What breeds of dogs are the most beautiful? What breeds enjoy great sympathy in people?

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beautiful dog with glasses

For any dog ​​breeder, the most beautiful dog in the world is his own. But it is difficult for dog owners to agree with, for example, that the most beautiful breed of dogs someone from loving masters will call a pug. Proceeding from this, I was decided to cover the expanses of our and foreign forums, portals, sites and other resources in search of suitable photographs, opinions of people and an answer to the question that occupies all the mental activity of the minds of mankind for more than one millennium.

To please the tastes of each reader is unlikely to succeed, however, in my opinion, in the list below I managed to display the finest examples of natural perfection among the canine people who are admired even by those people who do not feel the dogs that feel at the sight of four- the true dogman.

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The concept of beauty is relatively, and that is the confirmation - the existence of many wonderful decorative rocks, each of which necessarily finds its fans-enthusiasts. Although the decorative rocks were derived specifically to please the owner with his marvelous appearance (well, and unique features of nature, of course), only a small percentage of them were included in the list of the most beautiful. Some official, shepherd's and hunting breeds were derived from specific goals (protection, grazing and hunting, respectively), and their appearance need not be attractive, but it turned out that the most beautiful average person probably will count them.

By the way, I remembered an interesting story. The above mentioned pug is a very popular breed of dogs, but to my question to an adult girl (who came to train her living creatures), why she decided to get a puppy from this breed, she answered: "Well, look at him (nods his head towards the pug on the name of Senya), it's not a dog, but God knows what! Small, awkward, ugly. I feel so sorry for him. Well, who needs it? Who will take care of it? ". At the same time, Senya was not taken from the orphanage, as one might think at first, but was bought with a pedigree from a breeder known in our city. . Yes, the truth is said that the greatest property of a woman's character is compassion and pity .

About the amazing substance of the female soul, one can speak for a long time, and it will take as much time to argue and argue about the origin of this or that breed, but with complete certainty it can be said that any breed originated from a wolf. Surely some primitive man brought cubs to the cave, which he gave to his children on their birthday, but soon realized that a wolf can be not only a good gift to his child, but also serve the tribe, for example, to scare away wild animals, malevolent tribesmen and help in the hunt.

лет собака служит нам. For more than 15,000 years the dog has served us. During this time, not only humanity evolved, but also the dog itself, as well as the attitude towards it. It is hard to imagine that only a wolf has such a variety of breeds, of which there are more than 400 species! Interestingly, any dog ​​is identical in anatomy with a wolf: they have both 321 bones and 42 permanent teeth, most dogs have a great nose, hear high-frequency sounds, their readiness to conceive posterity comes from six months and the life span with the wolf is approximately the same ( up to 15 years).

Whatever breed you have, beautiful or not the most attractive, but possessing other magnificent qualities, it will be an equally good companion. , чтобы чувствовать себя счастливыми. Enjoy their company and remember that they need a lot of attention, master's love and affection to feel happy.

The most beautiful breeds of dogs in the world in pictures!

17) Afghan Greyhound.

Afghan Greyhounds Running

Is the mind and beauty compatible? No, if it is an Afghan hound. Being one of the most beautiful breeds, the Afghan takes the last place in the list of the most intelligent dogs, which means that the animal can hardly be trained. Nevertheless, thanks to its stunningly beautiful, thick wool of various colors, long muzzle and dangling ears, an independent but devoted character and expression of the eyes, in which children's innocence stiffened, the dog gained popularity far beyond its homeland. To maintain the pristine beauty of a dog for caring for wool, you have to spend no less time than the girl spends on laying her hair when preparing for a school graduation, her wedding or other important events.

If the appearance of the breed has delighted you so much that you wanted to contact the breeder for the puppy, do not let the level of her learning stop you, as the basic commands (most needed and used in everyday life) can be taught to any breed, even the Afghan hound. However, since the dog is a born mountain hunter, it will be difficult for her to resist the opportunity to hunt for small animals, so you need to focus on the "to me" team. случаев. Be sure that even the most stubborn breed will perform it in 100% of cases.

16) Long-haired collie.

long-haired collie with puppies

To feel all the grace, serenity and fabulous beauty of the breed, you need to observe her work while grazing the herd. The shepherd, at whose disposal is a huge flock of sheep, is brought to see the dog's original instinct in action every day: the collie with unprecedented enthusiasm and tireless passion will take to grazing even the most numerous flocks of sheep, replacing at least two dozen people. At the stage of the formation of the breed, all that was required of the shepherd from the dog, this ardent, unquenchable desire to herder, graze and once again graze, and therefore the individuals for further breeding were selected exclusively for performance characteristics. About any beauty of speech and did not go. Although, even despite the not quite correct selection, the animals remained surprisingly beautiful.

But since the sheep do not have everyone, and like the sight of a beautiful dog you want to enjoy every day, the connoisseurs of the breed decided to replace the sheep herd with their families, in which the collies took on the unexpected role of a pet for themselves. However, a quiet family life still does not prevent the breed from succumbing to the instinct's instinct and from time to time graze its flock members ... that is, flocks. But the collie has an enviable level of learning, quickly remembers the commands and even after a long time after the last execution of the team will remember it and, in an effort to please the master, will perform on demand.

Playful and active, the breed needs increased physical exertion. To languish in an apartment with the owner, who does not like much, and not only sports, but walks, the dog just does not like it. Also, the wool of the beast needs serious care, and again, this must be paid attention before acquiring the animal.

15) English and American Cocker Spaniel.

Cocker Spaniel

Looking at the cocker spaniel you can think that the dog was bred exclusively as a companion, so they are friendly, easygoing, affectionate, trusting, carefree, playful and, of course, beautiful. However, not every hunting dog requires aggression, because the specialization of a cockerer is a tray to the owner of a killed or wounded game, which the dog can easily find in the bushes or in a matter of seconds it will get out of the water. . By the way, this calm beast can even quietly sneak up to the peacefully floating duck, to suddenly grab it to bring it to the owner, from which the dog will receive the most beloved reward - praise and affection . However, a sudden attack requires the animal to be purposefully trained, as most simply break into the water from the whole run.

Cocker spaniels are real "little girls", that is, they literally stick to their master, constantly strive to be near and do not tolerate a long separation. The species can not be bored with their presence, exhausted by excessive caress and exhausted by physical stress, and therefore the master should be prepared to spend a lot of time on the beast. In addition, the untrained spaniel is the most ugly breed of dogs. Thick hair quickly loses its attractive appearance under the influence of weather conditions and, to a greater extent, under the influence of masterful laziness or inattention.

14) The Pomeranian Pomeranian .

pretty Pomeranian Pomeranian

With great stretch, you can call Pomeranian Spitz a beautiful breed, because the appearance of the dog, although it attracts attention, but hardly able to hold it for long. However, if you show the same person the same dog with different haircuts, he must be touched by an amusing creature, whose wool expressed the course of the designer's idea of ​​a dog hairdresser. Looking at the photo above, you will understand what kind of haircut I'm talking about. The famous puppy named Boo contributed to the popularity of the breed to a greater extent than Empress Catherine, Emile Zola, Michelangelo, Queen Marie Antoinette and other celebrities put together.

Hardly having had time to appear on the Internet (in the end of 2010), the clip with the puppy Booh has collected millions of views. To date, the views have accumulated over 12.5 million, and this is not considering viewing all the similar videos. Spitz is really a popular breed of dogs not only on video, but also in life. . A Spitz would be even more popular if not for a very high cost per puppy, which ranges from $ 700 to $ 5000 .

13) Australian Shepherd.

four beautiful Australian sheepdogs

It's hard to tell which breeds are responsible for the amazing beauty of the Australian Shepherd. Some believe that several species of the above-mentioned collie, the Pyrenean sheepdog, and the Basque sheepdogs, brought from Australia in the 19th century (that's why this sheepdog and Australian) took part in the occurrence of the breed. Whatever it was, the breed gained immense popularity first in its homeland (the US), and then far beyond its borders.

At first it was used as a shepherd and guard of the herds, however, as with many shepherd breeds, the dog soon protected its owners and their abode instead of lambs. Good watchdog qualities, loyalty, affectionate character, restless desire to cause his actions to provoke the approval of his master, and also an amazing appearance, helped the breed to find a home in the families of hundreds of thousands of people.

Being a very active breed, the Australian Shepherd requires increased physical exertion, and she is unlikely to like living in the four walls of the apartment. Also, the beast needs mental loads in the form of training teams, which he remembers with a half-word.

12) Bobtail.

many bobtails in one place

It's hard to keep a smile when you look at this fluffy big man, whose rich coat, it would seem, closes the whole view to him. Incidentally, this did not in the least prevent the dog from coping well with grazing and protecting cattle. As with many shepherd breeds, the Bobtail exchanged his main job for loving families, which the dog protects from ill-wishers no worse than the herd of wolves. The center of breeding of the breed is Moscow, so Muscovites, interested in Bobtail, are given a more extensive choice in purchasing a puppy.

Do you know what the breed got its name for? All thanks to the strange English law, according to which the amount charged for the dog's tax was determined by the length of its tail. Deciding to cheat, the shepherds cut their tails when they were still puppies. , так как тем будет не за что тягать собаку :) А если серьёзно, то порода подходит для совместной жизни с семьями где есть дети, потому как обладает очень добрым, терпеливым и уравновешенным характером. It is believed that the Bobtail will be an excellent choice for families with children , as there will be nothing to drag on the dog for that :) And seriously, the breed is suitable for living together with families where there are children, because it has a very kind, patient and balanced character.

The simple but delightful beauty of the Bobtail is only available to those people who are willing to give the dog enough time. It means not so much physical exertion, in which the dog desperately needs, how much constant care for the coat. But you must agree, the beauty is worth it.

11) St. Bernard.

St. Bernard with sticking out tongue

Many will agree that St. Bernard is a charming-beautiful creature, with a calm, kind and confident look. The native talents of the breed, at one time, were very useful to the monks of the monastery of St. Bernard (from which the breed took its name) who lived in the Swiss alps and were breeding these furry bears. Since the dog has a first-class scent, it was used to search for people buried under snow avalanches or lost among the boundless mountain valleys. Also, the St. Bernards accompanied the monks to the valleys, where their ability to feel the approach of avalanches hundreds of times saved people's lives, and strong jaws took the lives of thieves.

The breed is invariably associated with children. Indeed, the dog will sleep peacefully, snoring in a dream, while the children will crawl along the dog along and across. It is possible to accustom children from childhood to take care of the wool of the beast, because the groomed St. Bernard is not at all like a dog from our favorite films. Probably the dog himself will not give up the opportunity to be combed. Of course, it is better to follow the children, because they can cause pain to the dog with a careless movement. Most likely, he will endure the pain, but still.

10) Yorkshire Terrier .

yorkshire terrier smiling

York - a breed that does not shed, yet it is one of the smallest, expensive, popular, mischievous and, of course, the most beautiful breeds of dogs. Sometimes you just wonder how in this active, playful, affectionate and affectionate creature so much irrepressible energy accumulates? York is ready to explode! Actually, if the owners of the dog got mobile, then it will stay awake at least 24 hours a day, deprive them of being close and interact with their mummies and daddy.

Temperament beast truly truly ardent! ! Seeing or feeling the approach of the enemy, the dog will let know about his sensations through sonorous barking, and as soon as he sees a rat or mouse that dared to appear in the house, then from a nice little beast the York man will instantly turn into a ruthless killer thirsty for death and greedy for blood ! In general, no cat in comparison is not. The dog is unlikely to eat a mouse, but will certainly demonstrate the catch to its owner, and for his works will expect praise and affection. Do not upset the feelings of the beast, he also tried!

It's not a good idea to have a rodent to families that have Yorkies, because they are unlikely to be friends with them. Although much depends on the blood of the animal: over time, the need for fighter rats disappeared, and the fury of the breed remained in the distant past. However, the Yorkshire Terrier gets along well with families in which there are children, and if your child has long been buzzing your ears about buying a puppy and you decided to succumb to his persuasions, then the breed will become an excellent friend for the child.

9) Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog smiling

Switzerland is famous not only for the reliability of its banks, but also for the fact that its breeders managed to bring out the most beautiful breed of dogs that this country has ever seen. The Bernese Mountain Dog is the embodiment of beauty, grace, grown-up seriousness and childish playfulness, the owner of a confident, kind character and primitive power, ready to pour out on anyone who dared to threaten his herd. As you understand, this dog is a born shepherd, and is ready to protect his masters with the fury of a pack of wolves.

In 1910, the breed began its "penetration" into the families of tens of thousands of people, hypnotized by the amazing alloy of the amazing qualities of this fairy-tale animal. Now the breed is one of the most popular in Switzerland, but not as a shepherd's dog, but as a companion. , а потому хорошо приживётся в семьях с детками. Having a high threshold of tolerance, a stable psyche and a complaisant temperament, the dog is titanically tolerant of the antics of young children , and therefore will get well in families with children.

Bernese Mountain Dog is extremely hard to bear loneliness, will be extremely happy with active games with an equally active owner, and if he will support the excitement of the dog to the games and fun, then the dog will remain childish for life. Joint pastime has a great effect on the contact of the owner and dog, develops the instincts of protecting the owner to the limit. Of course, like all the largest breeds of dogs, the sennenhund is a bit stubborn, and so training a dog needs to be persistent.

8) Japanese Akita .

akita with snow on the muzzle

This Japanese symbol of devotion is considered one of the oldest breeds of dogs. For millenniums of its existence, Akita not only preserved its original, surprisingly beautiful appearance, but also, it seems, brought it to perfection. If you look closely, the dog is something like the above mentioned Spitz, which is not surprising, because the ancestors of the Akita are considered to be Spitz dogs. However, beauty is not something for which the breed is valued.

When hunting a deer, a wild boar or even a bear, which was previously hunted by Akita, the hunter should be sure not only of the agility, speed and strength of the dog, but also in its fearlessness, reckless devotion. To the full, the breed has these qualities! Let this stubborn, independent, independent animal that does not recognize excessive caresses about "hugging" (which owners so like), and in training the owner will have to show all his perseverance and patience, but having reached an understanding, he will receive a unique in its characteristics creation, which with joyfully devote his life to the service of his master god.

In addition to hunting, the Akita has a violent fighting past. At first glance, it's hard to believe that a cute dog with a muzzle Spitz is a fighting breed of dogs, but the temperament of this cutie is really hot. Of course, the loving hands of devoted breeders extinguished the old heat in the dog's genes, but the spark that gives the impetus to the inexorable craving for victory still burns. In general, speaking in simple language, akita needs a strong spirit owner who can curb this horse and, if necessary, make friends with dogs over which the breed likes to dominate, and other animals.

7) Doberman .

doberman runs along the seashore

What is the beauty of Doberman? Relief, strong, "downed", muscular and powerful, but elegant and elegant body of a professional athlete to whom you want to touch so much - the Doberman is undoubtedly a beautiful dog. . Despite its really beautiful, but serious, formidable appearance and frightening reputation, for family members (even the smallest) it is a gentle, loving and affectionate beast that will remain for the people who raised it, a small, defenseless puppy .

Flexible in dealing with close people, the breed, at the same time, with all the heart, hates everything that threatens the safety of her pack. Enraged Doberman - the last thing you want the enemy. It's terrible to imagine what the Doberman can do with the intruders who have encroached on your life values, whose jaws are as strong as the guarding instincts aimed at protecting the owners. In addition to his developed bodyguard skills, the breed is known for its excellent learning ability, sensitivity, subtle cunning and vigilant vigilance - you will always be under the control of the ubiquitous dog eye.

Being a very active animal, the Doberman requires an appropriately active owner who can direct all the energy of the dog to a peaceful channel, thus not only giving her a discharge, but also developing strength, the ability to pacify even a whole bunch of thug-thugs. Also, the dog needs mental loads from a small age, since these animals are very wayward and independent.

6) The Giant Schnauzer.

Risen Sauser shows the language

Unlimited energy, unshakable devotion, reckless courage and persistent guarding instincts are the distinctive qualities of the Mittelschnauzer. Take all these qualities and multiply by two to have an idea of ​​the nature of the Risenschnauzer. The Riesen are much bigger and bolder than their smaller brethren, but they are just as playful and cheerful. To the energy and strength of the dog has always been controlled by the owner, it must pay a lot of attention: physically to load, train, educate. But, having received a sufficient amount of mental and physical activity (active games, etc.), as well as much needed attention, the Riesenzer will be an absolutely charming, affectionate creation.

Giant Schnauzers are very attentive companions: they love the close presence of the hosts and follow their movements literally. к членам семьи, собака является грозным охранником, поэтому лучше учиться контролировать животное, а потом вести на курс защиты хозяина. Due to strong attachment to family members, the dog is a formidable guard, so it is better to learn to control the animal, and then to lead to a course of protecting the host. And the control of the beast is necessary not only in protecting the owner, but also, especially, during the walking, since the ricinaster is not averse to running after small animals.

In fact, there will be few problems with this beautiful breed of dog from the owner, if he responsibly treats education: despite strong protective instincts, the Rizen can even be left with children to whom they are calm and very tolerant. However, if you do not take responsibly to care for the dog's hair, then very soon its beautiful appearance will be badly damaged.

5) Samoyed dog.

many Samoyed dogs and the mistress

No one will argue that the Samoyeds are beautiful, very beautiful dogs whose appearance brings much more benefit in the form of moral satisfaction than the dog can bring with his shepherd, hunting, and driving talent. Although it is worth noting that it remains beautiful in case of proper care. By the way, did you know that dogs used to be used as nannies for young children? They were left with children alone, so that the dogs warmed the children with the warmth of their body. They say that when you embrace this breed, it stops, trying not to make unnecessary movements and do not interfere.

! Samoyed is an ancient working dog, and it becomes obvious after a joint walk, because the breed is just megaactive ! Throughout his life samoyed remains as cheerful, fun and playful as he was when he was a puppy. At the same time, they are very clever, noble, loyal and trustful creatures, who are very attached to their master, but also love the rest of the family, and are especially indifferent to children.

To tell the truth, Samoyed loves everyone who is ready to caress it, but because of the dog is unlikely to get a good caretaker: the animals of this breed love to be in the midst of people, in the center of their attention. Just do not leave the animal for a long time alone, as if left alone and without business it will switch attention to the master's things, which the teeth will turn on. Remember that the Samoyed is a working breed, accustomed to spending a lot of time in the open air, and therefore it is simply necessary for it. Having the opportunity, be sure to try to take the dog as much as possible, because she loves it most. However, on hot days it is better not to exhaust the animal, accustomed to harsh climatic conditions.

4) German Shepherd .

German Shepherd Dog

It's hard to keep the rapture at the sight of a thoroughbred, well-groomed, sleek German shepherd proudly walking near his master. Each owner of this beautiful breed heard enthusiastic, laudatory dithyrambs praising his divine appearance in the address of the pet. You yourself understand very well that the breed has gained incredible popularity not because of its amazing beauty, but due to the ideal working qualities that allow dogs to be used in all areas in which these amazing animals usually help people.

. Active action is what a German shepherd needs . Unfortunately, most people, without ceasing to rejoice in the beauty of the breed, simply lock the dog in the yard, or worse - put on a chain, at best occasionally letting go for a walk in the yard. Of course, these irresponsible and indifferent to living creatures do not understand that the breed is eager to work, and from the chain dog, which is never (or very rarely) walked around, there is little use, since the physical strength of the animal is zero. Who needs such a defender? In any case, this lack needs to be corrected, learning to walk the dog (it's not difficult).

When going to take a German shepherd, it is worth remembering that this is an incredibly active animal, which, being attached to its owner, will not be frightened either by God or the devil, if they threaten the life of the owner. Strong guarding instincts make them first-class defenders capable of passing a general training course in a matter of days and learning to defend the host, but any outsider will be hostile if he approaches the animal owner too closely, and even more dares to touch him. Always watch out for the weapon - the German Shepherd, who is more responsible and reliable in every responsible way than any available means of self-defense.

3) The Golden Retriever.

golden retriever with wreath

Proportionately folded body, amazing, golden, soft dog hair (which you want to dig into with both hands) and harmless, friendly and very naive expression of the muzzle - Golden is undoubtedly a beautiful breed that has won the love of tens of millions of families around the globe. . Only a small percentage uses the breed for its intended purpose (in hunting), but the absolute majority chose to replace the dog's purpose in that it knows how to do much better - to like people and to please the master's eye with its unearthly beauty . Goldeneys often serve as therapeutic dogs and are the most popular breed in America.

As much as his family, the golden retriever likes activity. If you like games or you have kids who are ready to play with the dog all day long, then the Golden Retriever is definitely your choice. His unlimited energy and goodwill towards children, as well as high learning and pliability, allow the breed to become the best nanny or just a friend for the child. If the energy does not find an outlet through active physical activities and games, then do not worry, because the dog will necessarily find another occupation, the outcome of which will result in pogree things or other canine tricks.

If you are an active person, are keen on cycling, just love to walk or since childhood dreamed that the dog brought you a ball, then pay attention to Golden, because they are very fond of this pastime.

2) Siberian Husky .

siberian husky mega handsome

. "Oh my God, he's a wolf, and he'll eat me now!" - do not worry, there is not a wild wolf in front of you, but an incredibly beautiful breed, but you must agree that if he ate you, then, dammit, it would be beautiful death :) In fact, the attractive appearance is in harmony with a calm, friendly character . True, the husky are friendly towards the members of the family, but if an unknown person appears in their field of vision, she will have to experience the primitive wrath of the wolf (concealed in the depths of the eyes of the breed) and prepare for a beautiful transition to another world.

Hearing about the ancient people of the Chukchi, people usually smile, because they are accustomed to hear about their intellect funny jokes. In fact, the anecdotes greatly underestimate the mental abilities of the northern people, because the eloquent proof of their intelligence and intelligence is a wonderful breed - husky. The Chukchi needed dogs to hunt and transport cargo, and since the territory on which the hunt was carried out was incredibly large and the cargo was transported for tens of kilometers, the dog was supposed to have extraordinary endurance.

Why am I doing this? If you are day and night climbing the Internet in search of photos of the breed and dreaming about the puppy, first think about whether you have a harness and a gun, so that the dog can ride you and you go hunting with it. Just kidding. In fact, Huskies just need physical exertion, and if it does not get them fully, then your furniture and things will be at risk.

1) The Alaskan malamute .

Alaskan Malamutes of Steam

Tastes differ, but the fact that malamute - the most beautiful breed of dogs in the world - is an indisputable axiom. He looks like an independent, lanky, solitary wolf, whose fathomless eyes conceal the wild power and wisdom of millennia. However, a person familiar with the breed will say that there can be no more provocative, cheerful, playful and noisy creature, adoring games and fun than malamutes. Of course, as they mature, they become more sedate, calmer and softer, but they never lose touch with the puppy, which will remain forever in their soul. Take the dog for a walk at any time, and she and the hunter frolic with you in the fresh air.

Malamute seems to be friends with anyone who is willing to play with him or give enough attention, and even other dogs for the breed - not a problem. They are sincere and open, and despite the serious appearance do not pose any threat to others, moreover, the watchdog qualities of the breed are also not peculiar. Although, if the owner is threatened with real danger, the dog will stand up for him.

This symbol of the state of Alaska is used to dragging teams to great distances, so it's better to deprive yourself of the time spent aimlessly near the zombie maker (TV), and go with the dog, not at the North Pole, but to the nearest paddock to drive it. Also note that the malamute is accustomed to extracting food by digging rodents from under the ground, and therefore residents of private houses need to count on the fact that they have to dig in pits dug by active canine paws.

Well, how do you like the list? Do you agree with him or do you have an opinion on the score of the most beautiful breeds? Of course, everyone did not exactly manage to please me, but I hope that the majority will like the rating. Be sure to check out the funny ads below! A short video will surely make you smile;)

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