Pomeranian Dwarf Pomeranian: a description of the nature and content of the Spitz.

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Dwarf Pomeranian Pomeranian is a breed of dogs with an endless supply of energy, which overflows this animal over the edge. Constantly in search of adventure and striving for active action, Pomeranian Spitzes need a master who could satisfy their passion for active life. After physical activity in nature, the dog will look like a lump of dirt, so you need to learn how to take care of the beast. If you are impressed with well-groomed, bright, furry fur of a really beautiful creature, then do not be afraid of minor troubles with leaving. As you know, art requires sacrifice. Even if not large, in the case of a dwarf spitz, after all, it is enough to spend 10-15 minutes a day on leaving.

Pomeranian dwarf dog is not a cowardly coward, and your guests can feel on their pants the anger of a pet, who before a planned attack will warn the opponent with sonorous barking. Just bring up the dog, walk it, then it will be more obedient and much calmer.

Breed standard (short).


1,8-3 кг. The dog's weight is 1.8-3 kg.

1,6-2,6 кг. Weight female: 1.6-2.6 kg.

18-22 см. Growth of a male: 18-22 cm.

16-20 см. Height of a bitch: 16-20 cm.

около 12 разновидностей окрасов. Color: about 12 varieties of colors.

Pomeranian Pomeranian handsome

Care and maintenance.

выше среднего. Complexity of care: above average.

нужен постоянный уход. Care of the coat: you need constant care.

по мере загрязнения. How many times to bathe: as far as contamination.

только в доме. Preferred living conditions: only in the house.

да. Can they live in an apartment: yes.

12-16 лет. Lifespan: 12-16 years.

Германия. Country: Germany.

около 1870 года. The date of the birth of the breed: about 1870.

Группа 5: Шпицы и примитивные типы. Group FCI: Group 5: Spitz and primitive types.

Секция 4: Европейские шпицы. Section FCI: Section 4: European Spitz.

97. FCI No: 97.

Pomeranian Spitz price.

до 200$. "With hands": up to 200 $.

от 300$ до 500$. PET-class: from $ 300 to $ 500.

от 700$ до 1500$. BRID-class: from $ 700 to $ 1500.

от 1200$ - 2000$ и больше. SHOW-class: from 1200 $ - 2000 $ and more.

Education and training:

ниже среднего. The complexity of education: below average.

ниже среднего. Complexity of training: below average.

8-10 лет. You can engage the child with: 8-10 years.

Purpose of the breed.

компаньон. Primary appointment: companion.

как и раньше, в наше время померанский шпиц - друг семьи. Where it is used now: as before, nowadays the Pomeranian Spitz is a friend of the family.

Attitude towards living beings.

недоверчивое. Strangers: distrustful.

нормальное. Children living in the family: normal.

нужна социализация. Animals: socialization is necessary.

Level of activity and paddock:

высокая. Need for activity: high.

очень игривые. Playfulness: very playful.

больше 1 часа в день. Duration of walking: more than 1 hour per day.

прогулки, активные игры. Intensity of walking: walks, active games.


Beautiful, fascinating appearance. You will receive a lot of attention to yourself and the dog from passers-by.

Active, cheerful disposition will not let you be bored for a second.

A good caretaker for the residents of the apartment.

Does not freeze in the cold season.


Lai, which can be a lot. We need to engage in upbringing.

Spitz can be aggressive towards other animals.

They require activity, and therefore the owner needs a Spitz mobile.

The price for thoroughbred puppy Spitz, to put it mildly, bites.

Ideal companions for:

Active people or lovers of long walks.

Those who need a sonorous guard.

Connoisseurs of beautiful haircuts.

Bad choice for:

Laziness or busy people. Spitz needs a sufficient amount of hours for the paddock.

Lai can be a problem if you do not control it.

Careful care of the coat is required, so the Spitz is not a breed for lazy people.

Families with young children. Spitz is an adequate breed, but parents should always follow the communication between the dog and the child.

The nature of the Pomeranian Spitz. Who will use the pygmy pomeranian?

The character of the Pomeranian Spitz, like many small breeds of dogs, is hot as a flame of hell. These small animals feel much larger in size than they really are, and therefore fearlessly rush to their opponent, no matter what size he is. The fury of this fluff can be experienced by strangers, or guests who have gone to tea. Before entering your home, they will first hear a threatening barking, and if this is not enough, they will be forced to experience the power of the tooth-needles. Of course, the heat of this dog can be extinguished by doing education, allowing the pet to communicate with oneself like and allowing excess energy to go out through the paddock. Everything is in the hands of the owner!

Pygmy dog ​​Spitz for active people who love an active lifestyle or adore long walks. Lonely people, a married couple or a large family with grown-up children can create the ideal conditions for a dog if they treat it with love. There will be a breed and a good choice as a gift for the growing up child, who will be able to independently educate and care for the Spitz. You can take a dog to a child who has turned 7 years old, but at this age you can not completely entrust your child with upbringing. The parent, when necessary, must himself take part in solving the problem.

History of the breed (shortly).

The very first Pomeranian Spitz weighed about 14 kg. But dog breeders quickly realized that a dog with this level of aggression should weigh at least 4 times lighter. Just kidding, in fact, the Spitz fell into England in 1870 from Pomerania even when Queen Victoria was in power. It was in England that the dog breeders brought out the dwarf form of the Spitz, which we now know. "Updated" Spitz liked the breeders from other countries, and they began to strive for a new breed standard. Nowadays these dogs are extremely popular also thanks to the famous puppy named "Bu", who conquered the Internet with his pretty appearance.

The maintenance and care of the Pomeranian Spitz.

adult pomeranian pomeranian

It may seem that caring for the hair of Pomeranian Spitz requires special knowledge, but you need not so much knowledge, as much perseverance and 10-15 minutes a day to maintain the beauty of the pet. In this case, the main thing is constancy, otherwise the spiky hair will be lost in coils and turn into complete disgrace. To swim the breed should, if possible, not often. It will be enough to bathe 4-6 times a year, but here you need common sense. If, after walking, the beast is like a floor rag, then you should immediately arrange a bath day. For bathing, use a special shampoo for dogs, after consulting with the seller about the choice of shampoo specifically to the Pomeranian Spitz.

Interesting articles.

Dogs of small breeds possess a brave heart, which even the largest breeds will envy. In the article on the link you will find out which rocks are the smallest in the world, and what are the sizes of the smallest dog.

Feed the Spitz can be dry food or natural, cooked independently. Do not be misled by commercials that claim that only in a dry food are all the necessary substances in the right proportions of the dog. You can always make a high-quality, delicious meal containing everything you need for an animal, especially since you will know exactly what you feed your pet. If you are going to feed drying, this is also an excellent option, especially convenient for busy people, but choose only a good food for dogs of super-premium class. For example, the same Akana should be attributed to high-quality feeds.

Training and education of Pomeranian Spitz.

To train a puppy of a Pomeranian Spitz or to train an adult is not so difficult, but the host will need to show all his perseverance when working out the commands. Let this breed do not need much to know the whole general course, but you should definitely teach the dog the commands that she will hear every day. "Sit", "lie", "place", "to me", "next", "fu", "give" - ​​each dog must know them, otherwise it will be difficult to control it. You can entrust the training of a dwarf spitz to a child of 8-10 years of age, but be sure to come to the rescue if it is difficult for him to cope with the dog himself.

Spitz Pomeranian dwarf dog is very smart, and quickly understands what the owner wants from her. To teach this breed to go to the toilet on the street or on the trays of the house, to wean us to chew on the housewives, pick food from the floor or bite our hands - it's very simple if we are persevering and consistent in our actions. Do not be afraid to take a Spitz if you think that your knowledge in upbringing and training is too little. All at once you will not know exactly. Simply in time solve the problems in behavior that every dog ​​has, gradually train and everything will turn out as it should.

You have little information provided? Then a bit below see a short video about the breed of dogs Pomeranian dwarf pomeranian, in which in a few minutes they will tell about this amazing creation.

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