Description of the breed of dog pug and caring for the breed.

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A pug dog seems to have been specially created for lazy people. Most of the time this beast will happily spend on its side, well, or in some other interesting position, rhythmically snoring in a dream. But despite the low level of activity, the pug breed is not indifferent to the activity at all, and will not refuse to play a little with the owner. Especially playful are young individuals. True, this energy is short-lived. With the upbringing and training problems will not be accurate, although for training more complex teams, the pug's owners will have to show all their perseverance.

Pug is a very friendly breed of dogs, which is strongly attached to family members, and will playfully greet guests at the doorstep of the house. Some individuals are even ready to fall asleep at the hands of family friends. Given the good nature of the pug, you should teach him not to approach the teams of strangers and not take food from their hands. Read how to wean the dog to take from others' food.

Breed standard (short).


9-11 кг. The weight of the dog is 9-11 kg.

7,5-9 кг. Weight of a bitch: 7,5-9 kg.

29-31 см. Growth of a male: 29-31 cm.

26-28 см. Height of a bitch: 26-28 cm.

чёрный и светлый. Color: black and light.

pug puppy

Care and maintenance.

средняя. Complexity of care: average.

не сложно. Care of the coat: not difficult.

2-4 раза в год. How many times to bathe: 2-4 times a year.

в доме. Preferred living conditions: in the house.

да. Can they live in an apartment: yes.

10-12 лет. Life expectancy: 10-12 years.

КНР. Country: PRC.

600 г. до н.э. Date of birth of the breed: 600 BC.

Группа 9: собака-компаньон и той-породы. Group FCI: Group 9: Companion dog and Toy breed.

Секция 11 : маленькие молоссы. Section FCI: Section 11: Little Molosses.

253. FCI No. 253.

Pug price.

до 120$. Hand: up to $ 120.

от 150$ до 300$. PET-class: from $ 150 to $ 300.

от 400$ до 800$. BRID-class: from $ 400 to $ 800.

от 800$-1300$ и выше. SHOW-class: from 800 $ -1300 $ and above.

Education and training:

низкая. Complexity of education: low.

средний. Complexity of training: medium.

6-7 лет. You can engage the child with: 6-7 years.

Purpose of the breed.

собака-компаньон. Primary appointment: companion dog.

мопс, как и прежде, отлично выполняет роль компаньона, друга каждому члену семьи. Where it is used now: the pug, as before, perfectly performs the role of a companion, a friend to every member of the family.

Attitude towards living beings.

дружелюбное. Strangers: friendly.

отношение хорошее, ровное. Children living in the family: the attitude is good, even.

хорошее. Animals: good.

Level of activity and paddock:

ниже среднего. Need for activity: below average.

низкая. Playfulness: low. High in youth.

до 1 часа. Duration of the walk: up to 1 hour.

обычные прогулки. Intensity of walking: usual walks.


One appearance of a pug can lift the mood to the limit.

Affectionate and friendly.

An excellent companion for the child.


Pug requires a certain care for your body.

To train the pug team, you need unbearable patience.

Ideal companions for:

Lonely people, lazy people.

For a family with children or a child.

Bad choice for:

Active people. Although the pug is not against even long walks. Runs he will not master.

The nature of the pug. Who will approach the breed?

Character. Pug character is very calm, and so do not expect him to be particularly active. His free time this beast with a hunter will spend on the bed or in his place, from time to time tracking the movement of the owners past him. At the same time, at the time of the energy surge, the pug turns into a real hurricane, the ever-present whirlwind of energy. True, the charge of cheerfulness is enough for only a few minutes of active play, after which time comes the deserved rest.

The complaisant, gentle, friendly character of the pug will be enjoyed by many dog ​​breeders, especially those who are used to taking guests in their home. He will perfectly join a family with children, or be a good choice as a friend for a child. Especially good selection of pug for lazy people or busy people, however, even a so-inactive being needs activity. Actually, the breed can be brought by anyone who is ready to properly take care of it, give enough time for training and keep the house warm.

History of the breed (shortly).

Pugs - one of the oldest Chinese breeds of dogs, deduced exclusively "for the sake of the soul." The exact date of the birth of the breed is for certain is unknown, as there is not enough information about the ancestors of the pug, but it is known that for about 3000 years the only task of the pug was to accompany his masters wherever they went. Presumably, his ancestors were Pekingese. By the way, Pekingese could only contain in the imperial palaces, while rich and wealthy people could already take pugs.

Around 1553, pugs were brought to France (either together with the Turkish fleet, or with the Dutch), where they immediately gained popularity among ladies from the high world, among whom the possession of this dog was considered a sign of a good tone. More attention was given to the breed from painters and sculptors who captured pugs on paintings, engravings, clay, bronze and other materials, much more often than all other breeds. Not in the form of a work of art, but in a living form to us pug came in the early 80s in the number of just a few individuals. Over time, fans of the breed has become so much that now the pug is one of the most popular breeds of dogs.

The maintenance and care of a pug.

pug puppy

The pug dog breed requires specific care of itself, but there is nothing complicated in this, and care takes not much time. Attention is demanded by wool, claws on the paws, which are cut once every two weeks, ears (sulfur accumulates in them, and the ears are sometimes tied up for proper placement) and eyes that are sometimes wiped off by mucus. In general, the "eyed" pug needs the care of his eyes. Better not walk with him in high grass or in dusty terrain. Always store eye drops in the house. What kind? First, go to the veterinarian, who will tell you the most suitable for your pet. Care for a pug involves regular rubbing of the muzzle and wrinkles on the bridge of the nose.

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Be sure to find out more about eating pug. Feed this breed follows all the same products as any others. Choose what is more convenient for you: prepare food yourself or buy ready-made dry pork feed. Feed equally well with both dry and natural food. The main thing is that the drying is qualitative, otherwise it is better to cook natural food, because poor quality dry dog ​​food has a doubtful benefit. By the way, pugs are prone to obesity, and therefore be sure to follow the moderate diet of your pet. It is not necessary and to neglect the exercise in order to lose weight, even pugs do not particularly like activity.

Training and raising a pug.

Pug training and upbringing is a process that can even be entrusted to a child of 6-8 years old. There is no need to train the breed for all the teams of the general course, but it's necessary to teach the most necessary commands in everyday life. Such simple commands as "to me", "fu", "near", "place", "sit", "lie" - the beast should know ideally. Then the owner will be sure that he controls the pet and can manage it at any time and in any situation. Being rugged animals, Pugs need a little more time to learn and remember commands, but for an insistent master this is not a problem, especially since most teams you will learn at home, from time to time commanding a dog.

Raising a pug puppy or an adult is not difficult. Teaching the puppy to the toilet, weaning from bad habits and establishing the rules of upbringing - all this is not difficult even for those who have absolutely no experience in the education of dogs. It is not difficult to train a pug and to leash with a collar, place in his house or prohibit sleeping where he is not supposed to. Pug quickly realizes what the master needs from him, although much depends on the owner himself: a person who is listless and not persistent will hardly succeed in educating the breed.

Want to know a little more about the breed, but are you tired of reading it? See the short video below, which will surely cause a smile on your face.

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