The nature of the boxer, advice on content and education.

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The boxer dog has unified in his being truly unique character traits, ideal for office work and just as wonderful for living in the family. The breed is very calm, well-balanced, balanced. In the circle of his family, the dog is very affectionate and flexible, to strangers on the street is indifferent and merciless to anything that threatens the owner. Fast, powerful and ferocious - you can not escape from them. If you liked this extremely magnificent breed, be sure to engage in upbringing, training and pass a course to protect the owner.

Dog boxers are not indifferent to children. To them the breed has a special, trembling attitude. So do not hesitate to take a good boxer to a family with children. But remember that in view of its playfulness the breed requires great physical exertion. Ordinary walks, running or active games - do so that the dog gets tired physically.

Breed standard (short).


30-32 кг. Weight male: 30-32 kg.

25-27 кг. Weight female: 25-27 kg.

57—63 см. Growth of a male: 57-63 cm.

53—59 см. The growth of a bitch: 53-59 cm.

boxer dog

Care and maintenance.

лёгкая. Complexity of care: easy.

минимальный. Care of the coat: minimal.

1-2 раза в год. How many times to bathe: 1-2 times a year.

в тёплом помещении. Preferred living conditions: in a warm room.

да. Can they live in an apartment: yes.

около 12 лет. Lifespan: about 12 years.

древний Китай. Country: Ancient China.

более 2000 лет назад. Date of birth of the breed: more than 2000 years ago.

Группа 9: Собаки-компаньоны и тои. FCI Group: Group 9: Companion and Toy Dogs.

Секция 8: Японский Хин и Пекинес. Section FCI: Section 8: Japanese Hin and Pekingese.

207. FCI No. 207.

boxer price.

до 120$. Hand: up to $ 120.

от 100$ до 400$. PET-class: from $ 100 to $ 400.

от 400$ до 1000$. BRID-class: from $ 400 to $ 1000.

от 1000$ - до 1200$ и выше. SHOW-class: from 1000 $ - up to 1200 $ and above.

Education and training:

ниже среднего. The complexity of education: below average.

ниже среднего. Complexity of training: below average.

12-14 лет. You can engage in a child with: 12-14 years.

Purpose of the breed.

компаньон. Primary appointment: companion.

единственная роль пекинеса - быть верным другом. Where it is used now: the only role of Pekingese is to be a true friend.

Attitude towards living beings.

недоверчивое. Strangers: distrustful.

очень хорошее. Children living in the family: very good.

хорошее. Animals: good.

Level of activity and paddock:

очень высокая. The need for activity: very high.

очень игривы. Playfulness: very playful.

не менее 1 часа в день. Duration of walking: not less than 1 hour per day.

активные игры и/или бег. Intensity of walking: active games and / or running.


Magnificent guards loyal to the owner and his family.

Affectionate with children.

Extraordinarily savvy. It's easy to train and just educate.

Affordable and reliable.

Require a minimum of care.


Can not live on the street when it's cold. It is necessary to keep in the house. In winter, before going out, you need to dress.

A very mobile breed, which needs physical activity and various kinds of activity. boxers are not for lazy people.

Ideal companions for:

Active people, athletes.

Families with little children.

Those who are looking not only for a friend, but also for a strong, fearless guard.

Ideal as a gift to a child from the age of 12.

Bad choice for:

Inactive people, couch potatoes or just busy people.

Residents of private houses. For the winter it is necessary to hide the animal from the cold in the house!

The character of the boxer. Who will approach the breed?

In fact, the dog of the boxer breed has no shortcomings, but there are a lot of advantages in it! Tranquility, confidence, fearlessness and courage, fury towards the enemies and a deep sense of gratitude, respect and recognition to the masters - all this is the essence of the character of the boxer. The breed behaves like a cat of the most affectionate breed with its loved ones, turning into a lion at the slightest threat to their life. If you live in an apartment or can provide a dog with accommodation in the house, then be sure to pay attention to the boxer. Also it is worth remembering that this breed is very active, and therefore family members must provide the dog with a full-scale paddock. This is important, because without a dog, the dog will spill out excess energy through petty pranks or, worse, a different kind of aggression.

The breed of dogs the boxer allegedly was specially bred for life in a family with young children. Be sure that the breed condescendingly will withstand any torture from the little prankster. It is better not to allow a child to mock the dog, and always monitor the process of their communication. Remember that the boxer needs active masters, so if you or your loved ones go in for sports (for example, running), and you are afraid to let them go alone, then one boxer dog will be more effective than several trained boxers-athletes.

History of the breed (shortly).

The Germans know not only the production of high-quality machinery, but also dog breeding. This country we are obliged to the appearance of many beautiful breeds, one of which are dog boxers. The ancestors of the boxer were an English bulldog, an already extinct bullenbacher and mastiffs. Similar to the modern boxer dog was obtained in 1850, and the first exhibition of modern breed took place in 1895 in Munich. In our time, these dogs are especially popular in America, in Russia the same breed is not so widespread. In vain, because no one, except the boxer, does not pay so much importance of devotion and friendship.

The maintenance and care of the boxer.

dog boxer and puppy

The breeder of the boxer does not need much care. Wool should be wiped with a wet terry towel from time to time, also you need to monitor the purity of the ears and eyes. To bathe a boxer often does not make sense, it is enough to redeem a maximum of 1-2 times a year. An important condition for keeping the breed is the need for active walking. Teach the dog to the "aport" command so that she runs after the stick and brings it to you. To make it even easier with a walk, buy tennis balls and a slingshot that will throw them for long distances. The option is cheaper and no worse - making a conventional sling.

It is worth noting that some lines of the breed may be slightly slobbery, although this is not critical. The hosts must look in advance at the chosen representatives of the breed.

The food of the boxer should consist only of dry food of super premium class, or exclusively from natural. It is not recommended to feed the animal. What's better? Everyone chooses for himself. Dry dog ​​food can be more profitable in terms of time, feeding the same natural food is always more profitable for money, but it takes away personal time.

Education and training of boxers.

Training a boxer is not an easy task. These intelligent animals incredibly quickly understand the purpose and intentions of the owner, if they were filed distinctly, and memorize the learned teams for a long time. The boxer should be trained from three months. Take the puppy or an adult dog to the training course, or train yourself. It is necessary to achieve obedience from one team in any situation. After all the general course, you will be offered to be like classes to protect the owner. This is a mandatory condition for those who want to get out of the dog, even the most shy, reliable, controlled defender.

Training and education of the dog parents can entrust their child. He must be at least 12 years old. A puppy or an adult boxer is easy to accustom to the toilet, just wean him to gnaw things, bite his hands or feet in the game, pick up from the floor and eat from other people's hands. Harder to establish rules of behavior, to show who is the leader in the pack. However, a persistent, kind, but moderately strict master will surely cope with this task. If you have entrusted the education of a dog to a child, then always be ready to help if the child needs support. First of all, adults buy a dog for themselves, and only then for a child.

Little information provided? Below is a detailed, but short and very interesting video about the breed of dog boxer. Very playful creatures!

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