Siberian Husky: characteristics of the breed, training and keeping the dog.

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Siberian Husky breed of dogs with a very independent, independent character, a strong leader demanding next to him. At the same time, husky dogs are kind and friendly to both humans and dogs, although primitive instincts can encourage them to run after a cat or other living creature running by. The owner should seriously engage in training and education, in order to be able to always control the dog in any situation. To achieve this will not be easy with such a wayward breed, so the master should be persistent.

Husky will fit into a family consisting of any number of people, provided she is provided with a sufficient amount of walking. The breed is very active, and requires increased physical exertion. Without them, the dog will be unnecessarily irritable, it will become worse to obey the master's orders and will entertain themselves with different pranks.

Breed standard (short).


21–28 кг. The weight of the dog is 21-28 kg.

около 16-23 кг. Weight of a bitch: about 16-23 kg.

54-60 см. Growth of a male: 54-60 cm.

50-56 см. The growth of a bitch: 50-56 cm.

Siberian husky price.

до 200$. "With hands": up to 200 $.

до 350$. PET-class: up to 350 $.

от 500$ до 800$. BRID-class: from $ 500 to $ 800.

от 800$ до 1000$ и выше. SHOW-class: from 800 $ to 1000 $ and above.

Care and maintenance.

низкая. Complexity of care: low.

немного. Care of the coat: a little.

до 2х раз в год. How many times to bathe: up to 2 times a year.

во дворе. Preferred living conditions: in the courtyard.

да, но необходим активный выгул. Can they live in an apartment: yes, but active paddock is needed.

12-15 лет. Lifespan: 12-15 years.

Россия. Country: Russia.

начало XX века. Date of the birth of the breed: the beginning of the XX century.

Группа 5. Шпицы и примитивные типы собак. Group FCI: Group 5. Spitz and primitive types of dogs.

Секция 1. Северные ездовые собаки. Section FCI: Section 1. Northern Sled Dogs.

270. FCI standard: 270.

two Siberian husky

Education and training:

средняя. Complexity of education: average.

выше среднего. Complexity of training: above average.

12-15 лет. You can engage in a child with: 12-15 years.

Purpose of the breed.

ездовая собака. Original designation: sled dog.

сейчас хаски популярна как собака-компаньон. Where it is used now: now the Husky is popular as a companion dog.

Attitude towards living beings.

хорошее, дружелюбное. Strangers: good, friendly.

хорошее. Children living in the family: good.

хорошее к собакам. Animals: good to dogs.

Level of activity and paddock:

требуют много активности. The need for activity: require a lot of activity.

очень игривые. Playfulness: very playful.

минимум 2 часа в день. Duration of the walk: at least 2 hours a day.

активные игры, бег. Intensity of the paddock: active games, running.


Friendly and friendly even with strangers.

Relatively high life expectancy.

Have enviable health.

Get along well with other dogs.

They bark seldom and quietly.


Very stubborn and willful.

Prone to lead. We need to seriously engage in education.

They have strong hunting instincts. It should be intensively trained.

Ideal companions for:

Strong in spirit, active, mobile people.

For a family with small children.

Bad choice for:

Low-active or busy people, lazy people.

Weak, not persevering personalities.

Description and character of the breed of Siberian Husky dogs. Who will approach the breed?

The nature of the Siberian husky is spurious and stubborn. Independent and independent, these dogs always have their opinions about what is happening, and therefore the master needs to be persistent and always seek obedience from the pet. Weak people should not have Huskies, since the dog will definitely achieve the top in the pack and will rule from the position of the leader. To make it easier to control the temperament of such a temperamental breed, in addition to serious training and education, the dog should be physically tired as much as possible. Having received much needed activity, the beast will surely calm down, become more compliant, obedient and more peaceful. Without walking, the husky will certainly direct his mental activity to various kinds of pranks and aggression.

The breed of Siberian Husky dogs will perfectly fit into any family, even if it has many young children. The main thing is to provide the dog with the necessary physical exertion to it fully and take care of the upbringing from the moment it appears in the house. Also, the breed likes to hunt for every small creature, therefore, in the risk zone all sorts of small animals that are near your predator. To control any undesirable behavior is quite realistic, and even such a stubborn dog as an Siberian husky will obey the master 100% of the time.

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History of the breed (shortly).

The Siberian Huskies of the Chukchi, living in North-Eastern Siberia, were brought out. The history of the breed counts several millennia. There are no more exact dates, since the Chukchi did not record their history and lived separately in places where civilization has come relatively recently. This, in turn, helped to preserve the purity of the breed.

At the beginning of the 20th century, after participating in dog sled races, American gold miners purchased several dozens of Siberian husky that they liked so much. It was the first dogs brought to America that helped preserve this beautiful breed. Because after the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917 and established Soviet power, the Siberian Husky was recognized as an unpromising breed and was replaced by other breeds.

In Russia, the Siberian husky was imported only in 1995 from Belgium and the Czech Republic. Of course, this is not the same dog of the beginning of the twentieth century, because when it was bred abroad, more attention was paid to the exterior, that is, to the vernal data. Nowadays the Husky, thanks to their friendliness and divine beauty, perfectly fit as a companion dog, and that is why the Siberian Husky is rapidly gaining popularity among dog breeders.

Maintenance and care of the Siberian husky.

husky puppy

For Siberian husks, care is not required. Huskies shed twice a year and they are enough to be cleaned from time to time with a conventional brush. To wash a dog often makes no sense, enough and 1-2 times a year. True, the active nature of the husky will encourage her to search for adventure, and after a walk the dog can come home too dirty. Then it makes sense to do water procedures. Actually, all care for the husky is reduced to providing it with the most active walking. To do this, be sure to use the "aport" command, which will help you tire your dog much faster. Also, if you are tired of throwing a stick, you can buy a special slingshot that can throw a tennis ball up to 200 meters, or make a sling that throws the ball even further.

They feed the husky with the same products as all other breeds. Since the appearance of a new life in the house, think about what you will give to your food: dry or natural food. It is strongly recommended not to interfere with two types of feeding. What to feed - it's up to you. Dry food does not take as much time as cooking natural, but natural food will allow you to control the quantity and quality of products. In any case, if you decided on dry food, then choose not based on the brand's fame, but solely on the composition of the feed. For the most part, premium super feeds are of good quality.

Education and training of Siberian husky.

Training Siberian Husky occupation is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be persistent, self-confident, to achieve perfect obedience in all situations. Otherwise, except for the sake of such a result, there is no sense in training the dog. In general, the owner will have to work to achieve success. However, this is not so difficult, if it is to work responsibly, do not shirk from class and solve problems in behavior on time. Focusing your attention on teaching the dog such commands as "to me", "near", "fu", "lying", "sitting", "place", "give", "aport" - you will use them every day, and the dog must know them perfectly. For Husky, the command "aport" is important only because it helps to walk such a mobile creature.

Education Husky puppy begins with the establishment of rules of behavior in the pack and the house. The dog must understand what is allowed to her, and what is forbidden by the owner. The speed of mastering these rules depends entirely on the owner himself, on how correctly he explains the new rules to the dog. It is not difficult to raise a Siberian husky puppy, and this dog quickly understands what the owner wants to convey to him. Husks easily accustom to the toilet on the street, stop jumping their paws at the host when they meet, bite his hands in the game, pick up from the floor a different muck or take the hands of strangers food, do not get used to other animals from the family for a long time. To entrust the upbringing and training of the Siberian husky to the child is possible, but not before he turns 12-14. In this case, the parent must come to the rescue in case the child does not cope on his own.

Want to know more about this beautiful breed? Then a small video below will help you learn a little more about the Siberian husky.

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