Rottweiler: the character of the dog, the content and upbringing of the Rottweiler.

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The Rottweiler dog is thoughtlessly devoted to the owner and his family. Since the Rottweiler does not have a lot of wool, it will be able to protect its flock in the winter, residents of private houses will have to start a dog in the house. But the owners can be confident in the safety of property and family - Rottweiler is a real demon in a rage! However, in the circle of members of his pack, he is very compliant and obedient. Obtain unquestioning obedience from the breed will only be persevering, demanding, patient master. A brute force in the education of this dog is not needed, but definitely you need determination and inflexibility in your teams. Rottweiler character will show as a small puppy, and a weak-willed owner will constantly suffer from the tricks of a growing puppy.

Rottweiler does not require special care. Occasionally, use a special brush on the pet's fur so that the fine coat does not stay on the things in the house, and once or twice a year bathe the dog. By the way, the breed will perfectly fit into the family of any composition, it will be good to treat children of all ages (even the most tender), and upbringing and training can be entrusted to the child from the age of 14.

Breed standard (short).


около 50 кг. The dog's weight: about 50 kg.

около 42 кг. Weight of a bitch: about 42 kg.

61-68 см. Growth of a male: 61-68 cm.

56-63 см. The growth of a bitch: 56-63 cm.


Care and maintenance.

низкая. Complexity of care: low.

низкая. Care of wool: low.

не чащу двух раз в год. How many times to bathe: I do not dry twice a year.

в тепле дома. Preferred living conditions: warm in the house.

конечно. Can they live in an apartment: of course.

около 10-12 лет. Life expectancy: about 10-12 years.

Германия. Country: Germany.

середина XVIII века. The date of the birth of the breed: the middle of the XVIII century.

Группа 2. Пинчеры и шнауцеры, молоссы и швейцарские зенненхунды. Group FCI: Group 2. Pinschers and schnauzers, Molosses and Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Секция 2.1. Section FCI: Section 2.1. Molossi, dog-like dogs.

147. FCI No. 147.

Rottweiler price.

до 120$. Hand: up to $ 120.

до 200-300$. PET-class: up to 200-300 $.

от 500$ до 800$. BRID-class: from $ 500 to $ 800.

от 700$ до 1000$ и выше. SHOW-class: from $ 700 to $ 1000 and above.

Education and training:

средняя. Complexity of education: average.

средняя. Complexity of training: medium.

13-14 лет. You can engage the child with: 13-14 years.

Purpose of the breed.

охрана. Primary purpose: protection.

издревле породу использовали для охраны стад и защиты имущества хозяев. Where is used now: since ancient times the breed has been used to protect the herds and protect the property of the owners. Now the Rottweiler serves as a friend and a bodyguard.

Attitude towards living beings.

крайне недоверчивое. Strangers: extremely distrustful.

отличное. Children living in the family: excellent.

нормальное, но социализация необходима. Animals: normal, but socialization is necessary.

Level of activity and paddock:

высокая. Need for activity: high.

выше среднего. Playfulness: above average.

минимум час в сутки. Duration of walking: minimum hour per day.

активные игры, прогулки. Intensity of walking: active games, walks.


First-class bodyguards and relentless guards.

Very strong breed with powerful jaws.

Good to train.

Minimal care of the coat.


Hardened, though very smart. In education and training you need to be persistent.

They strive to dominate the family.

Ideal companions for:

Any family composition. Although for a lonely person, even for a large family with young children.

For strong, confident people.

Active people, athletes.

Bad choice for:

Weak people.

Inactive, sedentary people.

The character of the Rottweiler. Who will approach the breed?

Rottweiler dogs are deadly dangerous for ill-wishers and affectionate, compassionate for all members of the family, even the smallest. Self-confident, independent, with a huge sense of self-worth, Rottweilers need a leader who is stronger than their spirit. In the absence of the leader, the dog will think that the flock is in danger and needs a leader who will lead everyone behind them, and therefore will begin to strive for leadership in order to save (from its point of view) the flock members from difficulties. Thus, the future owners of the breed should take care of the establishment of leadership, then the dog will be complaisant and obedient as a child.

The Rottweiler breed will be much better at obeying the master's orders, if it's walking. While walking, be sure to play with the dog in active games, you can go jogging or cycling. Thus, all the energy of the dog will go into an active way of life, and it will be much more calm and obedient. Without activity, it is extremely difficult to control the animal.

Rottweiler perfectly joins the family of any composition. He will perfectly live with a single person or in a large family, even with very young children. It is better to follow the communication of a child and a dog of any breed, but the Rottweilers are very friendly and patient with respect to the children. But to entrust care of the dog to the child is better not earlier than from 13-14 years.

Interesting articles.

In a dog like Doberman, the character is not sugar. The master will have to try to achieve obedience. But dobermanns are unsurpassed defenders.

Staff or Staffordshire Terrier has become famous only thanks to the efforts of the media. In reality, they are kind, easy-going, affectionate dogs, very friendly to all life.

History of the breed (shortly).

The history of the breed begins in the German town of Rottweil (to whom the breed is grateful for its name), known for its cattle fairs. There, the farmers drove herds of cattle, and in this they were helped by dogs, which they began to call Rottweilers. The work of this dog was not easy, but it easily carries all the burdens of life. In the afternoon, the Rottweilers followed the order in the herd, urging the stragglers and even occasionally squeezing aggressive bulls. At night, through sleep, guarded herds and property owners from intruders. After selling their goods, farmers celebrated a successful deal. To not lose or not spend money earned, they put them in a special pocket on the collar of the dog. Here the money was absolutely safe.

With the advent of the railway, the need for livestock drivers has disappeared and the Rottweilers have been on the verge of extinction. But soon the police paid attention to the breed, appreciating the working qualities of the dog. Then the Rottweiler gained popularity, now as a service dog. Over time, fans of the breed became more and more, and these dogs gradually began to spread throughout the world.

Maintenance and care of Rottweiler.

Rottweiler Puppy

To look after a rottweiler is easy. From time to time, comb the fur on the street, otherwise it will remain on things in the house, once or twice a year, bathe the beast with shampoo and ... everything, in fact, unless you do not forget to treat the pet from the parasites and drive to the vet for vaccination. When extreme contamination of the wool (for example, when walking in bad weather), it is better to just use a wet terry towel and clean all the dirt. Teach a puppy or an adult dog to wait patiently while taking care of yourself from the moment of appearance in the house, so that you do not have to keep the dog with the whole family every time you are going to comb her hair or bathe.

Feed the Rottweiler only with natural food or only with dry food. Feed and dry food and natural - harmful to health. If you choose between two types of food, then you should make a choice in favor of quality food for dogs of the super premium class, otherwise it's better to spend time preparing food from natural products, since there is not much good stuff put in cheap feeds. Power naturalka good because it's somewhat cheaper, and you'll know which products are put in porridge animal.

Education and training of the Rottweiler.

Rottweiler training is not a difficult matter if you are persistent in your demands, competently use delicacy, praise and, when necessary, be strict. The breed of Rottweiler dogs quickly understands what exactly the owner wants from him, is capable of memorizing a lot of teams, and in any conditions and situations, but due to his stiffness and independence the training of a newcomer will seem a bit more difficult in comparison with other breeds.

Rottweiler needs to go through the whole general training course, after which it is necessary to learn how to protect the owner. Then you can be completely sure of the dog's ability to protect your family and property. Training in defense will allow you to get controlled by the will of the master, deadly weapons. But with family members this "weapon" will be affectionate and tender as a kitten.

On which it is worth paying close attention, so this is the upbringing of a rottweiler puppy. Since the first days of the appearance of a puppy or an adult dog in the house, establish the rules of behavior in the family, thanks to which it will be possible to show the pupil who is the leader in the pack. In general, the breed quickly smokes where the toilet is located, that one can not eat from the floor and hands of strangers, it is forbidden to jump with the paws on the master, bite it in the game for the limbs, spoil the things cutting in the teeth in the house and get up other pranks. To entrust the education of the Rottweiler to the child is possible, but not earlier than the child will be 13-14 years old. But even then the parents must come to the child to help, if it is difficult for him.

Little information about the breed? In this case for you there is a short, but informative video about the breed of Rottweiler dogs. Enjoy the magnificent appearance of a truly beautiful creature.

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