The character of border collies, training and maintenance.

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The breed of border collie dogs is the most capable breed among all the existing ones, in other words, it is considered the cleverest. Collies are really incredibly clever, but they are too cunning. The master will have to be trickier, otherwise the dog will try to shirk from performing the commands when it does not want it or if the reward for obedience is not worth the effort. The mind of the dog does not oblige the hosts to teach it to complex tricks, but it is necessary to have the simplest commands that will be used every day.

Border collie dog is extremely mobile and active, which is not surprising, because the original purpose of the breed is to graze herds of sheep. The collie's instinct for grazing persists throughout life, and all members of the family will be constantly monitored by the vigilant eye of the dog, which is especially noticeable during the paddock, which the border collie loves most of the rest. Taking this breed, be ready for active life!

Breed standard (short).


50-53 см. Growth of a male: 50-53 cm.

47-52 см. The growth of a bitch: 47-52 cm.

13,5-20,5 кг. The dog's weight is 13,5-20,5 kg.

12-19 кг. Weight female: 12-19 kg.

How much does a border collie puppy cost?

до 400$. "With hands": up to 400 $.

от 800$. PET-class: from 800 $.

от 800$ до 1200$. BRID-class: from 800 $ to 1200 $.

около 1500$. SHOW-class: about 1500 $.

Care and maintenance.

высокая. Complexity of care: high.

около 2х - 4х раз в год. How many times to bathe: about 2х - 4х times a year.

во дворе. Preferred living conditions: in the courtyard.

13-16 лет. Life expectancy: 13-16 years.

Великобритания. Country: United Kingdom.

около 1881 г. Date of birth of the breed: about 1881.

Группа 1. Group FCI: Group 1.

Секция 1. Section FCI: Section 1.

297. FCI No. 297.

Border Collie

Education and training:

средняя. Complexity of education: average.

ниже среднего. Complexity of training: below average.

с 12 лет. You can engage in a child with: from 12 years.

Purpose of the breed.

пастушья собака. Primary purpose: shepherd's dog.

бордер колли как и раньше, помогает пастухам в выпасе овец, но куда чаще её можно увидеть в качестве друга семьи. Where it is used now: a border collie, as before, helps shepherds graze sheep, but where more often it can be seen as a family friend.

Attitude towards living beings.

дружелюбное. Strangers: friendly.

хорошее. Children living in the family: good.

хорошее. Animals: good.

Level of activity and paddock:

крайне высокая. The need for activity: extremely high.

очень высокая. Playfulness: very high.

минимум 2 часа/день. Walking time: minimum 2 hours / day.

бордер колли обожает бег, не откажется пробежаться рядом с хозяином на велосипеде или с удовольствием поиграет в активные игры. Intensity of the walk: a border collie adores running, does not refuse to run alongside the owner on a bicycle or will play with active games.


Friendly to people and animals.

They treat children well.

The cleverest breed.


Require a lot of activity.

They love to graze.

Ideal companions for:

Hospitable people.

Athletes or just active people.

Families with children and animals.

Bad choice for:

Those who are not ready to spend a lot of time on active walking.

Character and description of the border collie. Who will approach the breed?

The character of the border collie is incredibly cheerful and playful. This breed is ready all day is in motion: play with the owner in the game, run with it or play with other animals - a border collie dog created for movement. Most of all, of course, she likes to graze sheep, but not all sheep. Anyone wishing to take a collie should be ready to devote time to active walking in nature, otherwise the energy of the rock will literally tear it apart. If you do not give the proper physical activity, the dog will behave badly at home, directing energy to various leprosy and pranks, will become worse to obey host commands, and may become more aggressive. In addition to walking, you need to train, since even the cleverest breed, the border collies will not be obedient on their own.

By and large, collies are good for any family in which they like to move. If you liked the breed, have the opportunity and desire to walk a lot or engage in active walking with it, then you are already a good candidate for the role of owner of the border collie. Nevertheless, she will be more comfortable in a large family, even with small children or pets. It is friendly to the collie and to the people, so if you often receive guests then this dog is sure to like you.

Maintenance and care of the border collie.

border collie catches a plate

Caring for the coat of the border collie is not as laborious as it may seem. It is enough to comb the dog with a comb 2-3 times a week so that its fur remains in its proper form. During the moult, you will have to use the comb more often. Bathing a collie follows about 2-4 times a year, or as it gets dirty. But the most important care for a border collie is physical activity. Their dog needs a lot. Not a dog walking, in whose blood the shepherd's instincts are completely rooted, will transform your home and life into a nightmare. Jogging, cycling, dragging objects, apportioning - these are all the most desired entertainments for a dog. To make it easier to tire an animal physically, you can go for a little trick. Buy tennis balls and a big slingshot (costs about 900 rubles) or a sling (do it yourself, it will be free), which would throw the ball much further than even the strongest master can do. Thus, the collie is much faster to tire.

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The diet of the border collie is no different from how other dogs are fed. Initially, the owner chooses between dry and natural food, and later feeds something one. Go in the future for another type of feeding is possible, but to prevent dry and natural food is strongly discouraged. What's better? This is a perennial question, and it is quite logical that if you feed dry food, then only quality, super premium class, while buying a feed of the class below is not necessary at all. Prefering a natural food the owner will be assured of the quality of the products, in that the dog has got everything it needs in his diet, however cooking food for the animal takes a lot of time. Actually, this is the only drawback.

Upbringing and training of border collies.

Training a border collie, despite the high level of intelligence of the dog, it is not easy. These animals are really very smart and understandable, but their minds do not necessarily direct the collie to obedience to the commands. She certainly will make new riddles to her masters, constantly tricky thus complicating some moments of training, so beginners should immediately go to the training course to an experienced person. Prior to this, the owners must train collies to the simple commands that the animal will hear more often than others. "To me", "next", "place", "fu", "sit" - the basic team. To the still necessary should be attributed the command "aport" and "give" - ​​they will be useful for a rich walk. Be responsible and work correctly, then training a border collie will take a minimum of time. If, in addition to the main teams, there is a desire to teach the dog some funny tricks, then stock up on delicacy - it will do everything for a piece of delicious food.

It is better to start breeding a border collie puppy from the moment he appeared in the house. Owners must first learn how to behave with a dog, and for this you need to know some rules, more about which in the section "Puppy upbringing". The next step will be to explain to the animal what is good and what is bad to do in the house. This will take time, as soon as you explain to the dog that they do not want it. How much time it will take to achieve the result depends on the correctness of the host's work and whether he corrects the problem behavior in time. If everything is done correctly, the collie puppy will quickly realize that the toilet is on the street, he will stop picking food from the ground or the hands of strangers, he will not learn to jump with paws when meeting guests and hosts, will not bite his hands in the game, stop eating things in the house and generally will not be naughty. To the process of raising a collie was easier, go for a walk, because physical activity will make the dog much quieter and more accommodating.

Border collie breed with great potential for learning! The video below shows you what a trained collie is capable of. The video has scored over a million views !.

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