What breeds of dogs are the largest, largest and strongest in the world?


A large breed of dogs and a small

Do you know which is the largest dog in the world and what breeds of large dogs differ from other representatives of the canine world with its huge mass? Only the strongest and largest breeds of dogs, famous for their size, unprecedented strength, devotion and, of course, kindness were included in the list with the photo below. The leader's place - the heavyweight will only take one! Knowing the average weight and height of the animal, as well as looking at the record book, we can more accurately say what the biggest dogs in the world exist.

Have you ever heard how someone says: "Wow, this is not a dog, but a real horse!". Of course, one of the few similarities that can be observed between huge dogs and horses is in the size of their body, and also that children can use the most huge breeds of dogs as a pack animal, riding on those on strong backs. Pictures of large breeds of dogs from the list below will prove not only the external resemblance to the size of a horse: the hulks depicted on them look like a lion or at least a large calf.

Criteria for the identification of huge breeds.

What is the difference between the largest breeds of dogs from their smaller body of relatives?

. Weight . To get on the list of the largest, you should have a weight of at least 45 kg.

. Growth . Like horses, dogs are always measured at the withers, which is the highest point of their shoulders.

. Terrible appearance . Already the dimensions of the animal are capable of instilling fear in a person. Visually, lush wool "increases" the dog, but also individuals with short hair that emphasizes the structure of the muscles of the body, and still small eyes, cropped ears and / or tail instill in people no less fear.

. Stoic character . Many of the largest breeds were withdrawn to become a guard and protector of the herds, their owner, family members and property, and many of the breeds represented have a strong but calm, balanced character.

. Slobbery kisses . A large part of the rocks are from mastiff - one of the first types of dogs with drooping, drooling lips. If you are the owner of a large dog, then for sure you know the sensation of a massive, wet tongue on your face, and you know well what it means to be met by her on returning home.

Why do people want to have a large breed of dog?

First, consider some complaints about the breeds of large dogs. Large dogs take up more space, growing puppies cause more trouble and, if these troubles are expressed, mainly in the form of more significant damage to your furniture or other things, then problems are much more likely to be delivered by a rude, adult dog. Also, large dogs do not live as long as small dogs, and more often suffer from dysplasia of the hip joint.

In addition, people with caution treat large breeds, trying to bypass the owner with such a "baby" party, believing that a large dog - it means dangerous. But we, the dog-owners, know that dogs are much different with a much more kind heart, and certainly do not pose a danger in the hands of reasonable masters.

So why is a big dog, despite some shortcomings, worth the resources of time, energy and money invested in it?

Huge breeds of dogs (as a rule) are calmer, more affluent and have a more stable psyche (how else to explain the absence of anger toward a child having fun with a dog's tail?). Despite their size, they are surprisingly agile and will gladly compose the company to the host - the athlete, or at least will approve, let not long, but active games. In addition, with sufficient physical exertion, they can live in the smallest apartments or a modest private house, without completely feeling constrained in space.

Most importantly, the overwhelming majority of the large breeds represented will not hesitate to defend the owner and family members. Alas, even all the rage and courage of small dogs, which any large dog could envy, will not help the owner in a difficult moment.

Why are they so big?

Some of the largest breeds were originally bred, mainly to guard and guard. Since ancient times, they have been monitoring the property of the owners, protecting the luxurious royal palaces and simple farms of ordinary peasants. Their impressive size and formidable barking - an excellent deterrent for any ill-wishers, and if any daredevil and try to get into your abode, he is unlikely to envy.

Many animals from the list you have certainly seen more than once, but for sure about certain breeds you hear for the first time.

TOP - 14: the biggest dogs in the world + photos.

Below you can see the largest breed of dogs with photos, in the number of 14 representatives of breeds. It was not easy to rank the biggest ones. Representatives of the same breed may have a significant difference in height and weight, but this is normal, if provided by breed standards. Accordingly, the same Neapolitan mastiff can be larger in size than the breeds located lower in the list. In general, pleasant reading of the article and viewing photos of the largest dogs in the world in the amount of 14 pieces: only the largest, strongest and powerful of the representatives of the breeds of dogs.

. 14. Neapolitan Mastiff .

Neapolitan mastiff

– какндидат в самые сильные породы собак. Neapolitan mastiff - as a candidate in the most powerful breeds of dogs. He is a born defender, whose protective qualities have been transferred to the hands of breeders through centuries and millennia. The sentinel instincts of the mastiff feed on strong affection, even dependence on their masters. The connection that is established between the dog and the person is strong and sincere, which makes the mastiffs great friends and protectors. Although the mastiffs are stubborn enough, they are very smart, and yet they say they have a supernatural ability to read a person's emotions and do not tolerate drunkards. This is very similar to the truth.

Neapolitan mastiffs require attention - it is very important for the owner to establish close contact with the pet. For this you need to communicate with him a lot. Training, joint games and walks will help to keep the body and mind of this beast in order. The breed will feel great in the company of a single person, in a family with older children and active people, as well as those who have few square meters in the apartment. Of course, the animal should be walking.

, сук от 60 до 68 см . The growth of the male of the Neapolitan mastiff is from 65 to 75 cm , the female from 60 to 68 cm . , сук от 50 – 60 кг . Weight of males from 60-70 kg , female from 50 - 60 kg . There are also individuals of large sizes, whose weight is 90 or more kilograms.

13. Newfoundland.


– истинный «ласковый гигант». Newfoundland is a true "affectionate giant." Combining the power of a great Pyrenees dog, as well as the kindness and ease of a Labrador, Newfoundland is a friendly and cheerful dog, with an extraordinary warmth related to family members. Also, Newf is known for his positive attitude towards children and good-natured people - to outsiders. The character of Newf can not be better suited to the purpose for which it was withdrawn, namely, the rescue of drowning people from the water and, in fires, even from fire! Well and from many other troubles, as Newfoundland has a real talent to keep people away from troubles.

Accustomed to work in different climates, Newfoundland will be an excellent companion for hikers or people who just love to take a walk. Love to swim? Well, you may have a potential companion, who will make the company even the most inveterate swimmer. The temperature of water and the environment, for the dog, does not play a special role.

Going to start a newfoundland is worth remembering about its considerable size. In a small apartment, the dog will feel fine only when walking. Also, it is worth remembering that the wool of the beast requires regular care, and during the moult from it you can knit clothes even for the whole family. In addition to the brushes needed to care for the hair, you will need paper towels (in order to wipe the dog's saliva in time).

, сука – от 50 до 65 кг . Weigh Newfoundland male from 60 to 70 kg , female - from 50 to 65 kg . , суки – от 63 до 69 см . The male grows from 69 to 74 cm , bitches - from 63 to 69 cm .

. 12. Irish Wolfhound .

Irish Wolfhound

. Irish Wolfhound . Judging from the name of the breed, one can guess its original purpose. In addition to fighting wolves, the Irish Wolfhound participated in the hunt, mainly on deer. Perhaps the breed was a fierce hunter a few centuries ago, in our own time she excellently copes with the role of a pet and likes to hang around, lying on the couch upstairs and getting a petting from the house. Calm and relaxed at home, the wolfhound will support you without problems during the morning run.

You might think, looking at these giants, that Irish wolfhounds are the biggest dogs, but they are not small, but they are also incredibly strong, but they are not the greatest. The breed though feels comfortable in the house, idling, but requires free space and should live in a spacious yard. They can feel imprisoned in an apartment. Of course, daily walks are required, which will allow dogs to be kept in their proper physical form.

Slightly constrained in dealing with strangers Irish Wolfhound prefers to spend time playing or getting weasel from people he knows - family members. But even despite their impressive size, they are not the best watchmen, and their life expectancy is approximately 8 years. The breed will miraculously fit into the life of an active person or an experienced dog breeder, as well as families with children and considerate parents.

, суки – 45 кг . The minimum weight of the male Irish wolfhound should be 55 kg , females - 45 kg . , сук – 71 см . The minimum height for a male should be 79 cm , a female - 71 cm . . Desirable height for males at the withers is from 80 to 86 cm .

. 11. Tosa-inu .


. Tosa-inu . Also known as the Japanese mastiff, the Tosa Inu has many similarities to the Great Danes. Bred for battles with other dogs, the breed is still involved in battles. At a weight of about 90 KG, the toza is a formidable contender, but the breeders say that the Tosa-inu is an excellent companion, a true friend for each family member, possessing an amazing ability to anticipate the desires of his master.

Tosa-inu is the strongest breed of dogs in Japan. To get this powerful, confident large dog is recommended to active people, positively related to the sport, and also to the breeders who have experience in upbringing. But this is only because the breed is very large and strong. Tosa Inu is well known for its tolerant, even warm, attitude towards children, but it is better not to leave a child alone with any dog, even if it's a tiny york.

, рост от 60 СМ и выше. The weight of the dog is 450 to 90 kg , an increase from 60 cm and above. Weight of females from 50 to 70 kg, growth from 55 cm.

. 10. Boerboel .


славится на своей родине (в Африке) отличными сторожевыми качествами, хоть сама порода вовсе не злобна. The Boerboel is famous in its homeland (in Africa) for its excellent watchdog qualities, although the breed itself is not at all spiteful. Boerbul is a very kind, affectionate home companion, a loving person is next to his family, enjoying active games or a peaceful sleep among his masters. Being a very perceptive animal, Boerboel subtly feels the mood of his master and is especially alarmed when there are strangers nearby. If the dog is presented correctly to his friends who decided to visit you, at subsequent meetings the dog will be much more affable. Guests are not a problem for this dog, because they are potential companions for games.

Boerboels have few health problems and they live, as for representatives of huge breeds, relatively much - 13 years. For wool Boerboel simply take care of, and the dog itself is not difficult to educate. It is unlikely that the dog of this breed will be happy to live in an apartment, but a spacious yard for it is an ideal habitat. Boerboel will be a good choice for active people, able to keep the dog's mind and body in proper condition by daily walks and training, families with older children, lonely people and categorically not recommended to lazy people.

, сук – от 50 до 75 кг . The weight of male Boerboel is from 68 to 90 kg , female - from 50 to 75 kg . , сук – от 55 до 65 см . The height of the male is from 60 to 70 cm , the female - from 55 to 65 cm .

. 9. Caucasian Shepherd Dog .


. Caucasian Shepherd Dog . The original designation of this ancient and one of the largest breeds in the Caucasus and existing over a couple of thousand years, the protection of flocks of sheep from attacks by wolves (by the way, that's why they were stopped by ears). The sheep Caucasian sheep flock, merging with the herd, remotely resembles a large lamb, which allows him to deceive wolves scurrying nearby. But the Caucasian Shepherd will protect his master no worse than a sheep or even a whole herd! Hidden in the wilds of your yard or lying on the floor in a small apartment among children's toys, the Caucasian shepherd will crack down on any wolf that encroached on your life values.

puppies of the Caucasian sheepdog

, сук от 62 см , желательный же рост для кобелей составляет от 72 до 75 см , а для сук от 66 -70 см . The growth of males starts from 65 cm , the female from 62 cm , the desired height for males is from 72 to 75 cm , and for females from 66 to 70 cm . The upper limit is not set. , суки весят от 50 до 65 кг . The weight of a male is 55 to 86 kg , females weigh between 50 and 65 kg . Of course, the dog should be harmoniously and proportionally folded. In general, information about growth and weight is very controversial, but I hope you already have an idea about this monster.

Americans, whose breed is very rare, in comments to the article about the breed could not get enough of the dog and the puppies, which they showered laudatory comments and almost deified. However, everyone who liked this furry bear must understand that a puppy of this breed needs a serious owner who will just as seriously engage in upbringing and training, otherwise the grown up dog will guard the family as a leader of the pack.

8. Leonberger


любит всех, и все любят леонбергера. Leonberger loves everyone, and everyone loves Leonberger. Due to their soft, accommodating nature, these "gentle lions" are able to be a patient nanny for children, reliable protection of the family and a nightmare for the enemy. The breed is really kind, that does not prevent it from serving in the police and helps with excellent results to fulfill the debt of the rescuer, pulling people out of avalanches, water and other troubles. At the same time, one should remember the education of the animal, because without it, even the smallest breed of chihuahua will become an ardent aggressor, embittered at all life.

The breed is relatively young: it was bred in the area of ​​the city of Leonberg (Germany) in the 19th century, by crossing St. Bernard and Newfoundland. Also, a little later, in the appearance of the breed took part a large Pyrenean dog. Voila, the breeders managed to combine the best features of all breeds in one dog! Initially bred to demonstrate to the surrounding status of the owner, the talent of the rescuer of the Leonberger, which he got by blood, could soon be appreciated by rescuers. By the way, only 8 individuals of the breed managed to survive the Second World War. Careful hands of breeders managed to stop the extinction of the breed, which is on the verge of death.

, рост от 72 до 80 см . The weight of the leonberger male is from 60 to 80 kg , the height is from 72 to 80 cm . , вес от 50 до 70 кг . The growth of a bitch from 65 to 75 cm , weight from 50 to 70 kg . The dog looks so huge also thanks to its abundant, thick, long coat, which forms a mane on its neck, making these dogs look like lions. Nevertheless, despite its very impressive dimensions, the breed is very dexterous. Leonberger is too big for living in an apartment, he will feel much better in a spacious courtyard, a cool climate. However, the breed does not need significant physical exertion: a daily walk with the ability to properly run in the free space will help maintain physical health at a level, and the mind is "clean".

7. The Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiff

. The Tibetan Mastiff . The photo above is not a lion, as one might think at first glance, but a beautiful dog, well known for its mane around its head. The breed was bred to protect the temples. , рост от 72 до – 85 см . The largest Tibetan mastiff, they say, weighed more than 120 kg, but these days the weight of these monsters is on average 60 to 82 kg , the height from 72 to - 85 cm . Preference is given not so high as to large individuals.

According to one of the legends, the Tibetan mastiff belonged to the Buddha himself, and the great conqueror Genghis Khan, again, if to believe the legend, also had a weakness for them. The monks of the Tibetan monasteries knew of their first-class skills as guards and watchmen, and the nomads used this powerful breed not only for their own safety, but also as pack animals that helped carry the weights. Secured Chinese have long turned their attention to Tibetan mastiffs, which are not only a symbol of wealth and prosperity, but also can bring their owner a good dividend in breeding dogs and selling puppies.

How much does a Tibetan mastiff cost? долларов! The cost of breeding puppies in China is hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the most expensive dog in the world named Hong Dong ("Big splash") was sold for as much as 1.5 million dollars! At 11 months, his weight exceeded 80 kg, and growth over a meter! , и достигает 10.000 евро . In our region, the cost of a thoroughbred puppy starts from 2000 dollars , and reaches 10.000 euros . The price is impressive, right? But much more impressive is the content of such an animal. Careful breeders do not spare quality food for the animal's food.

6. Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Central asian shepherd dog

родом из того же региона что и кавказская овчарка, и так же само её рабочие качества использовались людьми для охраны стад или имущества на протяжении тысячелетий. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog comes from the same region as the Caucasian Shepherd, and its working qualities were used by people to protect herds or property for millennia. Life with Alabama is like living with a bodyguard. As if the very sheep from the herd, the family falls under the vigilant control of the dog, which makes it very distrustful to strangers and extremely alert.

German dog

Independent, proud, mysterious and slightly gloomy, but independent and self-assured Asians - reliable, unpretentious friends, attached to their master and subtly feeling his mood. The breed is perfect for people living in a private house with a spacious courtyard, but as you know, there is not enough space for the yard to walk, so walks with short active games are necessary. Alabai is not the easiest breed to breed, before you take a puppy or a dog, consider whether you will be able to give proper attention to education and training. A family with children will suit the breed, however, it is necessary to follow their communication, as well as for its relation to other animals living with you.

, сук от 62 до 75 см . The growth of the dog of the Central Asian Shepherd varies from 75 to 85 cm , the female from 62 to 75 cm . , сук от 50 до 75 кг . The weight of a male is from 60 to 85 kg , a female from 50 to 75 kg . The length of wool from 0.5 CM to 7-8 cm. It may seem that the difference in weight and height is too significant - it's because there are different variations of the breed.

By the way, the largest in the world alabai (pictured above) weighs as much as 125 kg, eats about 10 liters of porridge a day and at least 5 kg of meat.

5. The Great Dane

German dog

– большая и самая высокая собака, самый яркий представитель которой был ростом в 111 см! The Great Dane is the largest and tallest dog, whose brightest representative was a height of 111 cm! , сук - 72 см . To be precise, the minimal growth of males should be 80 cm , the bitches - 72 cm . , а сук от 45 до 65 кг . The weight of the dog of a German dog is from 55 to 90 kg , and the female is from 45 to 65 kg .

The Great Dane is an exquisite combination of strength, incredible self-esteem and subtle elegance. Surprisingly smart and physically powerful, the dogs of this breed, nevertheless, remain gentle giants who will happily spend their free time with the owner and his family, quietly relaxing on the couch. Faithful and brave, the daughters become good watchdogs, despite the fact that they do not bark a lot. Rest assured, the attacker who infiltrated your house will not have time and chance to wait for help in the form of a guard of order.

Not particularly aggressive and not prone to domination, the German mastiff gets along wonderfully with children, although it needs strict upbringing (strict, but not cruel) simply because its size requires a host of high responsibility. The raised dog is a mentally stable and reliable pet. Being a dog with late maturation, he remains a child for a long time, loving to play tricks from time to time, and therefore will perfectly join the family of active people or lovers of morning jogging, that is, it will suit people who will not make trouble to get a pet out for a walk.

Dogs live on average 9 years. But if the owner is caring, then 13 years is not the limit.

4. Pyrenean mastiff

Pyrenean Mastiff

. Pyrenean Mastiff . The breed originated in the region of the Pyrenean mountains of Spain, it was taken out specifically for the protection of herds, and therefore in the Pyrenean mastiff the instinct of production is poorly developed, but well-developed herd. They are obedient, albeit somewhat lazy, but exactly until the time has come to work. The breed protected the herds from bears and wolves in the Pyrenees, and the size of the dog and the inherent protective qualities provided almost absolute herd protection. Despite this, the Pyrenean mastiff, as a rule, is a very good-natured and calm dog that rarely barks and shows aggression only when it really needs it.

The dog of this breed is very good for children and animals living with it under one roof. Let the Pyrenean mastiff and a kind breed with a loving character, but he takes his duties too seriously, and therefore requires an experienced, strong master. If the owner is too passive, the dog is unlikely to respect him. Of course, this large breed should be brought up from an early age, it should bring up confidence and remember that in the nature of mastiffs - suspicion to strangers.

, суки – от 72 до 75 см . The height of the male Pyrenean mastiff is 77 to 81 cm , females - from 72 to 75 cm . , суки от 60 до 75 кг . The weight of a male is from 70 to 85 kg , females from 60 to 75 kg . Sometimes you can find "horses" weighing over a hundred pounds! The dimensions are impressive, but let the dog and not a born athlete, walk, with the opportunity to run and inspect the territory of their possessions, she will definitely like.

. 3. St. Bernard .

St. Bernard

– дружелюбные, компанейские здоровяки с устойчивым характером, в глазах которых таится вековая мудрость. The St. Bernards are friendly, sociable women with a stable character, in the eyes of which secular wisdom lurks. Powerful enough to feel confident, the dogs of this breed are surprisingly soft, which makes them excellent buddies for children. No normal representative of the breed will miss the opportunity to properly frolic, especially in the winter in the snow.

St. Bernards are the most powerful dog in the world, and you are unlikely to be surprised to see this strong man on the list. The 80-kilogram representative of the breed managed in 1978 to move the load, whose weight was almost 3000 kilograms, to a distance of 4.5 meters in just one and a half minutes!

Let the good-natured appearance does not deceive you: these dogs are devoted and, if circumstances so require, stand up for the protection of family members. As a youth, St. Bernards are quite stubborn, but they are easily trained and in their nature lies the desire to please their master. To manage the growing animal without problems, the scale of the personality of which grows with him, one should be engaged in upbringing from the moment of his appearance in the house.

When preparing for the appearance of a St. Bernard puppy (or taking an animal from a shelter), one should be prepared to live in a house with a large dog. They need space, and therefore move around the house will be more difficult. This, of course, is a little exaggerated. But we can say with full confidence that St. Bernard will perfectly suit active people, experienced dog breeders, families with children, as well as those who calmly treat canine snoring, saliva and wool. The breed will not be the best choice for those who live in an apartment, but will be able to live there, with the condition of daily walking and the ability to properly run, which will allow the dog to lift restrictions in space.

. The growth of the St. Bernard dog is from 70 to 90 cm, the bitches are from 65 to 80 cm . (и выше), сук – от 55 до 75 кг . Weight of males from 70 to 90 kg (and above), bitches - from 55 to 75 kg .

2. The Spanish mastiff

Spanish mastiff

– самая крупная порода собак под номером два, славящаяся отменными сторожевыми качествами и отвагой: пёс без малейших раздумий бросится в схватку хоть с волком, хоть с кабаном или медведем. The Spanish mastiff is the largest breed of dogs under number two, famous for its excellent watchful qualities and courage: the dog will rush into the fight with a wolf, even with a wild boar or a bear, without the slightest hesitation. This courage, in its time, was very useful to farmers. , вес сук – 55 – 70 кг . As with many other breeds on the list, there is no upper limit to the size of the animal in the breed standard, Spanish Mastiff males weigh from 65 to 80 kg , the weight of the bough is 55 to 70 kg . There are also real mastiffs, whose weight reaches 100 or more kilograms. , сук – 72 см . The minimal growth of males is 77 cm , the female - 72 cm .

With proper training and proper socialization, the Spanish mastiff will become a great family companion. They are calm, but distrustful to strangers and can be aggressive towards themselves, especially if they feel threatened by "their flock" (the word "herd" means the family). Like some breeds in the list, when moving the mastiff looks somewhat clunky. Do not let this lead you astray: the Spanish mastiff takes on an unprecedented dexterity when it comes to protecting the sheep of her flock (well, or family members).

The Spanish mastiff is quite independent of nature, like most of the breeds bred for the protection of livestock. If you are looking for a dog that will constantly spin around you like a tender cat or as a young terrier will run after an abandoned frisbee dish, then you better look for another pet. Spanish mastiffs, first of all, working dogs. If you want to live under one roof with a massive, noble, reliable watchdog that will not cause much trouble - the Spanish mastiff is your choice. But remember that the owner of the breed requires tolerance to snoring and canine saliva.

. 1. English Mastiff .

English mastiff

– самая тяжелая порода, достигающая впечатляющих размеров. English mastiff is the heaviest breed, reaching impressive sizes. The English mastiffs have sad eyes and drooping cheeks - these traits, which some dog breeders like, often portray caricaturists in their work. ! The biggest dog in the world (photo above) is a dog named Zorbro, weighing as much as 156 kg ! Although some believe that the dog just was overweight. и выше, сук – от 70 кг . On average, the weight of a male English mastiff is from 75 kg and above, a female - from 70 kg . , сук - от 70 см . The growth of males from 75 cm , female - from 70 cm .

Mastiffs have an incredible sense of self-worth - in every movement of these animals one can see their awareness of their own greatness. Massive and a little awkward, but responsive and obedient, these are creatures with a soft, flexible and loving character, a clever and calm mind. When it comes to protecting the family, the mastiff, from a good giant, turns into a living devil - the breed has been used as a guard for thousands of years! Very few dogs compare to him in this.

Arriving home, you will most likely find a dog stretched out on the couch, slightly raised his head in your direction and lazily wagging his tail. Some individuals can be very lazy, but you should not allow mastiff day to lie around the sides, because physical activity is simply necessary! The breed will suit single people, families with older children, experienced dog breeders or simply responsible people.

Whichever breed you want - you can buy it or take some of the individuals in the shelter. In addition to the fact that you must calculate the means and living space for the maintenance of the dog, you should always remember the need to pay special attention to education and training, fully to walk. Of course, if you do not want your monster to grow out of your teddy bear. By the way, what kind of breed do you want? How do you think, will you cope with it?

I hope you liked the photos of big dogs and now you have an idea of ​​the largest representatives of canine. Be sure to watch the video below about the largest and smallest breeds. To lovers of dogs is dedicated;)

This article will tell you about the breed of small dogs that have become a great love for millions of people?

Not everyone likes small dogs, but most of those who are indifferent to small creatures, simply never had the experience of communicating with them. The ability to find an approach to his master, the desire to please and the desire for attention makes the miniature breeds magnificent, the most faithful companions.

Fight dogs are everything you wanted to know about them.

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Do you choose a dog in your apartment? Or are you a resident of a private house, and want to sleep more peacefully at night, knowing that the peace of the family is protected by a serious dog? The article will help you with choosing the breed and will tell you which one will be most relevant to your living conditions!

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