Character sharieya, training and content of the breed.


Lovely skladochki skin, phlegmatic appearance and calm self-confidence - with a look of a shar pei dog looks extremely cute and attractive. However, inside the nyashnogo animal is hidden ancient, primitive power, tearing outside. The breed of shar pei is wayward, proud and resolute, it will never allow a bad attitude towards itself from passing dogs, and at any opportunity will seek opportunities to find out the relationship. Do not think that by taking a puppy or an adult breed to a family, you will turn your life into a hell and a constant struggle. You just need to devote enough time to education and training, then there will be no problems.

Fans of strong character qualities in an attractive body will definitely appreciate such a dog as a shar pei. But if the owner himself is not persevering and exacting with respect to the education of this breed of dogs, then Sharpei will not make him favors and will win leadership. Next to him must be a strong personality.

Breed standard (short).


25-30 кг. The weight of the dog is 25-30 kg.

18-25 кг. Weight of a bitch: 18-25 kg.

46-51 см. Growth of a male: 46-51 cm.

46-51 см. Height of a bitch: 46-51 cm.

shar pei puppy

Care and maintenance.

лёгкая. Complexity of care: easy.

минимальный. Care of the coat: minimal.

около 2 раз в год. How many times to bathe: about 2 times a year.

в тёплом помещении. Preferred living conditions: in a warm room.

конечно. Can they live in an apartment: of course.

около 9 лет. Lifespan: about 9 years.

Китай. Country: China.

около 3000 лет. Date of birth of the breed: about 3000 years.

Группа 2. Group FCI: Group 2.

Секция 2. Section FCI: Section 2.

309. FCI No. 309.

How much does the Shar Pei cost?>

до 100$. "With hands": up to $ 100.

до 200-250$. PET-class: up to 200-250 $.

от 400$ до 600$. BRID-class: from $ 400 to $ 600.

от 600$ до 1000$ и выше. SHOW-class: from 600 $ to 1000 $ and above.

Education and training:

выше среднего. Difficulty of upbringing: above average.

средняя. Complexity of training: medium.

12-14 лет. You can engage in a child with: 12-14 years.

Purpose of the breed.

компаньон. Primary appointment: companion.

шарпей служит человеку другом. Where it is used now: Shar Pei is a friend to a person. This is his main and only purpose.

Attitude towards living beings.

недоверчивое. Strangers: distrustful.

адекватное. Children living in the family: adequate.

весьма агрессивное, требуется социализация. Animals: very aggressive, socialization is required.

Level of activity and paddock:

низкая. Need for activity: low.

низкая. Playfulness: low.

около 1 часа в день. Duration of the walk: about 1 hour a day.

прогулки и игры. Intensity of walking: walks and games.


A glorious watchman.

Can stand up for the protection of the owner if necessary.

Virtually do not need care.


Very self-willed, independent, self-confident animals, demanding a strong spirit, but a good master.

There may be an allergy leading to a problem with ears, hair loss, etc.

Low life expectancy.

It is not easy to train a newcomer.

Ideal companions for:

Single people or couples.

Those who need a ringing guard.

Bad choice for:

People with a weak character.

Families with small children. Communication between the dog and the baby is better controlled.

Character sharieya. Who will approach the breed?

A breed of shar pei dogs is not for people with a weak character! Confident in themselves, independent and independent, sharpei feel their superiority and strength with all the fibers of the soul, and the royal self-esteem may seem somewhat arrogant. To demonstrate the seriousness of the character of the shar pei is ready for any dog ​​that dares to show disrespect. The owner of this lively breed must be strong in spirit no less than the dog himself, otherwise the shar pei will quickly take the place of the main in the house and dictate the conditions from the position of the leader, which can not be allowed if you want to save yourself, irreplaceable nerves and surrounding things intact. Not everything is so serious, but control is needed unequivocally, and the owner is obliged to monitor the upbringing.

Character sharieya assertive, but the dog does not need any extra gestures. It is enough to give for a paddock about 1 hour a day. Walk or play a little in an active game - Shar Pei still need physical activity, which will make him squander and be calmer. Take a shar pei can a single person or a married couple, a large family with grown-up children and ... in general, there are no restrictions, except that a family with young children needs to monitor the communication of the dog and the baby. To give the dog to the child and entrust the education is better not earlier than from 12-14 years. But even then help the child in the process of training and education. Do not throw it alone to solve difficult problems.

History of the breed (shortly).

Most likely the ancestors of shar pei were either ancient mastiffs or smooth-haired chow-chow. Sharpei and Chow Chow lived at the same time, and in their appearance there are similarities. In addition, the blue-black color of the tongue is found only in these two breeds. The age of shar pei is at least 3000 years, and in the past this dog participated in battles. This is eloquently told by the physique of the breed: prickly, short wool, which the enemy is uncomfortable to hold in the mouth, folds on the skin and powerful, massive jaws. But soon the career of the fighter was over, as large and powerful dogs were brought to China.

After a while Shar Pei began to protect the houses of the peasants and even helped hunters in their business. Already in the 1940s, after the communists came to power, the breed was practically exterminated only because it was considered a symbol of a privileged class. In 1971, rock lovers began its active recovery, buying dogs and building plans for further revival. Soon things started to recover, and now sharpei is one of the most popular breeds in Russia.

The maintenance and care of sharie.

shar pei sleeping

Contrary to the widespread misconception that caring for shar pei requires the owners of special knowledge and a lot of time, in fact, it is very easy to take care of these creatures. It is enough to work from time to time with a brush (with a short bristle or rubberized) with the dog's hair, bathe 1-2 times a year, together with a special shampoo for dogs, from time to time wipe the eyes and sometimes wipe the wrinkles on the face. When moulting, you can comb out the dog on the street so that small wool does not stay at home, and be sure to accustom the animal to carry the procedure smoothly from an early age, rewarding for tranquility with delicacy and praise.

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Feed shar pei should be like all other dogs. Choose only natural food as food for your pet, or only dry food. To interfere with two types of food is harmful to health. Do you prefer dry food, since it saves time? Then choose high-quality products of super-premium class, otherwise it's better to feed naturalka. Natural food is no worse than dry food, especially when you feed ordinary food, you will know what products you give, how fresh they are and how much you put in porridge. In general, the choice of food for the owner.

Education and training sharieja.

For a beginner, the training of shar pei will not be a task from the lungs. Both stubborn and proud, these dogs will resist the master's demands until the end of their training, but a patient and persistent person will definitely achieve obedience. Sharpei does not need to teach the general course of training, so in case of self-study, teach the pupil to the commands "to me", "fu", "next", "lie", "sit", "place", "give", "aport". These are the most necessary commands that the dog will hear every day, and therefore it is necessary to achieve their unquestioning performance without unnecessary repetition.

Education sharieya and his training can be entrusted to a child whose age reached 12-14 years, even then the parents should be ready to hedge it. The breed is not less easy to educate than to train, but here everything is not so difficult with sufficient desire and patience. Sharpei is not stupid, and if properly explained, he will quickly realize where the toilet is (at home or on the street), that you can not take food from strangers and pick up muck from the floor, it is forbidden to bite the master's arms, legs, chew around things in the house and do everything to be strange. In order that the dog does not shawl, it is necessary to establish clear rules of behavior in the family, which are read in the section "Puppy Education" in the article about the rules of behavior of the dog.

Little information about the breed? To learn more about the favorite animal, see a short, but interesting video about Sharpee a little lower.

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