Japanese Akita Inu: character and recommendations for content.


Japanese Akita Inu breed of dogs capable of one of its spectacular appearance bewitch even those who do not care about dogs. People can be indifferent to many breeds, but are unlikely to keep their enthusiasm at the sight of this beauty from the country of the rising sun, where the fabulous beauty of the Akita and the glory of the famous Hatiko has won a huge popularity. In Japan, Akita Inu is considered a symbol of devotion, and despite the independent, proud and independent nature of Akita, she is a very affectionate creature who wants to be with her whole being with her master. Do you want to know what true fidelity is? Then Akita is your choice!

Requirements for those who want to take Akita are not great. The main thing is to provide her with quality food, a full active paddock at least 1.5 hours a day and the opportunity to be alone so that no one interferes and does not touch. Also, the owner of the breed needs a strong spirit, confident and demanding, since a prone to dominance Akita will strive to become a leader with an insufficiently strong host.

Breed standard (short).


64-70 см. Growth of a male: 64-70 cm.

58-64 см. Height of a bitch: 58-64 cm.

40-45 кг. The dog's weight: 40-45 kg.

32-45 кг. Weight of a bitch: 32-45 kg.

Japanese Akita Inu price.

до 400$. "With hands": up to 400 $.

до 500$. PET-class: up to $ 500.

от 700$ до 1200$. BRID-class: from $ 700 to $ 1200.

от 1200$ - 2000$ и выше. SHOW-class: from 1200 $ - 2000 $ and above.

Care and maintenance.

ниже среднего. Complexity of care: below average.

около двух раз в год. How many times to bathe: about two times a year.

во дворе, в квартире но с выгулом. Preferred living conditions: in the yard, in the apartment but with a walk.

10-12 лет. Life expectancy: 10-12 years.

Япония. Country: Japan.

примерно 2 тыс. лет до нашей эры. The date of the birth of the breed: about 2 thousand years before our era.

Группа 5. Group FCI: Group 5.

Секция 5. Section FCI: Section 5.

255. FCI standard: 255.

Japanese Akita Inu

Education and training:

высокая. Difficulty of education: high.

высокая. Complexity of training: high.

с 14 лет. You can deal with a child with: from 14 years.

Purpose of the breed.

охота, собака-компаньон. Primary purpose: hunting, companion dog.

в наше время акита выступает в роли члена семьи, и не используется в охоте. Where it is used now: in our time Akita acts as a member of the family, and is not used in hunting.

Attitude towards living beings.

хорошее, но может быть недоверчивым. Strangers: good, but can be incredulous.

хорошее. Children living in the family: good.

немного агрессивное, нужно социализировать. Animals: a little aggressive, you need to socialize.

Level of activity and paddock:

высокая. Need for activity: high.

игривые. Playfulness: playful.

от 1,5 часа/день. Duration of the walk: from 1.5 hours / day.

любит активные игры, бег, пробежку на велосипеде. Intensity of walking: likes active games, running, jogging on a bicycle.


Attractive appearance.

Do not bark a lot.



It is not easy to train and educate.

Can be aggressive to animals, you need to accustom them.

Hunting instincts. We need to seriously study.

Ideal companions for:

Moving people, lovers of long walks or athletes.

Bad choice for:

People who do not like active life or do not have enough time for a dog.

Those who are weak in character.

Description of the breed of dogs Japanese Akita Inu. Who choose a dog?

The character of Japanese Akita inu is direct, assertive, independent and very independent. To train and educate a puppy for a beginner, due to the nature of the Akita, will really not be easy. The owner of Akita needs a confident, strong spirit, persistent and exacting. The physical strength of the owner does not matter even when breeding much larger breeds, but he must seriously engage in training the dog, as well as in time to solve the problems of behavior arising during the growing up. Although hard-working and wayward Akita is not easy to train, you do not need to think that this can only be done by an experienced dog breeder or a seasoned cynologist. The Japanese beauty will listen to any member of the family who is just seriously engaged in her education.

Japanese Akita Inu breed of dogs is very active, mobile and always full of vital energy. Over the years, it becomes more sedate and calmer, but if the owner plays with the puppy from an early age, even the old dog will be happy to play and frolic! Physical activity will help to get rid of unnecessary energy by peaceful means, if it does not, the dog will direct its forces to all sorts of pranks. Walked dog will be much calmer, more flexible, will better succumb to learning and will cease to spend energy on bad behavior.

Akita Inu gets along well in any family, even a large one and with young children. Parents should, in addition to training the dog, monitor the process of communication of small children and animals, and this applies to any breed. The main thing that the owners have to take into account before buying an Akita is its need for activity, as well as in seclusion. Be sure to give your dog a place in which no one will interfere.

The maintenance and care of the Japanese Akita Inu.

puppy of Japanese Akita Inu

Taking care of Akita Inu is not anything complicated. Several times a week, it is necessary to brush the dog's hair with a brush, bathe 1-2 times a year or as it gets soiled, and be vaccinated once a year. To care for akita is an active paddock. If you love sports and mobility, then this breed will happily come running with you in the morning, tirelessly will run next to the bicycle or if the owner does not have the opportunity to go in for sports, he will run after the abandoned stick with pleasure. For this, you will certainly learn the command "aport", otherwise the dog will not bring a stick and the game does not work out. To make it easier to walk vigorous Akita, you can buy a tennis ball and make a sling or buy a slingshot that will help to throw the ball away, and you do not strain once again.

Interesting articles.

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Japanese Akita Ina dog in food is not perelective, and it should be fed with the same products as other dogs. Initially, the owners should decide what to feed the dog: natural food or dry food, since mixing these two types of food is not recommended in view of the harm to the health of animals. Which is better to say. You can feed the dog with natural food, so you will know about the composition of the porridge fed to the pet and monitor the quality of the products. Choosing the same dry food is better to choose a quality dry dog ​​food belonging to the super premium class.

Education and training of Japanese Akita Inu.

Training Akita inu employment is very difficult, especially if the owner has no experience in the content of serious breeds. Akita dog is wayward, and will persist in executing commands if the owner can not find a proper approach to it. It is better for beginners to immediately register for a training course and listen carefully to the advice of a cynologist. But know that the trainer will not solve for you the problems of dog behavior and will not teach her the commands, he will only tell you how to be in this or that situation, will correct your actions, but the animal for you will not train or educate. With a responsible approach to training and education, the owner will be able to achieve obedience in 100% of cases.

Education of the Japanese Akita is not an easy process and requires the owners to have maximum patience and perseverance. Before taking a puppy, the owners should gradually learn themselves, prepare themselves for upbringing. Of course, all at once you can not get to know, so just solve the problems of behavior that arise during the upbringing process and train the puppy from 3 months. Akita dog has its own opinion, but it is very intelligible. It's not difficult to wean things out in the house, pick up food from the floor or take food from the hands of strangers, it's not difficult to accustom to the toilet outside the house, stop biting the owners by the hands in the game and wean them to jump with their paws when they meet. All the necessary articles on the training, education, weaning from bad habits of the breed of dogs Japanese Akita inu you will find in the relevant sections of this site.

Did you like the breed, but little information provided? Then watch the video below, which will tell more about this beautiful breed.

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