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the dog lies on the money

Surely you thought about what the most expensive dog in the world. Soon you will get acquainted with a dog worth a million, and also learn about the most expensive breeds of dogs, the cost of which can cause a slight shock in a person uninitiated in such a science as breeding dogs. Why are the connoisseurs of the breed willing to pay a lot of money? Why breeders are breeding and how much is it profitable? Can you, if you want, become the owner of a nursery of elite breeds and only does it depend on money?

Despite their considerable value, elite breeds of dogs have always found a new home in families of the elite, wealthy people acquiring dogs with the aim of flaunting their prosperity or, which also often happens, in order to acquire a friend. . Sometimes expensive dogs fell into the families of enthusiasts, a little obsessed with dogs of people for whom these four-legged creatures are an integral part of life, its meaning . It was thanks to him that the best qualities of the breeds were maintained and perfected, and new representatives of the canine world were brought out. Of course, not only expensive (if you have in mind the financial side).

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Like an artist who brings his picture to an ideal, the breeder creates, trying to keep in the subsequent generations of the breed all the best that is inherent in it. How much money does he get for his work, the sale of expensive dogs? Probably, getting an expensive breed may not work at all? It sounds strange, but the true breeders, who care for their dogs as children, have almost nothing to do with the sales of puppies, and all proceeds go to the maintenance of animals. In addition, they will wait months for the buyer (while spending money on maintenance), which they seem to be good enough and secured so that you can sell him a puppy. . But there are only a few of them . There are many more businessmen who care exclusively about their pockets.

The price paid for the animal speaks eloquently of how much money the owner has invested in the dog. времени - всё стоит денег. The content of the puppy's parents and himself (meals, visits to the veterinarian, groomer, ammunition, etc.), participation in exhibitions, invested forces and a lot of time (all) are worth the money. A good puppy can not be cheap. Many breeders, to save money, feed the dog cheap and low-quality food like "Club 4 paws," and shortly before the show give Royal Canin or other food of similar quality.

In this case, not for all breed puppies ready to offer a high price, regardless of how much the breeder was invested resources. Due to the high popularity of the breed or the fact that it is very rare, they are ready to pay well for it, but not always. The average York is much more expensive than the average German shepherd, whose popularity is not reflected in the best estimate of the cost of labor breeder. If the breed is rare, it does not necessarily mean that it will be expensive. For example, such an exotic breed as a chinook, although it is considered rare, but not in demand, and therefore its price may be appropriate. And such a breed as katalburun is highly valued only in Turkey, and is practically unknown beyond its borders.

In the rating below were the most expensive and rare dogs, and popular, but still expensive. The author tried to believably show the readers the real situation with prices in the countries of Russia, Ukraine and the near abroad, so to speak, to demonstrate the price list. , то есть те, на которые стоит ориентироваться при приобретении щенка. Still, the prices indicated in the article are for approximate values, that is, those that should be orientated when purchasing a puppy. The real value of an animal may be different from the one indicated. Much depends on the place of acquisition of the puppy, the breeders and the ability to search, because who is looking for - that will always find.

No doubt, every loving owner of the road has his pets regardless of the amount paid for their purchase and how much the maintenance costs were. A simple mongrel or thoroughbred dog copes equally well with the role of a family member and a loyal friend. But you will agree, it would be interesting to learn about the most expensive breeds, and the rating below will help you to quench your craving for knowledge.

The most expensive breeds of dogs with a photo.

. 17. English Bulldog .

English bulldog

The English Bulldog is known for its smooth, resolute and stubborn character. Outwardly they look a bit rough, but in fact they are very friendly animals, which are strongly attached to their family and home. Bulldogs are reliable, loyal and obedient, although the latter is achieved through persistent training and responsible education, and they have excellent patience and high tolerance, and this has a good effect on relationships with children and pets. For residents of apartments or homesteads it is better to breed than an English bulldog not to think up: they do not need a lot of space for comfortable living, and their most favorite occupation is lying on the couch or chewing something. It would be nice to do both at the same time, but it's hardly a good idea.

Being a peaceful and quiet bulldog, still, he likes to work with jaws, that is, eat something. Take care of this by giving the dog a chewing bone, otherwise it will take care of its teeth, allowing you to taste your things. Also, even the most arrogant lazy (what an English bulldog is) needs a walk to keep his body in shape. Be sure to walk the dog.

The weight of a male English Bulldog is 23 to 27.5 kg, a female - from 20 to 24 kg. и достигает 2000 долларов . The growth of a male from 35 to 40 cm, bitches from 31 to 36 cm. The price for a puppy of an English bulldog starts from $ 600 and reaches $ 2000 .

. The Yorkshire Terrier .

Yorkshire Terrier with a red bow

Yorkshire Terrier is not only an expensive breed of dogs, but also the most popular, and still very beautiful. They are sometimes called a "toy with the character of a terrier", and indeed, this breed is not exactly created, so that day to day languishing on the couch. Yorkie - bold, independent dogs, possessing an energetic temperament and a keen vigilance: about the arrival of guests you will learn in advance by sonorous barking. By the way, these handsome men were not originally withdrawn in order to simply be a friend to man. Previously, they were used by miners and peasants to fight rodents.

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The Internet is full of stories of the owners about the combat merits of their pets in the hunting field. One bitch of York, for example, killed about 23 rats while her masters were working in the field. Another predator, weighing only 2 kg and possessing a fine coat of blue color, "pass" a small garden in which sparrows lived peacefully. Over the summer, he managed to catch about 130 sparrows. Another furious hunter was able to catch a crow, which took the hosts a nasty croaking. Usually, after a successful hunt, the dog literally "flies", feeling its importance.

Yorkshire terrier is easy to teach new teams and it is not difficult to educate a beginner dog, and the number of dogs remembered by the dog depends only on the desire of the owner to continue training. Despite the inherent desire to please the owner, the Yorkies are partly independent beings who value personal space. However, they certainly feel a real thirst for movement, activity, and therefore - the need for communication with a person, the need for his attention. If there are other animals in your family, the Yorke will definitely get along with them.

The height of the Yorkshire terrier male from 19 to 23 cm, bitches from 17 to 21 cm. The weight of the dog is from 2.5 to 3.5, the weight of the bitch is from 2 to 3 kg. , но стоимость собаки может доходить до 2000 долларов . The price for a puppy of york ranges from 700 to 1000 dollars , but the cost of a dog can reach up to 2000 dollars . With the popularity of the breed, the price for it does not hurry to fall, which is not expected in the near future. In the previous article, York was included in the list of the smallest breeds of dogs.

15. Pharaoh's dog.

Pharaoh's dog

Pharaoh's dog is a real exotic in our region. The breed is very playful, active, easily trained and friendly to family members, outsiders can be treated with disbelief. Pharaoh's dog requires daily physical exertion, but those wishing to shell out for this dog should know that it is better to keep it in a fenced area, since her hunting instinct will not leave a chance for small animals.

The breed is notable for good health, as well as a good life span of about 15 years. Also, it's easy to take care of. The weight of the dog of a pharaoh dog ranges from 22 to 27 kg, females from 18 to 24 kg. и может достигать 2000 долларов . The growth of the male from 57 to 61 cm, bitches from 53 to 58 cm. The price for the puppy starts from the mark of 800 dollars and can reach 2,000 dollars .

14. Commander.

dog breed commander

Despite its somewhat comical appearance, the commanders are strong defenders who dedicate their lives to work. Although they are lazy by nature, this is only to save energy for a fight with a predator. The breed was bred to be the leader of the herd: the dogs protected the herds of sheep from such formidable animals as wolves and bears, and therefore require a strong leader over themselves to be able to become a good family dog. Training and obedience, as well as close communication of family members with the dog at an early stage of growing up, are a prerequisite for the education of the animal without excessive aggression to humans and without that to other dogs.

The commanders are very clever, totally committed to the owner and his family, and at any time are ready to stand up for her protection. Possession of the commander implies the possession of a large, independent dog, capable of both diabolical fury towards the enemy, and to unusual tenderness towards the members of his pack. Those wishing to take this shaggy handsome man will have to learn to take care of his wool, handle it from ticks (because of the wool, apply the same drops quite a difficult task), and also learn to bathe, although often it is not recommended to any dog.

The growth of the male commander from 70 to 80 cm, the female from 65 to 70 cm. The dog's weight is from 50 to 60 kg, females from 40 to 50 kg. , но проблема не столько в стоимости животного, сколько в его малораспространённости. The price of the puppy of the breed is from 1000 to 2000 dollars , but the problem is not so much in the cost of the animal as in its low prevalence. Finding a puppy of a commander is like finding a four-leafed clover.

13. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

cavalier king charles spaniels

Cavalier King Charles Charles Spaniel - one of the most affectionate and sweet companions of man among the representatives of canine. Energetic, but balanced, spaniels will play with pleasure in the house with the owner, they will agree to lie on the couch with him or run after the ball in the yard. These dogs are friendly to everything and everyone, whether it's a cat or other pet. They are very good friends for children, they will even play with the child all day and even tolerate his antics.

In the blood of each spaniel the desire to please people is laid, although some individuals may be slightly unfriendly at first, but soon they happily go to contact. For this reason King Charles Spaniel is not the best choice for the position of watchman. Also, remember the origin of the breed, the hunting past of its ancestors. This means that the spaniel is not the best choice for the residents of the apartment, and it is better to follow it closely during the walk, so that the dog does not rush off after some small animals. A spacious courtyard with the opportunity to frolic, active walks with the owner in no matter the time of day and weather conditions - what spaniels love.

The height of the male cavalier king charles spaniel is from 30 to 35 cm, the female is from 25 to 30 cm. The dog's weight is from 6 to 8.5 kg, the female is from 4.5 to 7 kg. . The cost of a puppy of this miracle is from 1000 to 2000 dollars .

12. Bichon Frize.

bichon frize

Bichon Frize is a little dog whose bravery is enough for a pack of lions. Back in the 13th century, snow-white dogs lived on the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean Sea, which Spanish and Italian navigators took on board, using as indefatigable rat-catchers, and sometimes exchanging dogs for a variety of things. The European nobility turned its gaze to this breed and soon it appeared in Renaissance paintings together with its royal owners.

Bichon can be snooty with other animals, but basically its energy is directed to a more positive channel, for example, in turning circles around the house or honing the master's furniture. The breed is friendly to strangers, but feeling a threat to their home, the dog will bark and fuss. The bishon does not require a long walk (although it will be a pleasure to make the company to the owner, wherever it goes), and therefore it will be very comfortable for him to live in a city apartment and take a walk in a local park or park. By the way, bichon - a breed of dogs that does not shed, the wool of this beast will not irritate both the body of allergies, and the owners themselves with their ubiquitous presence during moulting.

The weight of the Bichon Frize males is 3.5 to 5.5 kg, the bitch weight is 2.5 to 4.5 kg. и выше, встречаются и экземпляры породы стоимостью в 2500 долларов . The growth of a male is from 25 to 30 cm, females from 23 to 26 cm. The price of a bishon puppy is from $ 700 and up, there are also specimens of the breed worth $ 2,500 .

11. Maltese.


A favorite companion of princesses and princes for more than 2000 years, Maltese knows what good manners are. These "tender snowflakes" are true loving friends, above all other canine joys, appreciating the attention and caress of the owners, and they know perfectly well how to get it back with the torus. However, the Maltese lapdog is not an ordinary hand dog, the temperament is simply explosive: having the opportunity to play or run, she will definitely take advantage of it. And after the end of the game, she will certainly take her rightful place on the lap of the owner.

Maltese will perfectly fit into the life of a resident of the city, and will feel great even in a small apartment, content with short walks with the opportunity to run. Attitude to other dogs, though in many ways, depends on the owner, but the Maltese lap dog is not aggressive. At the same time, she behaves with respect to other dogs confidently, and gets along well with older children or with those who already know how to behave with a dog.

, до 2500 долларов за щенка из рук принца. The weight of a maltese is from 3 to 4 kg, the height is from 21 to 26 cm. The price of a puppy is from 700 to 900 dollars , up to 2500 dollars for a puppy from the hands of a prince. A joke, but the puppy should be good. As an additive to the cost - a high life expectancy: dogs live about 18 years.

10. Beaver York.

beaver york

Beaver York breed is very young: it was born in 1984 in Germany and was named after its founder. Curious, active, cheerful and slightly hardened beaver, like all true terriers - a brave, self-confident dog, feeling at least several times larger in size than it really is. At the same time, the beaver is a very affectionate dog, easily reaching people. By the way, the life expectancy of this beast is 12 - 15 years and more.

The weight of a male is from 2 to 3.5 kg, female - from 1.7 to 3 kg. The growth of the male is up to 27 cm, the bitches are up to 23 cm. Do you want this yourself as if you came to earth from the fairy-tale world of handsome? . Well, it's quite possible, but the price of a Yorkie's puppy is from 1200 to 2700 dollars . ). In Germany, a puppy of this breed will be cheaper even if delivered to Russia or Ukraine, and in Hungary, where the beavers are much wider, you can invest in a smaller amount (about $ 2,000 ).

9. Norfolk Terrier.

Norfolk Terrier

One of the smallest working terriers, the Norfolk Terrier is an active dog, a perpetual perpetuum mobile with compact body dimensions and strength and endurance that are unprecedented for these sizes. Norfolk is well known for his fearlessness, amazing courage, and especially - the excitement to fight with the enemy, the so-called "game". This cute fuzzy feels like a big and powerful dog, and therefore can find trouble in the face of other, more massive dogs.

Initially, the Norfolk used to hunt rabbits, weasels, ferrets, even foxes and other small animals, but often he protected the owners' household from rats and the above-mentioned living creatures, who constantly tried to steal something from the owner's territory (for example, a bird). For tirelessness, rage and courage, the Norfolk was nicknamed the "frantic demon". But the dog is irresistible and violent only with enemies. For family members, this is a complaisant, affectionate friend, who has strong affection for them.

The sizes of these creations are small. The growth of the male Norfolk Terrier is 23 to 26 cm, females from 20 to 24. The weight of the dog is 4.5 to 5.5 kg, females from 3.5 to 5 kg. . The price of the puppy of the breed is from 1800 to 2500 dollars . Although these creatures are very beautiful, they did not manage to gain popularity in our country, so those who want to buy a puppy will have to spend money on the delivery of the dog from abroad.

8. American Akita (the big Japanese dog).

American Akita (a large Japanese dog)

Previously, Akita had a reputation as a fierce hunter, and for centuries used to hunt for a bear, a deer, a wild boar and other large animals. The fury of the breed was useful both for the protection of the owner's house, and also for the dog fights that were being held at that time. Over time, the passion for fighting faded, the hunters became less and less, and now the Akitas are tame and complaisant companions who are engaged in what they do best, that is, to please owners with the appearance of unearthly beauty. By the way, there is even spiritual significance that people of Japan give this breed: when a child was born, the family was presented with a statuette of Akita symbolizing health, happiness and longevity.

This breed is not one of those that will lie for hours with the owner on the couch. Instincts keep the dog in constant alertness and readiness for action. As follows from this, akita distrustful of outsiders, but tolerant of children, although it is best to always monitor the communication of the child and the dog. Also, Akita likes to be in the role of the leader of the pack, therefore it is necessary to engage in obedience in order to achieve harmony and understanding with this beast. Do not forget about the paddock, which will help the dog get rid of the excess of irrepressible energy.

The growth of male Akita from 66 to 71 cm, the growth of a female from 61 to 66 cm. The weight of a male is from 45 to 60 kg, females from 35 to 45 kg. . The price for a puppy of the Japanese symbol of devotion is from 1000 to 3600 dollars .

7. Chinese dog Chongqing.

Chinese dog Chongqing

The history of the origin of this dog with a coat of dark brown - red color is almost as old as China itself. Chongqing is an unsurpassed worker who can help his master to hunt small game (foxes, badgers, birds, rabbits, wild cats, etc.), protect property or protect him and his family from ill-wishers. Despite its laudable qualities, the breed is very rare even in its homeland - Kitayet (many dogs were destroyed after the Chinese revolution), where there are only about 2000 individuals in the Chongqing dogs. Outside China, to meet this dog is a real miracle.

The weight of a male dog of Chongqing from 20 to 25 kg, females from 15 to 20 kg. The growth of a male from 40 to 50 cm, bitches from 35 to 40 cm. The price of a puppy of the breed is considerable, since the dog is extremely rare. . The cost of the puppy is about 3500 dollars . It is hardly possible to find a breed in our region, so you will have to spend additional funds for shipping from abroad.

6. Thai Ridgeback.

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback originated in eastern Thailand many centuries ago. Used by the farmers as a guard dog, guard and hunter, the Thai ridge, due to unimportant traffic interchange and isolation (taking place in the country), was practically isolated from other breeds, and therefore had no opportunity to interbreed with them. As a consequence of this, it was possible to preserve the original "purity" of the breed. A real rarity and expensive treat all over the world, the breed is still popular in Thailand.

The irony of fate, but a very expensive breed of Thai ridgeback was popular among the poor in the country, because using its natural speed could feed itself and even the family members of the host hunting small animals. In addition, this brave beast fearlessly protected the monastery from malevolent people, as well as rodents and snakes (!). However, with the members of his pack the breed is very playful and perfectly knows how to enjoy the communication with people, however with other animals the dog needs to be properly introduced due to the developed hunting instinct.

Growth male Thai Ridgeback from 56 to 61 cm, bitches from 51 to 56 cm. The weight of a male is up to 32 kg, a female up to 29 kg. . The price of the puppy of the breed is from 1000 to 4000 dollars . There is also a Rhodesian ridgeback, they differ from Thai in large body sizes, color and slightly lower price. . The cost of a Rhodesian puppy is from 800 to 2000 dollars .

5. Affenpinscher.


Affenpinscher is not a decorative dog, as it may seem from his friendly face and miniature size. Under the thick coat lies an inquisitive, bold, active, dexterous and quick enough to catch and neutralize mice or even rats, a beast. By the way, their coarse hair length of about 2.5 cm serves not only to protect from adverse weather conditions and in order to create a unique appearance of the dog, but also acts as an armor in the fight with rodents.

The muzzle of this funny breed is remotely similar to a monkey, and long eyebrows, a mustache and a beard give it comical seriousness. His dog nickname "monkey terrier" dog justifies completely, both in appearance and behavior. In his homeland (Germany), the affenpinscher was nicknamed "the little devil with a mustache", or "mustachioed bastard". In the 17th century, small terriers were often kept in stables, farms or shops where they served as rodent hunters.

Weight males affenpinscher from 3.5 to 4.5 kg, bitches - from 2.7 to 3.8 kg, sometimes there are instances of less weight. The male grows from 25 to 28 cm, females - from 20 to 25 cm. For this clot of wool and energy the connoisseur of the breed will have to fork out. . The cost of a puppy affenpinscher is from 1200 to 4000 dollars . The price is considerable, but from pests will be protected by 100%!

4. The Pomeranian Pomeranian .

Pomeranian Spitz

It's hard to believe, but earlier this dog served as a shepherd on farms and grazed large flocks of sheep. But it was a long time ago when the Spitz was much larger in size and was not "shortened" by dog ​​breeders to the current size. Pomeranians were not popular until 1870, when the English dog-breeders' club recognized the breed. In 1888, Queen Victoria fell in love with fox-like dogs, whom she met in Florence (Italy), and decided to take with her several specimens of the breed, which, after the attention of the queen, gained unprecedented popularity.

Pomeranian Spitz is a very clever dog, trying to please his master with all his might, to cause his approval in response to his actions. Due to its cheerful, provocative nature, oranges become good friends for all family members. Let the breed and does not require a lot of exercise, in view of its modest size, but still requires a paddock and, especially, attention from its owners. If properly presented to other pets, they will get along without problems.

The growth of male Pomeranian Spitz from 20 to 22 cm, females from 17 to 20 cm Weight of a male from 2.5 to 3.5 kg, bitches from 1.5 to 2.5. , а за щенка редкого окраса готовы заплатить и 5000 долларов . The price of a Spitz puppy ranges from 700 to 3500 dollars , and a puppy of a rare color is ready to pay $ 5000 .

3. Japanese miniature poodle.

Japanese miniature poodle

The size of the body of these animals is so miserable that the adult specimen of the breed can easily fit into a simple tea cup. The weight of the dog is only 1.5 kg! . In Tokyo, they love the Japanese miniature poodle, although only the wealthiest Japanese can afford it, because a puppy of the breed costs about $ 5,000 .

Recently attacked an article on the Internet, where from the breeding of dogs of this breed they offered to do business. Dreamers quickly get rich on the breeding of these animals will have to go down to earth, since this earnings are really not from the lungs. In addition to investing money in the purchase of an animal and subsequent maintenance, it will take a lot of time to care and tons of nerves that will go away in the experience for the life of the dog.

2. Lyon Bichon.

Lyons Bichon

This funny breed originated many centuries ago in Southern Europe, and is considered the most rare endemic (endemic - an individual that lives only in one particular region of the world) breed of dogs. Images of the dog are often found on tapestries (pictures), did not miss the opportunity to draw a dog in his portrait and the Duchess of Alba, and the famous artist Francisco Goya used to imprint them in his paintings. Surviving the peak of popularity at the dawn of its inception, Lyon Bichon lost its former glory and even managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest of the existing breeds. It is so rare that there is practically no information about it on the Internet, or rather, very little.

As the name implies, the breed is not a distant relative of the bishon. Lions received their name not because of the peculiarities of the dog's temperament, but because their wool, trimmed in a special way, makes dogs similar to a lion (this was accepted back in the 15th century). By the way, the nature of the breed does not correspond to its name, since Lyon Bichon is very sociable, cheerful and friendly animal, adoring long walks and communication with the owner.

The growth of the male Bichon Lyon from 25 to 35 cm, the female from 21 to 28 cm. The dog's weight is from 4.5 to 8.5 kg, the female is from 3.5 to 7 kg. . For the puppy of this lion, a considerable price is appointed: from 4000 to 8000 dollars . Given that the increase in puppies in France alone is about 100 animals a year, this is quite an ordinary price. Oh, yes, I'll have to spend more on shipping.

1. The Tibetan Mastiff.

Tibetan mastiff

! Tibetan mastiff was mentioned in the article about the largest breeds of dogs in the world, also, this is the most expensive dog in the world, the price for which in the CIS countries is from 2500 to 13000 dollars ! For the puppy brought from the native land breeds - Tibet, it is necessary to lay out the sum at least in 10 times above from the above-stated maximum. But this is not the limit! So, one wealthy person was sold 11 month old puppy, weighing over 80 kg, for a "symbolic sum" of 1.5 million dollars. To the dear pupil the owner can rejoice about 12 - 15 years (duration of a life).

Although no one knows for sure when the Tibetan mastiff originated, he is considered one of the earliest large dogs, perhaps he is even the progenitor of all mountain dogs and mastiffs. The growth of the male Tibetan mastiff is from 78 to 85 cm, the female from 72 to 78 cm. The weight of the male is from 74 to 82 kg (often more), the female is from 60 to 70 cm.

If you are going to buy a puppy at a pet store or a breeder, be sure to ask your parents for the puppy. Often, pet shops and second-hand shoppers buy puppies from breeders, and then sell them themselves. Alas, but often animals are kept in terrible conditions: close cells, poorly and poorly fed, dogs conflict with each other, etc. Thus, you risk buying a puppy with problems in behavior or, even worse, health problems.

Until you see the puppy's parents - do not buy it. You do not have the opportunity to find out what kind of dog you grow up and, perhaps, pay too much for an unhealthy, potentially dangerous animal. Of course, if you take the animal from the shelter (for which you honor and praise), then you can not see the parents, but the shelter staff will help you with the choice. Going to take a puppy, find a responsible breeder or take a dog from the shelter.

That's all. You know what expensive breeds exist or if you have other data on the prices indicated in the article, write your opinion in the comments after the video! Thank you for reading to the end! By the way, look at the superpositive video about the most expensive breed, the Tibetan mastiff. I wish you a pleasant viewing;)

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