the breed is good in all respects, and especially relevant to the inhabitants of apartments.

, а рост - от 20 до 28 см . The weight of these animals varies from 2.5 to 5 kg , and the height - from 20 to 28 cm .

Yorkshire Terrier .

puppy york in the cap of Santa Claus

Dogs of this megapopular breed often survive to 15 or more years, if the owner properly took care of the animal. Be careful, because in view of the hot temperament, Yorkies often throw themselves at dogs that exceed them in strength, and therefore the lifespan of these brave men can be reduced. Despite their fervent, stubborn nature, Yorkies are tolerant enough to animals living in the family, as well as children, but their communication should be monitored.

Yorkshire Terrier is easily trained, able to remember and execute complex commands, and also this animal is simply to educate a beginner. , а рост от 17 до 23 см , однако это не мешает ему на отлично исполнять роль охранника дома и неутомимого ловца грызунов - вредителей. The weight of the york is from 2 to 3.5 kg , and the height is from 17 to 23 cm , but this does not prevent him from performing perfectly as a house guard and an indefatigable fishers of rodents - pests. ! The smallest representative of the breed is a Terrier named Lucy, from New Jersey, her weight is only 1.14 kg !

That fox terrier.

puppies of that fox terrier

These creatures are significantly smaller than their cousins ​​- fox terriers. , а рост от 16 до 25см . The weight of that fox terrier is 1.5 - 3.5 kg , and the height is from 16 to 25 cm . The usual fox is an energetic, bold, self-assured beast, and that fox ... well, it's a bit softer in his character, and the dog himself is more controllable. This animal will flood with the light of its bright, cheerful temperament your house, without problems will raise even the most appetizing mood, and also will save your abode from rodents and other pests.

Russian toy terrier .

Russian toy terrier as a squirrel

In the heyday of the Russian Toy Terriers were the favorite companions of the Russian aristocracy. It is necessary to recognize, that habits of that leave his "blue blood". This noble little dog loves to sleep in the hands of the owner, but she also needs active games and at least short walks. The weight and height of the Russian that terrier is really modest. , а рост от 18 до 26 см . They weigh from 1 to 2.5 kg , and height from 18 to 26 cm .

The Russian is well in a small apartment, it will be an excellent choice for families with children, as well as people looking for a small dog, whose behavior is more like the behavior of a large, strong and confident big dog.

Japanese hin.

funny puppy of Japanese chin

For hundreds of years the breeders pursued one goal while breeding the breed - to bring out the ideal companion. It seems that they succeeded, because the Japanese hin is pretty, charming, loving the owner and devoted to him. They are especially attached to one member of the family, but they are also very friendly with other members of the family. In any case, the breed will be an ornament of any house. Although recently their popularity has fallen significantly.

Japanese hin is perfect for single people, inexperienced, novice dog breeders, residents of apartments and families with older children. , а вес от 2 до 4 кг . The growth of these animals is from 23 to 25 cm , and the weight is from 2 to 4 kg .

Maltese (Maltese Bolognese).

dog maltese as a snowflake

It is said that earlier the breed was popular with hunters, but it was so long ago that for hundreds of years the hands of kings, aristocrats and other nobility made of maltese purely decorative dog, a great companion, and also a "hot-water bottle" that warmed its owners. This "warm snowflake" has an unusually beautiful coat, but the cover of the breed itself will not be beautiful, so if you are not flattered by the idea of ​​caring for the coat, it is better to pay attention to another breed.

Spend a lot of time on the road, do you have small children or do you just love to have something fluffy and warm in your hands? Maltese is definitely your choice. , а рост от 21 до 26 см . The weight of the Maltese lap dog is from 3 to 4 kg , and the height is from 21 to 26 cm . , а предпочтительный вес от 1,8 до 2,7 кг . If we believe Wikipedia, according to the American Kennel Club Standard, Maltese should not weigh more than 3.2 kg , and the preferred weight is 1.8 to 2.7 kg .

Chinese Crested.

Beautiful Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese crested almost naked breed, which has only a little wool on its head, tail and paws. As you guessed, there are no problems with molting. The Chinese crested quickly becomes attached to their masters, if they spend time with the dog, pay enough attention and affection, which the breed likes so much. Whatever you do, get out of the house, cook dinner or take a bath, the crested beauty will definitely be next to you.

Incredibly curious, playful and agile, they love to play with the home, easily and willingly learn new commands, and also get along well with the kids. If you are looking for a "mazunchik", that is, a dog that will be bald, when it is stroked, squeezed and paid much attention, the Chinese Crested is your choice. , а вес от 2 до 6 кг . The growth of the rock varies between 23-35 cm , and weight between 2 and 6 kg .

That poodle.

that poodle sheep

An incredibly friendly and good-natured creature, eager to please his master, provoking an approving reaction to his actions. In addition, they are cheerful, active and extremely smart, they are easy to train and literally "on the fly" grabbing new teams. Their ability to learn quickly previously demonstrated in circus numbers. It's not for nothing that the cleverest breed of dogs is a poodle, more precisely, he took the second place, but among small breeds he is the undisputed leader.

That poodles are playful and communicative, the best reward for them is the opportunity to frolic on the street, play with the owner, and if the poodle's desire is not satisfied, he will definitely decide to play pranks. These animals will become excellent companions for single and elderly people, families with older children, residents of apartments. By the way, poodles do not shed, but their fur requires a certain care (washing, combing, haircuts). , а вес от 2 до 3 кг . The growth of that poodle is from 25 to 28 cm , and weight from 2 to 3 kg .

Rabbit Dachshund .

dwarf dog dachshund

. The rabbit dachshund, however strange it may sound, was originally derived for hunting rabbits . Of course, even with all the desire and perseverance to catch up with it, she is unlikely to be able, but if the rabbit decides to hide in a cozy mink, the dachshund will instantly pull it out into the white light. Over time, the need for hunter taxpayers began to fall off, and only a few use this breed for its original purpose. But the need for companion fees has not disappeared, and therefore this beast is much more likely to be seen in loving families than hunting.

Dachshunds are naturally active, independent, constantly in search of adventure and have an acute mind that requires a certain amount of work. Therefore, if you do not train a dog, it will direct its brain activity to various pranks. But even during training these creatures will not miss the opportunity to play pranks, having experienced the owner's nerves for strength. At the same time, the dachshund will be an excellent member for a family with grown-up children, other animals, a companion for active people or for those with a small apartment.

, а рост от 12 до 16 см . The weight of the pygmy dachshund is from 2 to 3 kg , and the height is from 12 to 16 cm .

Pekingese .

fluffy pekinese

Have you heard a legend about how a lion loved a monkey and, as a result of love between these animals, a Pekingese appeared? The Chinese love legends, but at least the character of the breed got really royal. It is difficult to advise to start a breed with a family with young children, since a Pekingese will not tolerate children's pranks, although he himself is a great entertainer and will never miss the opportunity to walk with the owner.

Despite the fact that over the centuries, the Pekingese has become accustomed to the freedom of the imperial palaces, it will be a good choice for people with a small number of square meters, single or elderly people, and also for a family with grown-up children. , в то время как вес от 3 до 5,5 кг . The growth of a Pekingese is from 15 to 25 cm , while the weight is from 3 to 5.5 kg . . True, there are real "miniature lions", weighing 10-12 kg .

Bichon Frize.

bichon frize fluffy dog

The person who first saw the dog of a bishon might think that he is a very nice, nice, fluffy animal. Unfortunately, appearance is deceptive, especially with regard to small breeds, but bichon frize is a rare exception. These charming, friendly, intelligent creatures will be an excellent companion for you, your family, even children and other animals that live with you.

Bichon Frize is very easy to teach new teams, as he likes when his actions are generously encouraged by the owner. In general, the breed is avid for master's attention, and it will not be much to her, however much you spend time together. The dog requires human communication and can even suffer emotionally if neglected. и весом от 2,5 до 5,5 кг не может без человеческого внимания. Yes, this small, fluffy, white lump of wool, from 23 to 30 cm in height and weighing from 2.5 to 5.5 kg, can not without human attention. It is recommended to have families with children, lonely and elderly people, residents of the city.

A silky terrier.

silky terrier

Silky terrier prefers to sleep on the master's lap active game or a long walk. Breeders engaged in breeding the breed, tried to bring out just a companion dog, and did not set any hunting qualities for the purpose of development. Nevertheless, like any decent terrier, he will attack with fury the rodent, dared to appear in your house.

The appearance of the breed, its fur and color pleases the eye, but the dog itself is very bold and independent, it has a sharp mind and an unlimited supply of energy, which must be disposed of somewhere. Silky Terrier forms strong ties with all members of the family and is good for the animals living in it. Если вы будете выгуливать собаку, давая возможность выйти накопившейся энергии, то можно заводить эту породу в семью с небольшими детьми, а также жителям города, проживающим в не самой просторной квартире. Не рекомендуется заводить тем, кто не любит уход за шерстью. Рост шелковистого терьера от 20 до 26 см , а вес от 3,5 до 4,5 кг .

Перед вами были маленькие породы собак с фотографиями и названиями. That's all. Если вы являетесь хозяином одной из маленьких пород собачек, или имеете своё мнение по поводу того, кто должен в нём находиться, обязательно выскажите своё мнение в комментариях ниже. И не упустите возможности посмотреть забавное видео с участием щенка таксы. Потешная порода!

Знаете ли вы, какая самая большая собака в мире ?

Какие породы собак считаются самыми большими? В статье - рейтинг самых крупных, больших и сильных пород выведенных человеком! Как эти животные служили человеку и почему многие хотят видеть их своими любимцами сейчас? Дело в их силе... но не только физической, но и силе удивительной доброты, свойственной большим собакам.

Самые умные породы собак - не миф, а реальность.

Какие породы считаются самыми умными, и почему одни собаки "умнее" других? В чём выражается их ум? Зависит ли от хозяин интеллект собаки и значит ли уровень её обучаемости то, что собаку будет легче дрессировать и воспитывать? Всё, что вы хотели знать о собачьем интеллекте и уме далее в статье...

Эта статья расскажет вам, какие самые самые собаки !

Самые быстрые и ленивые, красивые и страшные, богатые и дорогие, тяжёлые и лёгкие... в общем, статья поведает вам про самых - самых собак, которым удалось выделиться на фоне своих собратьев. Таланты и дарования этих животных, во многом, заслуга их хозяев.

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