The Caucasian shepherd breed: the character of the dog, the training and education of the Caucasian.

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The Caucasian Shepherd is one of the strongest defenders among the canine. Caucasian dog is reckless - brave, and if the owner or family members are in danger, then without hesitation, rush at least a bear. Be sure that the dog will pour out all the fury of his anger at the intruders, who decided to take pity on your property or close people, and this malice is unlimited. Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a powerful dog, and in order to control this serious weapon, the owner must seriously engage in upbringing and training. Also, you need to take time out for paddock and games. The breed is not very active, but about an hour of walking a day it just needs to get for the development of physical strength and just for the output of extra energy outside, which otherwise will be directed at disobedience and aggression.

Caucasian shepherd breed is undemanding to the conditions of life, and will feel great in any family. A lonely person, a married couple or even a large family in which there are little children - the Caucasian will get along wherever he is provided with the necessary conditions and the opportunity to be alone.

Breed standard (short).


мин 68 см. Growth of a male: 68 cm.

мин 64 см. Height of a bitch: min 64 sm.

мин 50 кг. The dog's weight: min 50 kg.

мин 45 кг. Weight female: min 45 kg.

How much does a Caucasian shepherd puppy cost?

до 200$ - 250$. "With hands": up to 200 $ - 250 $.

до 350$. PET-class: up to 350 $.

от 400$ до 750$. BRID-class: from $ 400 to $ 750.

около 900$. SHOW-class: about 900 $.

Care and maintenance.

выше среднего. Complexity of care: above average.

около 2 раз в год. How many times to bathe: about 2 times a year.

во дворе. Preferred living conditions: in the courtyard.

10-11 лет. Life expectancy: 10-11 years.

Азия. Country: Asia.

около 1765 г. The date of the birth of the breed: about 1765.

Группа 2. Group FCI: Group 2.

Секция 2. Section FCI: Section 2.

328. FCI standard number: 328.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Education and training:

выше среднего. Difficulty of upbringing: above average.

средняя. Complexity of training: medium.

с 15 лет. You can deal with a child with: from 15 years.

Purpose of the breed.

охрана, защита, выпас стад скота. Primary purpose: protection, protection, grazing of livestock herds.

кавказская овчарка уже практически не выпасает стада, зато она непревзойдённа в охране и защите своей стаи. Where it is used now: the Caucasian sheep-dog almost does not graze the flock, but it is unsurpassed in protecting and protecting its flock.

Attitude towards living beings.

враждебное. Outsiders: hostile.

дружелюбное, очень терпеливое. Children living in the family: friendly, very patient.

нормальное, но нужна социализация. Animals: normal, but you need socialization.

Level of activity and paddock:

средняя. Need for activity: medium.

низкая. Playfulness: low.

около 1 часа/день. Duration of the walk: about 1 hour / day.

активные игры, бег, езда на велосипеде - спорт нужен кавказцу для развития способности защищать хозяина. Intensity of the paddock: active games, running, cycling - the Caucasian needs sports to develop the ability to protect the owner.


Unshakable, fearless and fierce defenders.

They love children.


It is necessary to bring up and train very seriously.

Ideal companions for:

Families with small children.

Residents of the private sector. But the paddock is needed even if the dog lives in the courtyard of a private house.

Bad choice for:

People who are not ready to seriously study the training of a dog.

Weak in nature of people.

Description and nature of the breed of dogs Caucasian shepherd. Who will approach the breed?

The character of the Caucasian sheep dog is not easy, and only a self-confident, persistent person will be able to control this powerful beast. Strong, unshakable and fearless, Caucasians are ready to give their lives for their master and his family members if they are in danger. The desire to protect the dog is huge, the reserves of power are also great, and if this energy is not withdrawn through the paddock and all sorts of activity, the breed will direct its forces to disobedience to the teams, various antics and, worst of all, aggression. The owner of the dog must take care of the full-scale walking even if she lives in the courtyard of a private house, and even more so if she lives in an apartment. To the Caucasus did not become a threat to others, was obedient and flexible in all situations, the owner will have to seriously engage in training the dog.

The breed of the Caucasian sheep-dog will fit into any family where they are not indifferent to large dogs, where they are ready to give everything necessary to the animal. A Caucasian dog will get along with a single person, even in a family with very small children, to whom the dog treats with incredible patience and royal condescension. He will withstand even the most severe childish jokes, but parents themselves must monitor the communication of the animal and the child.

The maintenance and care of the Caucasian sheepdog.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Child

It is not difficult to take care of a Caucasian shepherd's hair, it is enough to brush an animal with a special brush for long hair from time to time or after a walk. Do it better on the street, as the wool will fly around the house. Bathing Caucasian should not be more than 2 times a year, although if the coat is very dirty after a walk or at all, then arrange water procedures. The main duties of the owner in caring for the dog are reduced to the need to walk around. Time for this, relative to other breeds, will not take much, because Caucasian sheep-dogs are used to save energy, and not to waste it in vain. It is enough about 1-1.5 hours of walking a day with the opportunity to run after an abandoned stick or run alongside the owner. Be sure to practice active walking, in order to develop the physical strength of the dog and make it stronger, better able to protect the owner and family.

Interesting articles.

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The nutrition of the Caucasian sheep-dog should be high-grade. Actually, the feeding of this breed is not much different from how feed others. First the owner should choose between dry and natural food. Advantages of drying are that it does not take long to prepare, while natural feeding is more profitable in terms of material, and allows you to control the quality and quantity of foods that are fed to the animal. Which is better - it is difficult to answer. If you are going to feed by drying, then make a choice in favor of quality super premium foods. It is not cheap, but if you feed it with dry food, it's only good, otherwise it's better to prefer self-cooking.

Education and training of the Caucasian sheepdog.

The training of the Caucasian Shepherd is not a matter for the weak people. The owner must be self-confident, persevering and demanding, while his physical strength does not matter. To teach a Caucasian without the help of a cynologist only on articles on the Internet is a risky business, so you definitely need to sign up for a training course. The trainer for the owner will never train the dog, but he always tells you what to do in this or that embarrassing situation, that is, sends the owner to the right track. The Caucasian will receive the whole general training course, but the owner should focus on teaching such important commands as "me", "fu", "place", "next", "lying", "sitting", and it is very desirable to teach the to give an object by order. It should be introduced from the earliest age of the puppy, then the grown up dog with great joy will run after the abandoned stick.

Raising a Caucasian shepherd puppy is an occupation that requires a certain amount of experience. You can get the necessary knowledge from the pages of this site, and you need to do this before buying a puppy. First of all, with the appearance of the puppy in the house, the owner establishes the rules of behavior that will let the dog know what is allowed and what is prohibited. If the owner is working correctly, then the dog will quickly figure out what he wants from her. Caucasian Shepherd is smart enough animal, so it will quickly understand where her toilet is, place, refuse to eat from the hands of strangers and take food from the floor, stop eating things in the house, bite your hands in the game or jump on their masters with their paws after they come home . To be ready to solve the problem of behavior at its slightest manifestation (even if you do not know how) is the main thing, because it is impossible to foresee and know everything.

Did you like the Caucasian Shepherd and want to know more about this majestic breed? The video below will not only provide more information, but also in colors will show the magnificence and power of the Caucasian;)

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