English bulldog. Character, upbringing and care.


English Bulldog breed of dogs as if deliberately created for lazy people or busy people. Soft and calm, rather even phlegmatic, English bulldog dog balanced and seasoned. Outwardly the breed looks somewhat frightening and, it seems, as if for the slightest disrespect to himself or his master, the dog will rush into the attack to defend the wounded honor. However, this is far from the truth. The bulldog, although it will come to the rescue in a critical situation, but the breed has not been bred to protect the owner, and it is better not to expect protection from a dog that was not specially trained for this. But bulldogs can definitely become good watchmen.

For an English bulldog, virtually no care is required, but keeping a bulldog is not expensive for money. Save you and money, and time, because this dog, although not give up on walking, but rather prefer to lie on the couch, rather than make extra gestures. Education and training of a bulldog, the parent can entrust a child whose age reached 9-12 years.

Breed standard (short).


около 24-25 кг. The weight of the dog is about 24-25 kg.

около 22-23 кг. Weight of a bitch: about 22-23 kg.

31-40 см. Growth of a male: 31-40 cm.

31-40 см. Height of a bitch: 31-40 cm.

English bulldog

Care and maintenance.

очень низкая. Complexity of care: very low.

мало ухода. Care of the coat: little care.

около 2 раз в год. How many times to bathe: about 2 times a year.

в тепле. Preferred living conditions: warm.

да. Can they live in an apartment: yes.

около 8-12 лет. Life expectancy: about 8-12 years.

Великобритания. Country: United Kingdom.

XIX век (вторая половина). Date of birth of the breed: XIX century (second half).

Группа 2. Group FCI: Group 2.

Секция 2. Section FCI: Section 2.

149. FCI No. 149.

English Bulldog price.

до 150$. "With hands": up to $ 150.

до 250-300$. PET-class: up to 250-300 $.

от 500$ до 800$. BRID-class: from $ 500 to $ 800.

от 800$ до 1100$ и выше. SHOW-class: from 800 $ to 1100 $ and above.

Education and training:

средняя. Complexity of education: average.

выше среднего. Complexity of training: above average.

9-11 лет. You can engage a child with: 9-11 years.

Purpose of the breed.

собака-телохранитель, компаньон. Primary purpose: dog-bodyguard, companion.

сейчас английский бульдог служит людям другом, и не пригоден для роли телохранителя. Where it is used now: now the English bulldog serves people as a friend, and is not suitable for the role of bodyguard.

Attitude towards living beings.

недоверчивое. Strangers: distrustful.

очень хорошее. Children living in the family: very good.

хорошее. Animals: good.

Level of activity and paddock:

низкая. Need for activity: low.

низкая. Playfulness: low.

около 1 часа в сутки. Duration of walking: about 1 hour a day.

прогулки, немного игр. Intensity of walking: walking, a few games.


Especially do not need physical activity.

Good watchmen.

Perfect for children.

They are good for animals.

Minimal care for the coat.


Rigid dogs, which are not easy to train.

They can snore in a dream.

A lot of saliva, especially in the heat.

Ideal companions for:

Families of any composition.

Families with little children.

Laziness or busy people.

Bad choice for:

Active people, athletes.

Description and character of the English Bulldog. Who will approach the breed?

Do not be embarrassed by the rough appearance of the breed, in fact, the character of the English bulldog is calm, condescending and complaisant. Bulldogs are ready to lie day and night lying on a spacious sofa, and when you come home from work, you will find the dog exactly at the place where you saw it when you left for work. Of course, even this sluggard needs physical activity, otherwise the dog will turn from a proud bulldog to a kolobok. It is unlikely that you will be able to persuade a pet to play actively (although young individuals are very playful), but an English bulldog will appreciate walks in the fresh air near the owner. By the way, the activity will allow better control of the dog.

Dog English bulldog superbly fit into the family of any composition. Whether you live alone, together with your partner or you have a large family consisting also of small children, the bulldog will feel good everywhere where it is loved and does not interfere with sleeping. It is better to follow the communication of a dog of any breed and child. You can entrust the education and training of a dog to a child whose age reached 9 years. But be sure to help the child if he has difficulties while caring for the bulldog.

History of the breed (shortly).

The first bulldogs appeared in England. They were widely used as pickling dogs, acting as gladiators in the then popular bloody game of bull ravaging. For certain the time of the birth of the breed is unknown, except that by the XVII century the English among the other "mastives" were the bulldogs. In 1799 records were found that indicate the use of mastiffs and bulldogs for hunting wild boar.

Care and maintenance of English Bulldog.

english bulldog puppy

There is nothing difficult in caring for an English bulldog. It should be just from time to time wipe the wool with a special mitten (about once a week), wipe the wrinkles on the face, clean the dirt under the tail, and bathe the beast using shampoo. Do this should not often, enough 1-2 times a year. If the wool is heavily soiled, it is better to simply wipe the animal with a wet towel. In addition to caring for the body, the pet should be taken to the veterinarian for vaccination. Actually, this ends the care of the English bulldog. Unless necessarily accustom a dog from the moment of occurrence in the house that it easy tolerated all manipulations over itself.

Interesting articles.

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Bull terrier character is very kind and flexible. The breed is not malicious at all, and is not at all suitable for protection or protection. But they are very affectionate and playful.

Like many hunting breeds, the dachshund dog is mobile, and is unlikely to be content with idleness, as do bulldogs. But the dachshunds are much more affectionate and more affectionate.

The food of an English bulldog should consist only of natural products, or only from dry food. Choose one thing, since mixing two types of food is harmful to the health of the dog. Are you going to feed drying? Then take a quality, good dry dog ​​food belonging to the super premium class. In general, look at the composition of the food so as not to be deceived. If there are doubts in the composition, then feed them better with natural food. It is cheaper, you will control the quantity and quality of food, but self-preparation takes more time.

Education and training of English Bulldog.

To train an English bulldog is not easy not only because of the inherent strength of the breed, but also because the bulldog always has an opinion about what is happening. In general, bulldog training is little different from teaching other breeds, unless you need to be more assertive in your requirements and spend a little more time studying. Know all the OKD bulldogs are not necessary, but to teach the team "to me", "next", "place", "sit", "lie", "give", "fu" - it is necessary. These dog commands will be heard every day throughout their lives, so practice them with all responsibility.

Education of an English bulldog puppy requires the establishment of rules of conduct in the house. Due to the precise requirements presented to the dog, the owner will be able to quickly accustom the bulldog to the toilet on the street or on the tray in the house, forbid nibbling the owner's things, picking food from the ground, taking food from the hands of strangers, biting in the game for the hands of the owner, when meeting, or in a fit of emotion, and generally the breed is not difficult to explain how to behave. You can entrust the training and education of an English bulldog puppy to a child who has completed 9 years. Be sure to establish the rules of conduct in the family, then the dog will be 100% obedient!

Want to know more about the English breed of dogs? Then the video below definitely will interest you! Be sure to look at these wonderful, lovely lazy people!

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