What breeds of dogs are best friends for children? Which dog to choose for a child?

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dog and child

Certain breeds of dogs for children are better than others, so it's best to choose a child from the list below. What kind of dog for a child will be easy in terms of upbringing and training, which sex of the animal to choose and take a puppy or an adult? In the article you will learn about the best breeds for a child and choose a toddler or a loyal friend, or to the same and a dedicated defender.

At what age do you take a dog to a child, what kind of animal sex do you prefer and what responsibilities do your parents have?

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It is better to take a dog not a large breed when the child is 6-8 years old. Take a serious breed can be from 11-12 years. Sex can be taken either: male or female, the difference is not so fundamental, although with the bitch will be somewhat easier in terms of education. You can take a puppy to raise him from a young age, or take a grown up / adult animal in a shelter. This is also a very good option, especially since the defender with the homeless dog will come out no worse than from the very mother, thoroughbred dog.

How to raise a dog and how to properly train a dog must first of all be known by the parents themselves. Let the child himself extract the necessary information, but the main source of knowledge for the child should be parents who, if necessary, will come to the rescue. Also, if the child sees the parents' indifference to the dog, he will soon lose interest in caring for the pet. In general, the animal you take for yourself, and only then for the child.

Children and dogs. What kind of dog does a child have?

Every parent wants to protect his child, so he is looking for breeds of dogs that love children. Certain breeds treat children more leniently, but how good the dog will be and how it will treat children depends entirely on the owner. So, below you will be presented the best and good breeds of dogs for children, but you can take any other breed if you are responsible to help the child in everything.

Small dogs for children are the best companions for a growing child.

What small breed of dog to choose for a child? From the age of 6-8 years old, you can take a small dog.

  1. . Yorkshire Terriers . These little zealots conquered the whole world with their active character, cheerful temperament and heavenly beauty. Yorkie will find a way to the heart of any person, otherwise, how to explain their popularity? It is not difficult to educate and train a Yorkshire terrier, but you have to be able to care for your hair, or you should visit a dog hairdresser on time.
  2. . Bulldog French and English Bulldog . These breeds are not very active, although young individuals are surprisingly mobile and playful. Bulldogs are animals that are stubborn, so you need to show all your perseverance in training and training. All those who had the happiness of contact with the bulldog came under the influence of outlandish charm and supernatural charm, so if you take this breed you will hardly ever give it up.
  3. . Poodle . Large, small, miniature or that, the character of the poodle remains unchanged. Playful, active and cheerful, poodles will energize the positive of everyone in the house and fill the space around them with the light of the joy of life. This breed is very friendly, and will greet guests first with a barking bark, and then cheerfully wag the tail. One of the many advantages of a poodle is the duration of life. About 16 years.
  4. – самая добрая порода собак для ребёнка. Cocker Spaniel - the most good breed of dogs for a child. Do you want to show the child what is real friendship? Nobody knows about her as much as a cocker spaniel knows. These affectionate creatures literally dissolve in the master. It is not difficult to train and train a Cocker, but you will have to look after the fur. In return, you will receive a friend for the child with a capital letter.
  5. . Dachshund . Dachshunds are very charismatic creatures, able to fall in love with a piercing glance in their eyes. Despite the small growth and short legs, the fees are mobile, and the owner needs it. With the education of this beast, no critical problems will arise, therefore, from the moment of appearance of the puppy, you will enjoy the presence in the house of one more member of the family and the joy of your child.

Breeds of dogs for the protection of children and at home.

What kind of dog to choose for a child, so that she was not only a loyal friend to him, but could protect if necessary? Education of breeds below it is better to trust the child not earlier than he will be 11-12 years old. I repeat that you can take the animal before, but then the dog should not be engaged in a child. Teach him to control the dog so that he can walk around and so on.

  1. . German Shepherd . There are people who do not like dogs very much, but there are no people who are indifferent to the German shepherd, whose appearance speaks of a strong, confident character, and bottomless brown eyes, looking deep into the soul, give out an amazingly cunning mind. The breed will be an excellent protector for your child, who from 11-12 years old can take care of her. Remember that the German Shepherd requires active physical activity in the form of games, running or riding a bicycle. This is not only a development of strength, but also an opportunity to lose excess energy.
  2. . A boxer . Boxers completely undeservedly lost their former glory, although in America the breed still holds high positions in popularity ratings. Affable, kind dogs, boxers are great friends for your child, who will not surely throw the kid in trouble. Raising a boxer's puppy is not difficult, but you need to consider that this active breed requires serious physical exertion. Who, if not the child, has so much time to play with the dog?
  3. . Doberman . To train and train the Doberman is somewhat (not much) more difficult than other breeds, since Dobermans are very wayward and stubborn. But what not to occupy the breed, is this uncontrollable, all-consuming desire to protect the owner at all costs. Behind him, the Doberman is ready to go though hell, back and forth again. The dust of the breed needs to be controlled, so with the participation of parents the child will be able to cope with this obstinate horse.
  4. . Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier . Public opinion is not always true, and these breeds are a vivid confirmation of this. In fact, bull terriers and staffs are very fond of everything that has a human face. This is not the best trait for a dog, which is designed to protect and protect the owner, so these breeds can only be trained in defense in a sportive manner. That is, you can not develop anger. But the child will receive an active friend who is perfect in knowing the rare art of making friends.

Good-natured breeds of dogs for children.

  1. . Labrador retriever and golden retriever . Labrador was originally bred for hunting, but to be a friend of the family he is no worse. With the education of the Labrador the child can cope precisely, as the animals are quite compliant and kind. The main thing is to give the labs enough physical exertion, which they really need.
  2. . Border collie . Extraordinarily intelligent creatures. When a border collie looks in your eyes, it seems as if she is reading your thoughts. However, a high level of intelligence is "imprisoned" not only for the execution of master teams, but also for the search for the possibility of not executing them. In general, the breed is not difficult to train, if you are persistent. Also, you need to remember that the collie is an unusually active breed.
  3. . Irish Setter . Setters dogs are very active, so you'll have to sweat to get a good walk. In training they are very hardy, but armed with a piece of delicacy the owner will achieve a lot. Setter will be a good friend for the child because of his kindness, as well as strong affection. Be ready to take care of the animal's hair, or accustom it to this child.

Now you know which dog to choose for the child, depending on the purpose of acquiring the animal. If you will seriously help the child with upbringing, then you can take any breed. Any dog ​​will treat a child of any age well, but only if the owner is seriously engaged in upbringing and training. That's all. Be sure to check out the short video below, in which an experienced cynologist shares experience.

What kind of breed to choose for your child, but that she was not only a friend, but also a guard to the baby? This is very real, but one should not completely trust the education of an animal to a small child, first of all the parent himself must extract the necessary information about upbringing, training, etc.

Are going to take a dog, but do not know who is better: a bitch or a dog ? Then the material on the link is for you.

Choose the sex of the dog is not difficult, the main thing is to know the advantages and disadvantages of both sexes, and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. In any case, both males and bitch will be equally devoted to their master.

There are different dogs for house protection , more precisely, their breeds. But even the half-breed can be an excellent defender.

What kind of dog to choose if you want to take not only a friend, but also a reliable defender, an unrelenting guard for your home and the whole family? It's very easy to choose a breed, if you know approximately which breed you like more, and you can evaluate your fin. state.

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