Russian Toy Terrier. Description of the nature and advice on the content.


Russian Toy Terrier is a breed of dog with a huge energy reserve, which she will gladly send for a walk with the owner in nature, morning jogging or an active game. In terms of the withdrawal of difficulties with the terrier there are no, except that this active dog needs walks, capable of taking away some of her energy. Otherwise, its excess will cause the dog to get up different pranks. For example, she can chew on furniture, poorly obey orders submitted by the owner, become more aggressive, etc. However, the Russian that the terrier dog is very smart and well suited for training, it is easy to bring up not only a beginner, but even a child of school age.

A family consisting of any number of people can bring that terrier. He will get along with a lonely person, he will feel great in a family of several people or even in a large family. It does not matter, if only there was an opportunity to frolic. True, in a family with young children, even though one can take, but it is better to monitor the communication of a small dog and child.

Breed standard (short).


до 3 кг. Weight male and female: up to 3 kg.

20-28 см. Growing male and female: 20-28 cm.

Russian toy terrier price.

до 200-300$. "With hands": up to 200-300 $.

до 400$. PET-class: up to 400 $.

от 500$ до 700$. BRID-class: from $ 500 to $ 700.

от 700$ до 1100$ и выше. SHOW-class: from $ 700 to $ 1100 and above.

Care and maintenance.

низкая. Complexity of care: low.

минимум. Care of the coat: minimum.

в зависимости от шерстяного покрова. How many times to bathe: depending on the wool cover.

в доме. Preferred living conditions: in the house.

12-13 лет. Lifespan: 12-13 years.

Россия. Country: Russia.

начало XX века. Date of the birth of the breed: the beginning of the XX century.

Группа 9. Group FCI: Group 9.

Секция 9. Section FCI: Section 9.

352. FCI No. 352.

Russian Toy Terrier in Clothing

Education and training:

ниже среднего. The complexity of education: below average.

ниже среднего. Complexity of training: below average.

12-15 лет. You can engage in a child with: 12-15 years.

Purpose of the breed.

декоративная порода. Primary purpose: decorative rock.

как и прежде, той терьер служит компаньоном и другом человеку. Where it is used now: as before, that terrier serves as a companion and friend to man.

Attitude towards living beings.

недоверчивое. Strangers: distrustful.

нормальное. Children living in the family: normal.

нормальное. Animals: normal.

Level of activity and paddock:

выше среднего. Need for activity: above average.

весьма игривые. Playfulness: very playful.

около 1 часа в день. Duration of the walk: about 1 hour a day.

бег, активные игры. Intensity of walking: running, active games.


Moving, cheerful creatures.

Good watchmen.

Good life expectancy.

Minimal care.


Very fragile creatures.

Wear warm clothes for the winter.

Excess of energy and lack of education will necessarily lead to excessive barking.

Ideal companions for:

Active people.

Those who love dog fashion.

Bad choice for:

Laziness, busy people.

Families with small children.

Character and description of the Russian that terrier. Who will approach the breed?

Despite the fervent temperament, the character of the Russian that terrier is quite flexible. That is, the dog is well controlled by the master, who will train and educate her. Also, the terrier will execute the commands of all family members if they learn to control the dog. Control of the terriers is necessary, otherwise the hot character will make itself felt. Even from a small, but ill-bred dog, you can expect huge troubles. The object of anger will be their own kind, and courage often pushes him to aggression to much more than he does to dogs, which can result in a campaign against a veterinarian. In addition to control, you need an active paddock, which can take away excess energy from the toy.

Russian Toy Terrier is a good choice for a single person or a couple of people, it can easily take root in a large family with children older than 4 years old, and in a family with young children, with proper upbringing and control from adults, will feel quite comfortable. The main thing is to devote enough time to the paddock of such an active creature, and then the dog will be calm and complaisant. True, those who do not want to fool themselves with clothes for dogs, let them pay attention to the breed with a lot of wool cover. Well, or take a long-haired toya, the truth and he quickly freezes when it's cold.

The maintenance and care of the Russian that terrier.

Russian of the terrier lies

Russian Toy Terrier does not require any self-care. Long-haired that terrier from time to time, brushing and bathing about 4-5 times a year. The short-haired "option" can be bathed 1-2 times a year, and if the dog is heavily soiled on the ground, then it is better to wipe it with a wet terry towel. Care for a Russian that terrier, to a greater extent, implies the need for active walking. Teach the dog command "aport", so it was easier to walk it and take all the stored energy. Running and walking just as well will have a positive impact on the health of the owner and dog, as well as on the obedience of the latter.

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To feed the Russian that terrier follows the same as all other breeds. First you need to choose the type of feeding that will be most convenient for you. You can give it either dry food, or natural, since it is not recommended to interfere with two types of nutrition. It's hard to say which food is better. Natural is more profitable in terms of money, while feeding drying will save time. If you choose dry food, then buy only quality products of super premium class. In the case of natural feeding, make sure that all the products necessary for the dog are present in the diet.

Training and education of the Russian that terrier.

It is not difficult to train a Russian that terrier, as this breed is very smart. that the terrier quickly assimilates simple commands and can even easily learn to perform more complex ones. On how correctly and consistently the host is training the dog depends on how quickly she will learn and remember the commands. Any raised dog, even such a small and decorative breed as the Russian that the terrier, should know the commands "to me", "next", "place", "fu", "sit", "lie" and, preferably, "aport" and "Give" (useful for active walking). It is very important that the dog does it without repeated repetitions on the part of the host, otherwise it will be necessary to repeatedly repeat the same command several times before it executes it. Also it is necessary to work out the commands on the street, not limited to the house, otherwise the dog will carry out the master's orders only at home and nowhere else.

Education of the Russian that the terrier will take a minimum of time, if the owner to work intelligibly explain the dog to his demands. Since the appearance of the puppy, it is necessary to establish the rules of behavior in the family, thanks to which the dog will understand what the host wants from him. that the terrier will quickly understand where his toilet is (at home or on the street), stop gnawing the necessary things in the house, pick up food from the floor and take it from other people's hands, according to the owner's word, he will throw the habit of biting his hands in the game or jumping for joy to family members at the meeting. To entrust to educate and train this breed it is possible to allow even a child whose age reached 7-8 years. To make it easier to control the pet, be sure to engage in active walking. Otherwise, managing the dog will be much more difficult, as well as to achieve adequate behavior in the absence of the owners.

If you have little information about the breed of dogs Russian that terrier, then the video below will completely satisfy your craving for knowledge;)

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