Dog breed beagle: characteristics of the breed and advice to the owner.

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The beagle dog was created for hunting, but it seems that this cheerful beast was bred specifically to be a friend to man. Beagles are ready day and night to be next to the owner, lie with him on the couch or walk on the street - the second option is preferable. Since the beagle dog is incredibly active, the owner should be prepared to give the dog physical activity, that is, to go for a walk and play various games.

A person who decides to take his beagle puppy to his family needs to prepare not only for the need to walk the dog, but also for serious training by training, which breeds beagle lends itself very difficult. In addition, they are loud and piercing bark. But the beagles will get along well in any family, even in the one where there are small children. The information below will help to learn more about the nature, care, training and education of one of the most direct and cute breeds in the world.

Breed standard (short).


36-41 см. Growth of a male: 36-41 cm.

33-38 см. Height of a bitch: 33-38 cm.

10-11 кг. The weight of the dog is 10-11 kg.

9-10 кг. Weight female: 9-10 kg.

How much does the beagle puppy cost?

до 300$. "With hands": up to $ 300.

до 400$. PET-class: up to 400 $.

от 500$ до 800$. BRID-class: from $ 500 to $ 800.

до 1200$. SHOW-class: up to 1200 $.

Care and maintenance.

средняя. Complexity of care: average.

до двух раз в год. How many times to bathe: up to twice a year.

в тепле, дома. Preferred living conditions: warm, at home.

12-15 лет. Lifespan: 12-15 years.

Великобритания. Country: United Kingdom.

стандарт утверждён в 1957 г. Date of breed formation: the standard was approved in 1957.

Группа 6. Group FCI: Group 6.

Секция 1. Section FCI: Section 1.

161. FCI No. 161.


Education and training:

высокая. Difficulty of education: high.

очень высокая. Complexity of training: very high.

с 12-14 лет. You can engage the child with: from 12-14 years.

Purpose of the breed.

охота, собака-компаньон. Primary purpose: hunting, companion dog.

бигли редко используются для охоты, можно сказать, они забыли своё охотничье прошлое. Where it is used now: Bigles are rarely used for hunting, you can say, they forgot their hunting past. But they are beautiful as friends of the family.

Attitude towards living beings.

дружелюбное. Strangers: friendly.

хорошее. Children living in the family: good.

хорошее. Animals: good.

Level of activity and paddock:

очень высокая. The need for activity: very high.

обожают игры. Playfulness: love games.

от 1,5 часа/день. Duration of the walk: from 1.5 hours / day.

нуждаются в активных играх, любят бегать с хозяином или рядом с ним на велосипеде. Intensity of walking: need active games, like to run with the owner or next to him on a bicycle.


Playful and cheerful.



Difficult to give training.

Hunting instincts. They like to chase after small animals.

Loud and piercingly bark.

Ideal companions for:

Those who like morning jogs, cycling or just long walks and playing with a dog.

Bad choice for:

Busy people or lazy people.

Those who will not seek from their dogs.

Description and nature of the breed beagle dogs. Who will approach the breed?

Beagle dog breed is ideal for active people who are ready to walk the dog for a long time and play active games with it. Otherwise, without physical exertion, she will direct her brain activity and strength to the most sophisticated pranks. Pobryzennaya furniture, stolen and hidden things, excessive activity in the house, disobedience to the commands of the owner and unwillingness to learn - that's what will result in the owner's refusal to satisfy the dog's natural need for movement and activity. Beagles are hunting dogs, even if they forget their turbulent past and now often act only as family members, but are still ready to run after some small animals that decided to appear in close proximity. This means only that the owner is obliged to seriously study, otherwise, the dog rants for another animal and runs the risk of an abyss forever, get under the car or get into another mess.

The dog beagle breed has a friendly character, and therefore literally joins any family where they love dogs and are willing to devote sufficient time to their needs. A lonely person, a married couple or a large family with the youngest children will be ideal as hosts for the breed. The main thing is to give time for upbringing, training and walking, then the beagle will be comfortable and cozy.

Maintenance and care of the beagle.

beagle puppy

Care for the beagle is simple and does not require the owners special knowledge. You just need to wipe the dog's coat with a wet terry towel during moulting, you also need to use it to wipe the hair after walking in the street, you do not need to swim the breed more often 1-2 times a year. The main responsibilities for care of the beagle are reduced to the need to load the dog with physical loads. This will help the team "Aport", which is useful to teach from an early age. It is she who will help to walk faster and better. Throwing a stick to the owner's dog can be tiresome, so it makes sense to buy a special slingshot (or sling) and tennis balls. With the help of these simple adaptations it will be possible to throw the ball very far and to wear out the beast.

Interesting articles.

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Feed puppy beagle and adult dog follows the same as all other breeds. First, the owner needs to decide how he will feed the animal: natural food or dry food. It is better to feed something by one, that is, mixing two types of food is harmful to the health of the body. Choosing a dry feed the owner saves his time, but if there is no possibility to buy dry food, then it is better not to do cheap drying and feed the beast with natural food. Naturalka takes up more time, however you will know exactly which foods are included in the dog's diet and what they are of quality.

Education and training beagle.

Beagle training requires the master to manifest a maximum of patience, perseverance and cunning. If there is no experience in raising and training teams, it is better to immediately register for a training course, which will tell you how to behave properly with a dog, solve behavior problems and manage it in different situations. The task is complicated by the fact that Bigley, by virtue of its hunting instincts, likes to chase different creatures, and the owner will need to make considerable efforts to make dogs prefer to approach him, and not run after the cat passing by. The cynologist can not learn the dog himself, he only gives advice specifically to each animal, but everything else lies on the shoulders of the master. With a responsible approach to training, the beagle will be able to learn to obey the commands of the host in 100% of cases. A breed does not matter when a committed person is in charge.

Education Beagle begins with the appearance of a puppy in the house. It will be better if the host prepares in advance for his appearance and will study relevant literature or read articles on education and problem solving behavior on this site. It is impossible to be prepared for all possible difficulties, because each dog is very different from the other, so you just need to solve the problems of behavior that arise during the upbringing process and achieve the fulfillment of commands. If you work correctly, even such a stubborn as a beagle will quickly get used to the toilet in the house or on the street, stop eating things in the house, bite the hosts by the hands of the game or be too happy to meet with a long separation, and will not take food from strangers or pick her up off the floor. The result of training and the amount of time spent on it depends entirely on the owner.

Did you like the beagle dog and you want to know more about it? That's right, before you take any breed you need to know about it a maximum of information. I wish you pleasant viewing!

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