The breed of chow chow dogs: a description of the character, advice on keeping and training.

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A chow chow dog represents independence, independence and self-esteem. Few will cope with the tedious and wayward chow-chow not because of the nature of the breed, but only because of the lack of knowledge of how to deal with the dog in this or that case and in view of the reluctance to change something through purposeful work. Confident, persistent people can easily take chow without fear of the strength of their character. But be prepared for the fact that the beast has a very thick wool coat, which requires constant care.

Chow-chow dogs do not need long walks or physical exertion, but to get rid of excess energy that can lead to bad behavior, you should pay a paddock about 1 hour a day, giving the dog the opportunity to run around. The breed will feel good in any family, where it will be provided with decent living conditions and an opportunity to be alone.

Breed standard (short).


25-32 кг. The weight of the dog is 25-32 kg.

20-27 кг. Weight female: 20-27 kg.

48-56 см. Growth of a male: 48-56 cm.

46-51 см. Height of a bitch: 46-51 cm.

chow chow

Care and maintenance.

выше среднего. Complexity of care: above average.

много. Care of the coat: a lot.

по мере загрязнения (около 2 раз в месяц). How many times to bathe: as the contamination (about 2 times a month).

в тёплом помещении. Preferred living conditions: in a warm room.

да. Can they live in an apartment: yes.

около 9-12 лет. Life expectancy: about 9-12 years.

Китай. Country: China.

более 3000 лет. Date of birth of the breed: more than 3000 years.

Группа 5. Шпицы и примитивные типы собак. Group FCI: Group 5. Spitz and primitive types of dogs.

Секция 5. Азиатские шпицы и близкие породы. Section FCI: Section 5. Asian Spitz and Related Breeds.

205. FCI No. 205.

Chow-chow price.

до 150$. "With hands": up to $ 150.

до 200-250$. PET-class: up to 200-250 $.

от 500$ до 800$. BRID-class: from $ 500 to $ 800.

от 800$ до 1200$ и выше. SHOW-class: from $ 800 to $ 1200 and above.

Education and training:

средняя. Complexity of education: average.

средняя. Complexity of training: medium.

12-14 лет. You can engage in a child with: 12-14 years.

Purpose of the breed.

охрана, охота, оленеводство. Primary destination: protection, hunting, reindeer breeding.

чау-чау позабыли своё изначальное предназначение, и теперь просто выступают в роли компаньонов. Where it is used now: the chow-chow have forgotten their original purpose, and now they just act as companions.

Attitude towards living beings.

настороженное. Outsiders: cautious.

нормальное. Children living in the family: normal.

могут быть агрессивны, нужно воспитывать. Animals: can be aggressive, need to be educated.

Level of activity and paddock:

не высокая. Need for activity: not high.

ниже среднего. Playfulness: below average.

около часа в сутки. Duration of walking: about an hour a day.

игры, просто прогулки. Intensity of the paddock: games, just walks.


Good caretaker.

Can protect in case of a dangerous situation.


For education and training you need to make a lot of effort.

A lot of hair care.

Ideal companions for:

Single people, a couple or a large family without very young children.

Who appreciates the beauty and do not mind knowing about the arrival of the guests in the dog bark.

Bad choice for:

Weak in spirit people.

Families with small children.

Who does not want unnecessary difficulties in education and wants to train the teams faster.

The nature of the chow-chow. Who will approach the breed?

The breed of chow-chow dogs with all of their being feels the immense scale of their personality. Confident and proud for themselves, the chows are very brave animals that will not miss the opportunity to demonstrate superiority over other dogs at a convenient opportunity. The breed has a strong will and desperately needs a confident, strong leader who will lead the way. Only after seeing the leader in the host, the chow will reckon with his opinion, unquestioningly carry out commands even in the most extreme situations. To make it easier to educate and train chow-chow, you should always pay attention to physical stress. Let the breed and not very active, but thanks to the paddock will be much calmer and more flexible.

Chow chow character is hot, but do not be afraid of difficulties in education and training, if you are going to work responsibly and resolve problems of behavior in time. You can take the breed even in a family with young children, but be sure to monitor the communication of the dog and the child. Let the chow are not malicious in relation to the children, but they can not withstand the pain delivered by the baby, and therefore react aggressively. Are you going to entrust care of the dog to the child, giving him a puppy as a gift? Think about this breed when the child turns 12-14 years old. Help him in education and training, because the dog you take, first of all, for yourself.

History of the breed (shortly).

Chow-chow is one of the first primitive rocks that appeared in northern China and Mongolia, presumably as a result of evolution from the wolf (conducted analyzes of Chow Chow DNA claim that the breed is one of the oldest). Since ancient times, the breed has been used for hunting, protecting possessions, as sled dogs and in reindeer herding. Interesting is the fact that they were engaged in breeding in Buddhist monasteries, where they also conducted journals, a kind of pedigree breeds. Monks from time to time exchanged manufacturers in order to "refresh the blood."

China was closed to the outside world, and the first Chow Chows were imported to England only in 1830. English dog breeders became interested in the breed and decided to improve their breed qualities, so modern chow-chow is the result of the work of British breeders, rather than thoroughbred, ancient chows. Nowadays, these dogs perform a purely decorative role, but the blood of ancestors makes itself felt.

Maintenance and care of the chow-chow.

Chow Chow

Proper care for chow-chow requires a certain knowledge and a small arsenal of tools. Although you need not so much knowledge as a sufficient amount of time to care for the hair. From time to time, comb your pet so that the beautiful wool remains on the brush, and not on the objects of the interior. Bathe chow should be in proportion to the contamination. If the dog is especially active on the ground and came home dirty as a pig, then it's logical to arrange a water treatment with a special shampoo. To the procedure for the care of the puppy should be taught from the moment of appearance in the house, so that he calmly took care of himself. Be sure to feed the pet with a delicacy for the fact that he is calmly behaving.

Chow-chow diet should consist only of natural products purchased alone, or only from dry dog ​​food. To interfere with dry and natural food is harmful to any dog. What's better? Hard to say. In any case, if you are going to feed by drying, it is better to buy dry dog ​​food (Akana, for example) of the super premium class, since the composition of the fodders of this class inspires confidence. If you have free time, you can feed natural products. So you will know what exactly is putting food in the dog.

Education and training chow-chow.

For beginners, chow-chow training will seem like hell. Self-willed, independent and always having their own opinion, the chow-chow will force the owner to go through 9 circles of hell before all the teams will ideally perform. In fact, it's all an exaggeration to make it more interesting for you to read. The breed, though difficult to learn, will certainly learn the simple commands used in everyday life, even if it takes a little longer than other breeds. Be sure to teach the pet commands "to me", "next", "fu", "place", "lie", "sit", "aport", "give". In addition to training, establish rules of conduct in the family so that the dog knows what is allowed and what is not. Read more in the section "Parenting the puppy", in the article about the rules for the dog.

Raising a chow-chow puppy is also a difficult task, and therefore you can entrust this process to the child no earlier than from the age of 12-14. At the same time, it is better not to leave the child without parental assistance, but on the contrary - to be ready to come to the rescue in case of difficulties in growing a pet. Chau, if properly explained, will understand where to go to the toilet, that you can not eat food from the hands of strangers, do not pick up things from the ground, quickly stop jumping their paws at the master, or bite your hands, gnaw things and interior items, and create other pranks. To bring up the chow-chow, you should use your perseverance and activate your personal patience.

Would you like to know more about the chow-chow? Then watch a short video about the breed below, in which you see dogs of primitive beauty! Enjoy watching!

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